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Fuck cancer, part eleventy-billion and one

Posted: August 1, 2014 by aliceaitch in Fuck Cancer

I dunno how many of you are internet-old enough to remember Venomous Kate and her blog, She wasn’t ever as prolific as The Great and Powerful LauraW or some of the other strong female bloggers, but she was one of the first female conservative solo bloggers I remember reading on a regular basis.

Kate’s husband, Mike, was diagnosed with brain cancer a couple of years ago, and she pretty much abandoned Electric Venom in favor of a housekeeping blog she could try to monetize. Mike is ex-military and was a teacher at the Command General Staff College at Leavenworth for a long time but has been relieved of his teaching duties due to poor brain function. The desk position he’s been in has been mostly a placeholder because he refuses to stop working. 

They got news this week that Mike’s tumors are growing. Mike doesn’t want to quit work but isn’t able to actually do anything useful there. He can’t collect disability until he’s been out of work for several months, but being a man who has always provided for his family, he doesn’t want to give up his paycheck. 

Mike has a bucket list of things he’d like to do before he dies, many of which his health won’t allow. Kate has started a GoFundMe to help finance the ones they can complete and to give Mike some peace of mind that his family will be taken care of without his paycheck. 

Steve Jobs had at least one thing right

Posted: April 7, 2013 by doubleplusundead in Fuck Cancer

Fucking Flash is the worst, most unstable noxious pile of shit in the history of ever.

Sometimes it’s too bad that you can’t just buy away someone’s license to practice law.  If you could, I’m fairly certain there would be enough donations to get Charles Carreon banned from practicing law forever.

Obligatory rendition of Charles Carreon’s mom.


Carreon demanded [$20,000] as penance for a blog post that Inman wrote stating that humor site FunnyJunk was stealing content from The Oatmeal, Inman’s website. Inman responded by pledging to raise the money Carreon requested, and then to donate it in equal parts to the National Wildlife Foundation and the American Cancer Society (also known as “Operation BearLove Good, Cancer Bad“).

The entire Oatmeal rant for Bearlove Good, Cancer Bad is here.  Fans of The Oatmeal have donated $170,000 so far, to be split between the American Cancer Society and the National Wildlife Federation.  Donations are being accepted for the next ten days or so.