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Two “Oly Chit Meng”s for this story.

Fifteen Baltimore neighborhoods have lower life expectancies than North Korea.

First, really? North Korea?

Second, that’s a Minitrue outlet in good standing noting that.

Of course, they don’t mention which political party is in charge of Baltimore, they make it racial (whitey caused it obviously), they should mention all those heartless whiteys are Dems, but that’s just too much to ask.


A Puppy Blender post quotes this

Even as he (Stephanopoulos V) acknowledged error in making his Clinton Foundation donations—having been caught by the right-leaning Washington Free Beacon and Politico(sic)—…


No, Polie-ico did not “catch” this in any way, the story was leaked by one Minitrue outlet (ABC “News”)  to another (Polie-ico) to lessen the impact.

They lie and keep lying until it becomes Truth!!!!

That’s how it works and all our fine, establishment betters fall for it every fucking time.


When people tell me how great a POTUS Clinton was, I always ask why. They say “The economy was great.”

Yeah, because of Newt fucking Gringrich ramming shit Clinton didn’t like down his fucking throat, like welfare reform that has since been gutted.

Clinton’s only accomplishment (aside from watching Russia deteriorate under Tsar Putin I and selling our military secrets to China) was getting NAFTA done by getting the GOP to go against his, Clinton’s, party

Now, I’m not arguing for or against NAFTA, but as we are now in the 90s redux (with the added attraction of having lost the Cold War) what do you think is next?

A Dem POTUS getting a free trade agreement approved with the GOP working against the Dems.

So why do I think it’s bad for America?

Because Obama is fer it. Duh.

What makes it funnier, for me, was watching CNN (Clinton News Network copyright 1990s) explain to me last week how, even though the Dems stopped this in the Senate, it was the GOPs fault because the House was going to vote against it anyway.

I opened this “New  Post” with a link to the Hill with the intention of pointing out their blatant minitruism, it was going to be called “Minitrue Maladies Part The Billionth” or something like that.

That, short, article is about a court decision that the NSA warrantless wiretapping of all of America is unConstitutional. Which would appear obvious to me, but then, I don’t really like the Now we’re living in where words mean what the Dems and their political/media industrial complex say they mean.

So am I forcing things by saying this is subtle minitrueism?

The decision from the Second Circuit Court of Appeals on Wednesday represents the second major court victory for opponents of the NSA…,


It’s only a victory for opponents of the NSA? How about supporters of the Constitution and opponents of a 1984-style surveillance of everybody the NSA can reach? I can support the NSA while being against this surveillance-state tactic, can’t I?


…after a lower court decision called the program nearly (emphasis me V) unconstitutional six months ago.

See, it didn’t say “nearly”, it said “likely” as they should have known as they linked to their own story.

A federal judge on Monday ruled that the government’s collection of data on all U.S. phone calls is likely unconstitutional, (link in original V) comparing the National Security Agency (NSA) program to George Orwell’s1984.


An aside, this judge is obviously an unhelpful, recidivist who longs for the days of slavers as you can tell from the bit about 1984.


Notice the headline of the decision they link in that story

Klayman v. Obama

So it appears pretty obvious they are shilling for Obama and not the NSA.


And that’s how Minitrue works, tons of little things, they push they crap in every story in little ways,

From 2 years ago,  in a story about some pols trying to take my guns, is this from my post

In Fuck You Minitrue News, a puppy blender link quoting The Hill. (I don’t link Minitrue if I can avoid it)

“A growing number of states are moving forward with legislation to exempt them from new federal gun controls and, in some cases, brand as criminals anyone who tries to enforce them. While many of the bills are considered symbolic or appear doomed to fail, the legislative explosion reflects a backlash against legislative and regulatory efforts in Washington to tamp down on gun violence.” (emphasis me V)

Fuck you, it’s not about reducing gun violence, it’s about control, it’s about making citizens into subjects and you assholes know it, you just keep pushing your fucking view at every chance.


It’s what they do. They put their spin in everything they do.

It appears to me to be to create a climate where their interpretation is the only civilized one and everybody who disagrees is misguided at best and evil at worst (nazi, fascist, racist, homophobe, misogynist, etc.).

But they’re totally not religious zealots.


2 Important, Ironically Powerful, Updates! Below!


Obama meets with the top law enforcement person in the federal gov’t and they refuse to take questions  as a major city 50 miles away goes up in flames.

It’s not as if the attorney general of the US would be concerned with that,


Minitrue is on the job though,  everybody mentions that Obama met with Lynch after she was sworn in and they all say something like this,

The two discussed the ongoing rioting in Baltimore,


None mention that they could not actually ask any questions .

Stenography is so much easier than actually doing any reportage.

They’re too busy looking up Rand Paul’s kindergarten files, his hand turkeys are proof he does not care about the plight of Native Americans!


Important, Ironically Powerful Update! Here!

Obama, the nation’s first African-American president, has spoken in personal terms about police harassment. So far, he hasn’t spoken about the unrest in Baltimore, but White House officials say they’re considering releasing a statement to address the situation.


Okay, that’s hilarious. He’s thinking about maybe releasing a statement about Baltimore going up in flames and Minitrue apparently sees no problem with that.

That’s pretty darn funny.

As I sit in NY, with my whole family calling me like a crazed right winger because I see a problem with that, it becomes even funnier.

SECOND Ironically Powerful Update! Here!

Bloods, Crips and the Nation of Islam are coming together!!!!!!

To destroy Baltimore!!!!!

That’s my very favorite type of larious, fucking high.

First, I call upon (every) one of you to deplore my overt sexism in the previous post.

I posted this

hillary logo 2


I should not have called Hillary! a ho, she’s an entitled, dishonest, cold, calculating bitch, but she’s not a ho.


I saw the Drudge story about Hillary busing in ordinary campaign workers…people for her to be average with.

Bird himself is a frequent participant in Iowa Democratic Party events. He interned with President Obama’s 2012 presidential re-election campaign, and was tapped to chauffeur Vice President Joe Biden in October 2014 when he visited Davenport.


I was wondering which one broke ranks, as I’d bet a lot that each and every “journalist” who breathlessly covered this knew but still wrote stories saying how great she is.

Polie-ico had this to say about our “Iowans”, they did mention they were pre-selected but….

The three Iowans who were photographed chatting with Clinton were picked by the campaign: Sara Sedlacek, a young mother who works for Planned Parenthood; St. Ambrose University student Austin Bird; and Carter Bell, the president of the University of Iowa College Democrats.


Hmmm,  they knew that much but failed to mention….ohhhh, that one was an Obama volunteer and another Joe Biden’s driver. Lies of omission are one of their specialties. Right along with lies of commission.

Wash Post loves them some ordinary Hillary

Clinton began her day with coffee at a locally owned shop in rural Le Claire.

Among those she met (met, not “bused in” V) was Sara Sedlacek, 33, of West Liberty, Iowa. Sedlacek is the mother of a 15-month-old child, works for Planned Parenthood and owns, with her husband, a coffee shop and wine bar.


This is a nice touch.

This trip has been small-scale by design. Clinton, the overwhelming favorite for the Democratic presidential nomination, is deliberately beginning her campaign on a listening tour to project humility and show that she intends to earn every vote.

The campaign mantra — go small and  stay humble


Heh. Hillary, stay humble.

‘Hillary’ and ‘humble’ only belong in the same sentence if it includes the phrase “humble her enemies”.

The NY Times.  Headline

For a Clinton, It’s Not Hard to Be Humble in an Effort to Regain Power


Hmmm, Humility’Humble must be the word of the day at Journolist.

They’re nothing but Minitrue. As predicted by many, , their “GOPers Love Them Some Hillary!” story.

Hillary Clinton has found a new constituency: Republicans.


The first in a series.

Bad stuff for Hillary we have to read about it in the Daily Mail.

As Weasel Zippers wrote, .

The media across the pond isn’t ready for Hillary.



Here we have J Effin Kerry warning Congress that they had better not oppose this deal the Iranians have already said they won’t make.


The Minitrue “journalists” are going all in on how this deal is so great.

They do mention Netanyahu saying it’s a stupid deal but immediately give Kerry the rebuttal, as if Netanyahu is the only one with a problem.

They just cannot admit any failures by their God-President.

Via Weasel Zippers.


Today’s Ridiculosity

Posted: March 22, 2015 by veeshir in Fun With Media

Howard Kurtz Today

Tucker Carlson You’re Destroying The Integrity Of The News!!!!!!!!!!!!

Howard Kurtz a few years ago.

Yeah, no biggie that I refuse to criticize one of my bosses while doing media watchdogging for another boss.

And that’s why I never watch that asshole on Foxnews.


Rudy speaks

Posted: February 21, 2015 by socklessjoe in Fun With Media, Funniest End of Civilization Evah, GOP FAIL

Rudy Giuliani’s remarks about Obama’s socialist influences and less-than-love for America ought to be completely unremarkable.

Unfortunately, they seem to be remarkable to many.

Everything Rudy said was well-documented in 2008 as Obama rose to stardom. The problem is that Our Betters both in the GOP and the MSM thought that stating the obvious fact of Obama’s socialism was beyond the pale. And so, now when Rudy speaks truth, still nobody is prepared to hear it since we were never allowed to establish the groundwork in 2008.