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Real Football

Posted: August 20, 2012 by veeshir in Crapblog News, Random Crap

Football Fact: Roughly 8 seconds after your team’s season ends you miss football.

Except….. when your team wins the Super Bowl, then it takes a long time until you miss football.

I still don’t really miss it. Of course, I got a DVD of the Top Ten Giants Games and man was that a fun couple of days. Watching LT fly around the field in the 86 playoffs was a lot of fun.
I see football is almost here. I can tell because ESPN is doing their annual, Sucking Of Vick’s Dick and Picking The Cowboys And Eagles one/two in the NFC East. Eh, at least I don’t have to listen to them suck Favre’s dick.

So we doing fantasy football this year? Who is usually in charge of it? Do I have to do it since I brought it up?

I need answers folks.


UPDATE: I’ve been wanting to write about the replacement refs, this seems like a good place.

I haven’t watched all that many games this preseason, but I watched a lot last season and that was the worst officiated season I’ve ever seen. The replacements, contra all the people sucking the NFL’s dicks, can’t be any worse.

Seriously, last season was horrendous. A couple times I thought the refs were picking on the Giants, but then they would screw up for them, so they just sucked.

There was one game, Titans maybe?, where they scored to go ahead with a couple seconds left, but the refs made a really shitty call, so the Titans lost. No ref was fired, no disciplinary action was discussed.

Fuck em.

I say, let the scabs suck rather than pay more for professional suckage.

Where is Everybody?

Posted: April 25, 2012 by veeshir in Crapblog News

Just ask these guys.

And here is a link-heavy WUWT update on the case as well.

Oh, and to those who did the deed:

Fuck you, legal style.


Posted: January 19, 2012 by Edward von Bear in Brevity etc., Conservatism, Crapblog News

Fuck you. Furyfuck you with a fuckaddled fuckentaur wearing the fetid fuckchapeau of freedom while getting facecocked from the other end. Fuck you for attempting to fix a problem by punishing all of us. Fuck you for nannystating on my life. And fuck you in general because I fucking wanted to say so, and fuck you for trying to let the camel’s nose into the tent on how I can do it.

Get fucked. Burn in the hell reserved for restrictions on our lives. And never come back.
Oh, and here is a visual depiction of how I feel.

In life, sometimes we are faced with difficult choices that can test our core beliefs while also having a great impact on our world and our lives. I believe the (probably) inevitable Romney nomination is one such choice. So, given what is at stake, is there a point where we say, “fuck it”, do nothing but vote for Mittens (no volunteering, no money, no Jen Rubin-like blogging, etc), and devote our energy to working on building up a Senate majority that can block Obama or Romney, maintaining a House majority, expanding on Statehouse Majorities and Governorships (where our bench strength really is developed), and fighting for people such as Scott Walker in his recall fight?

That, or we can choose to become a network of recipe blogs. Just a thought.

An Open Letter to the MSM

Posted: November 20, 2011 by Edward von Bear in Conservatism, Crapblog News, Democratic morality

Fuck you. Fuck you. Fuck you. Fuck you. Fuck you until you feel simultaneous shame and a lice ringed exploded fuckhole from the scabies soaked reality you try to mold in favor of your Occupy Crowd. Fuck you for not reporting on a sex crime for ten days, probably because it involved your fellow political travelers. Fuck you for either being incompetent and missing this crime for ten days, or malicious in your attempts to spike it. Fuck you for joining Penn State and the US Catholic Bishops in running cover for sex criminals by not reporting this story immediately. And fuck you, simply because your malicious incmpetence needs to be called out and exposed.

Remember When The TeaParty Was All Rape-y?

Posted: October 30, 2011 by Edward von Bear in Crapblog News, Democratic morality

I guess this is what Sheriff Joe was warning us about.

Fuck anybody who agrees with him forever with a perpetual loop so that they can never get away from it. Fuck anybody until they see sound for thinking that a piece of legislation is like rape. Fuck you for coarsening our political speech, yet accusing us of being the violent ones. Fuck you for making me yearn for the days when I was called a bigot and a “racist” for my political stances. Fuck you with the fifth fuckverse of freedom from the flying fuckeagle of foreshadowing for making Bill Clinton’s “the GOP wants to starve Grandma” seem like Chaucerian satire. And fuck anybody with the galloping fuckgoatse of generations to come if they ever fucking dare criticize anybody else for saying anyfuckingthing while defending this while their own people do rape and commit violent fucking acts.

You know what is like rape? RAPE, you fucking fuckheaded fuckpins. You know what’s like having a gun pointed at you? HAVING A REAL FUCKING GUN POINTED AT YOU. And you know what’s like a 200 lb man telling you to submit (besides what happens to us taxpayers at tax time)? HAVING A REAL 200 lb MAN FORCING YOU TO SUBMIT! And you know what else gets me fucking worked up? I have known people who have been raped, who have had guns pointed at them, and have had men try to force them to submit, and none the fuckity fuck of them ever tried to get a bill passed as a result of it. In fact, the victims are still scarred to this day, still have problems, and still get nervous in certain situations. And you want to fucking claim passing a bill is like that? Fuck you until YOU FUCKING LIKE IT. How about that?

Fuck you, rape analogists. Fuck you forever. And go to hell along the way.

How the racist Tea Party treats a black man.

And how the filthy Occupywhatever carshitting fuckwipes do*

*Yes, I know. John Lewis never apologized for his lie claiming the Tea Party spat upon him. That said, the fact they treated a man of his stature in that manner prompts me to say this to their unwashed asses:

Fuck you. Fuck you. Fuck you. Fuck your arrogant, socialist, racist, plantation-minded ass with the robot AIDS that is immune to treatment until you can see the future. Fuck you for thinking you can tell a black man who succeeded in life ON HIS FUCKING OWN what he should have done on race relations. Fuck you for treating a man who said, “Fuck it” to your plantation view of how the races should behave as if he was a traitor to his skin color. Fuck you with a common sense douchefuck for even thinking your loser ass has the moral high ground over a man who has done more to create jobs and wealth just by washing his hands than you ever did in your worthless, delusional life. And fuck you for daring to defend a mindset that was glaringly in FAIL mode as it was being troucefucked by the beauty of the free market on the other end of the screen, yet you were too fucking stupid to realize your failings.

Get fucked. Enjoy defeat and miniscule ratings. And try to continue to believe socialism can do better than free enterprie. That is all.