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Iraq; Jeb trips over himself

Posted: May 11, 2015 by socklessjoe in FAIL

Undoubtedly, Jeb was totally tone-deaf in his remarks about whether it was a good idea to invade Iraq.

But it was also a bullshit question.

The biggest thing we didn’t know at the time was how duplicitous the Democrats would be about the war, and the fact that the American people would lose interest.

As it turns out, there actually were WMDs and ties to Al Qaeda (-1- , -2- , -3-, for example).  It’s just that nobody seems to care.

Anybody wonder where Assad got some of his cool toys?

But back to Jeb, the options are (1) say that it wasn’t a good idea, (2) fight the fight.  Number 2 is rather difficult due to the fact that Rove/McClellan squandered their opportunity to set the record straight.  So you should probably go with number 1.

The Iran Letter

Posted: March 15, 2015 by socklessjoe in FAIL, Mideast Madness, Obama's Fault

The GOP’s Stupid Letter” is what the Gipper’s adoptive son called the group letter to the Iranian government signed by 47 Senators.

His argument has a certain familiarity to it; while the GOP actors might be right on some level about the substance, that they did it all wrong.

I really tire of this type of argument.  We heard it with any number of funding bills, filibusters, quasi-filibusters, and other tactics.  It’s almost always bullshit.

With this Iran business, I’m not even sure what a reasonable alternative would have been to the letter.  Obama has clearly failed to take the fucking hint that the Congress opposes this deal on the grounds that it will, at best, lead to an Israeli-Iranian war within a decade, and at worse would lead to a nuclear attack on Israel. Obama is wrong on procedure and policy.

How is it that Republicans are getting the blame for this?  In what possible universe is it the fault of the letter signers that Obama is an ideologically blinded imbecile who can’t be bothered to follow his own Constitution?  And if there were some fault to be found with Republican actions, how does this overshadow Obama’s apparent desire to get Israel nuked?

Yet another Global Warming rally cancelled due to winter weather.

Now, I know you all expect to be sunbathing in New Haven for spring break, but you’ve gotta understand that even if you’re right about climate change (-it is the editorial stance of this blog that you aren’t), it wouldn’t happen that quickly.

Maybe look at a calendar next time?  You can still expect cold weather in February for a while longer.

I believe the science is settled on that.


Reality: Illegal immigrants have the right (!) to transgender hormone replacement IN PRISON.

Satire: Male citizens should have government sex dolls.


Frankly, when I wrote that humor bit, I was trying to be as absurd as possible.  I think reality has me beat.

In attempting to write about the Michael Brown, Eric Garner, and Tamir Rice incidents, the apparent futility of conservative blogging has once again caused me overwhelming despair.

As it concerns the death-by-cop incidents, the post-factual nature of our political discourse becomes palpable. “Hands up, don’t shoot!” is an utter fabrication, exposed as a lie by overwhelming physical evidence and the preponderance of eye-witness testimony, such that no charges were brought by a grand jury against the officer.

There’s much more room for concern in the Garner and Rice cases, but the public backlash in these three cases seems inversely proportionate to the evidence of police wrongdoing. (How many of you are going to Google “Tamir Rice” now?) But the incident drawing the most ire, the Michael Brown shooting, is the one with the least genuine merit – nil by my reckoning.

Presented with the futility of attempting to dislodge an erroneous belief from the public consciousness, one recalls the many other instances of valiant but Sisyphean work by conservative and libertarian bloggers. Whether it is the exposure of the IRS criminality, or the Gosnell little abortion shop of horrors, or the Jonathan Gruber recordings, nothing seems to stick or matter. Obama’s even back to funding ACORN as health insurance navigators.

I will from time to time find cause to write, but for now I expect the sparseness of my motivation to continue. In a world where facts don’t matter, there’s little reason to discuss facts.

I recently received an odd, frantic email from some wannabe politico in search of a conservative blogger who would write a column about Obamacare and jobs to save Tom Corbett’s re-election campaign from itself. As if such a Column to End All Columns could be written.

I don’t want to be too hard on this fellow, as I too sometimes suffer from wannabe-ism. Far less so than in the past, as I become more jaded and more likely to just give up and flee the state. I have little hope for an electorate that thought “binders full of women” was a substantive and revealing gotcha against Romney. I’m still not even exactly sure what that binders thing was all about.

News From 2008

Posted: August 12, 2014 by veeshir in FAIL, Funniest End of Civilization Evah

Drudge links this as an “Expert” Expert of what? Elucidating the obvious?

The President suffers from two fundamental flaws. The first is that he is unwilling to make decisions.


Huh, wait you mean President Present, the man who voted “Present” most of the time in his legislative career, doesn’t like to make decisions? The man who always tells both sides in every conflict to step back (including during his race against McCain about Iran) isn’t decisive?


But wait, this ‘expert’ is not done telling us what we knew in 2008!

The second is that he fundamentally misunderstands the use of force in international affairs.

Really? This inexperienced, far left, Chicago-machine politician whose first act was to go on a world apology tour doesn’t understand that America is a force for good in the world?


Geez, I guess as with everything else, the term “expert’ is debased.

The only funny part is that anybody saying this in 2008 was a racist.

As we all know, being right too soon is one of the worst crimes anybody can commit.