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Watching ESPN I found out that the coach of the Brit soccer team resigned because one of his players was stripped of his captaincy because he’s on trial for a racial remark. So I wanted to find out what it was about.

Apparently, the player has been accused of saying this to another player during a game, “********** ******** *********”. Seriously, it wasn’t enough that he said, “*******”, but then he had to go add, “*********” and even “*********”.

Unbelievabile. I mean, how can we allow such a person to live? Why, next he might even say, “**********” or even (gasp!) “*************”!!!!!!!

It must suck living under Engsoc, especially if you don’t have the newest edition of the Newspeak dictionary.

In Great Britain a school wanted to show how “green” and pious they are so they turned off the heat on the coldest day of the year (so far).

I applaud this move. It teaches the students lessons that I doubt the ecotards wanted to teach.

First, it taught the students that Green Science is neither.

Second, it taught the students that “going green”, in these days of “Green Science”, means decrying civilization and demanding that people live in squalor.

Instead of using energy more efficiently, it means not using energy and living as our ancestors did.

Today’s leftist idjits not only do not learn the lessons we spent thousands of years learning, they are actually angry at people who try to learn them.

Such as not lighting a candle and praising the dark.

For that, they get Veeshir’s Seal of Ecotardish Approval.


So some American and Brit lawyers argued the legality of the Declaration of Independence last week.

As FrnakJ said,

The British lawyers argued that secession was not the proper tool by which to settle internal arguments, and the Americans countered by shooting them with muskets.

My opinion? Of course it was legal. We won.

Had we lost, it would have been illegal.

It’s not rocket surgery folks.

Thus Spake Steyn, hie thee hence.

When criminals are not even hassled for attacking a home-owner while the law-abiding are jailed for defending themselves, well, why wouldn’t you become a yob?

A taste

When Sam Brown observed en passant to a mounted policeman on Cornmarket Street in Oxford, “Do you know your horse is gay?”, he was surrounded within minutes by six officers and a fleet of patrol cars, handcuffed, tossed in the slammer overnight, and fined 80 pounds. Mr. Brown’s “homophobic comments,” explained a spokesmoron for Thames Valley Police, were “not only offensive to the policeman and his horse

Dude’s offense was offending the horse. Seriously.

Via Mike At Cold Fury, a warning, if you go there he’ll harsh your mellow.

The Iranians are ready to send peace-keepers to Britain.

There aren’t enough “ha”s for my “bwa” on that one.

First Libya and now this?

Sometimes the endy leads to the funny and that makes me laugh.

Via the Jawas

Coming Attractions

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Some Brit rioting/looting links.

Main page from the Telegraph, it’s like a bunch of blog posts of the various lootings and riotings.

Pics from Teh Peepul. Shame about that Miata.

Mouse-over, before and after pics. Kind of cool. Kind of sad.

Tim Blair has a good quote from a WSJ article about some people protecting their neighborhoods

n some instances, skirmishes turned violent. “The police wanted to arrest one of my friends because he punched some of the guys,” said a waiter at the Somine restaurant. “We didn’t let them.”


Possibly the best quote I’ve heard coming out of Britain in years.

Nobody over there cares what the cops say or do anymore. Why should they? From over here it looks as if the police have no legitimacy. Too many instances to really care, but arresting people for protecting themselves over and over and over again while the hoodlums are let off with a warning, well, would you have any respect for those cops?

Now imagine they’re trying to arrest the people who tried to protect their neighborhood from a bunch of hoodlums who just wanted to see it burn.

“We didn’t let them”. Give those folks a knighthood.

Veeshir’s conception of the people trying to stop the rioters below the fold


The outgoing Israeli ambassador to (Used to be) Great Britain wrote this op-ed in the Telegraph.

It’s interesting to read, he’s slapping Britain around for their skewed view of Israel and neighbors.

Yet on the streets and campuses of Britain, Assad will never receive the level of vitriolic condemnation for slaughtering his citizens that Israel receives for defending ours.


In a just world, that wouldn’t be. Too bad truth is out of fashion for Truth! (Truth! is what should be instead of what is)

The difference between Israel and her enemies is easily illustrated

As the world is ignoring Syria, they’re attacking Israel for not allowing people to smuggle arms to the death cult in Gaza and the West Bank.