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Dammmmmmit. No matter how often I tells myself not to believe in a politician I keep thinking that this time ,THIS TIME!!!!!!!!!!, it’s going to be different.

Because Mr. Paul stopped talking before midnight, his speech will not have delayed the Senate’s next procedural vote on trade, now scheduled for 10 a.m. Thursday.


Tilting at windmills is one thing, throwing fish to get me to clap pisses me off.



His ‘filibuster’ was not and it had nothing to do with the anti-4th amendment bill, it was about getting face time and looking as if he IS DOING SOMETHING!!!!!!!!!!

Now, back to my disillusionment, already in progress.


Eh, at least he got a few good ‘Arfs!’ and a bunch of squeezy bulb toots out of me.


Important Update!!!!!!

I’m going to be in NY until the end of June. It is colder here than in my refrigerator. Last night it approached the temp in my freezer.

If it snows, I’m suing someone. Not sure who, probably Gorequemada.

I miss the desert. Sonomabatch. Of course, I’m missing the good part to be cold in NY but I’ll be returning just in time for 120 degrees.

Important, I should know better, update!


Apparently a Senator speaking continuously to stop the Senate from passing a bill is not a filibuster.

Republican presidential candidate Rand Paul commandeered (emphasis me V) the Senate floor…

Although Paul called his action a filibuster, it technically fell short of Senate rules (fact check: Mostly true but false because leftists don’t want it to be true)…

Thune said: “It’s going to be talking for an extended period of time. Around here I suppose that’s a filibuster.”

Obviously Thune is some sort of dictionary-nazi.

Hmmm, is that a Minitruism or is it antidictionaryestablishmentarianism?

I’m going with antidictionaryestablishmentarianism cuz you know McConnell, McCain, Graham and the rest of the GOP establishment assholes are agin it.

I’m fer his filibuster as much as I can be.

Gumming up the works is awesome and tilting at windmills is important. Sooner or later you get to kill those bird-killing windmills!


The 4th amendment has a meaning as rdbrewer explains so well

I get it; some of these senators know better than the Founding Fathers and are happy with warrantless bulk data collection, but the Constitution does not allow that. We have the right to be secure in our papers and effects,

Yeah, the current crew of life-long-politicians know better than the greatest men to ever have lived and they’ve decided we have no rights they don’t feel we need.

In other words,

Not Shown: GOP Betters Giving Obama Helpful Hints

Not Shown: GOP Betters Giving Obama Helpful Hints


This is the “Explaining the categories” part.

It’s in GOP Win! because the GOP is going to win and restrict my freedoms.

It’s in GOP Fail because Rand Paul is being unhelpful to his establishment betters in the GOP.

Two “Oly Chit Meng”s for this story.

Fifteen Baltimore neighborhoods have lower life expectancies than North Korea.

First, really? North Korea?

Second, that’s a Minitrue outlet in good standing noting that.

Of course, they don’t mention which political party is in charge of Baltimore, they make it racial (whitey caused it obviously), they should mention all those heartless whiteys are Dems, but that’s just too much to ask.


A Puppy Blender post quotes this

Even as he (Stephanopoulos V) acknowledged error in making his Clinton Foundation donations—having been caught by the right-leaning Washington Free Beacon and Politico(sic)—…


No, Polie-ico did not “catch” this in any way, the story was leaked by one Minitrue outlet (ABC “News”)  to another (Polie-ico) to lessen the impact.

They lie and keep lying until it becomes Truth!!!!

That’s how it works and all our fine, establishment betters fall for it every fucking time.


When people tell me how great a POTUS Clinton was, I always ask why. They say “The economy was great.”

Yeah, because of Newt fucking Gringrich ramming shit Clinton didn’t like down his fucking throat, like welfare reform that has since been gutted.

Clinton’s only accomplishment (aside from watching Russia deteriorate under Tsar Putin I and selling our military secrets to China) was getting NAFTA done by getting the GOP to go against his, Clinton’s, party

Now, I’m not arguing for or against NAFTA, but as we are now in the 90s redux (with the added attraction of having lost the Cold War) what do you think is next?

A Dem POTUS getting a free trade agreement approved with the GOP working against the Dems.

So why do I think it’s bad for America?

Because Obama is fer it. Duh.

What makes it funnier, for me, was watching CNN (Clinton News Network copyright 1990s) explain to me last week how, even though the Dems stopped this in the Senate, it was the GOPs fault because the House was going to vote against it anyway.

My Car Broke Down

Posted: May 14, 2015 by veeshir in Funniest End of Civilization Evah, GOP Win!

And my wife is pregnant, could you give me $50 to get some gas and pay the tolls to get to her doctor?

If you fell for that, then you’re going to love this one.

GOP Senators BAN EARMARKS!!!!!!!!!!!


And the rubes fell for it.

The cost of earmarks totaled $4,200,000,000 in fiscal year 2015, which was up 56 percent from the previous year, according to Citizens Against Government Waste’s (CAGW) 2015 Congressional Pig Book.


Yeah. It’s what grifters do.

Anybody who actually thought they were going to get rid of earmarks, raise your hand.

Now smack yourself in the face with that hand.

Via Weasel Zippers.

Below the fold, I’ve been debating whether to write about Aunt Nanette, but since I started this, I should finish it.


Teh Funny

Posted: May 12, 2015 by veeshir in Funniest End of Civilization Evah, GOP Win!, Obama's Fault

And Teh Endy. Inextricably mixed in a potpourri of ridiculously stupid, yet hilarious, events.

Norm Chad gets it.  He’s always noticed the funny, but now he’s noticing the endy.


Mets owner Fred Wilpon is the chairman of Major League Baseball’s finance committee. If you found a guy who was an investor/victim in the Bernard Madoff Ponzi scheme, who cut team payroll drastically because of debt issues and who, faced with a cash shortfall, had to secure a $25 million loan from MLB – would you want that guy to oversee budgetary matters for your business?…

Okay, that’s just amusing, this is teh hilarity.

Isiah Thomas, implicated in an $11.6 million sexual harassment lawsuit while president of an NBA team, was just named the president of a WNBA team.

I hate wasting my has on so obvious a bwa but…….


Of course, I think that’s what the WNBA needs, something to make it even more obviously a joke,  but then, I’m an asshole.


It’s amusing how many people are noticing the hilarity of our current end of civilization, scratching their heads and wondering how it got so ridiculous out.

Years and years of work people, that’s what it took to get us here and now and Obama, the Dems, their entertainment/political industrial politics and our fine betters in the GOP are not going to let all that hard work go to waste.

An aside, I hate it when sports writers get political, so this pisses me off.

Here’s an eye-popping stat: More than half of the members of Congress who have left since 2010 have lobbying-related jobs

I really did not want to have that forced down my throat as I’m trying to have my coffee and forget the venal assholes in our gov’t.



It’s national palindrome week!!!!








That means we’re boned coming and going.


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We are so boned.

FrnakJ writes in PJ Media (which I won’t link as the left side of the page has an intrusive ad I cannot get rid of. It actually blocks text) an excellent term with this line

shiny new object of Barack Obama. The then-predicted progressive utopia ended up being a hard slog of constantly sticking up for an inept politician who was in over his head in pretty much everything.

Now, I’m not arguing with him over that statement, I agree about as much as I can.

Unfortunately, the people who agree with that sentiment are not in positions of power or in any lefty areas.

Mitch McConnel, John Boehner, McCain, Flake and the rest of the “common sense” brigade do not.

I’ve been staying with my family in upstate NY, my brother in law is a pretty smart guy, my sister as well, but they choose poorly. She actually suggested I watch the Today show because maybe I’d “learn something”. I swear she actually said that. I was too stunned to say anything except that I doubted that or something.

Everybody in my family thinks I’m a racist hater for suggesting Obama is not a good president. Seriously, I have bona fide racists in my family who are calling me a racist.

Much of America gets their news from the NYTimesWashPostCNNABCCBSNBCMSNBCetc. so they do not see the stuff we talk about. They see the stuff Minitrue talks about. They see when NASA says Hottest Year Ever!!!!! but don’t see it’s 1/10th of one degree and then they don’t see the correction that comes out a few days later. They don’t see that Antarctic ice is incredibly high in May, heading into the coldest time, which is July and August. So they have never seen anybody who doesn’t believe in global worming explain why they don’t believe.

When you get both sides of the debate from only one side, well, it’s not hard to be fooled.

And that’s why we’re boned.

Much of America still believes in the Dems and much of the rest depend on the Dems for their sustenance so they don’t care.

Boned again, (un)naturally.


Payment Not Due

Posted: May 9, 2015 by veeshir in GOP Win!, Liberal Fascism, Obama's Fault

Two years after we first started finding out that Obama used the IRS to attack his political enemies and nobody has paid a price and nobody ever will because the GOP is happy that someone finally put those fucking tea partiers in their place.