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In Kyev, Ukraine this guy is a member of a pro-Russian group.

The man, who was not identified by the police, was sent seven cardboard boxes filled with forty hand grenades of different types, six grenade launchers, 35 fuses and nearly 5,000 cartridges of ammunition.

I guess he got these through the gun-show loophole.

Makes me wonder if Tsar Putin I is doing something or if it’s just tome asshole.

The problem with this story is it’s hard to figure out what the hell is going in Yemen.

Thousands of armed Shiite rebels in Yemen strengthened their positions in the capital Sanaa on Wednesday as they pressed their campaign to force the government to resign

It’s so hard to figure out who to root for is because the gov’t  fights al Quaeda, they help al Quaeda. They murder non-violent people, they help non-violent people. It’s just hard to figure out.

Also, sometimes the protesters are terrorists and sometimes they’re just trying to get the gov’t to stop killing them.

Lest we think the border deal is not going on just because the media is busy with riots and murdered journalists,

A group of illegal aliens and their smuggler started a massive grass fire on a ranch in South Texas after being pursued by agents from the U.S. Border Patrol.

Assholes. People whose first act in this country is to break the law (by illegally entering the country) will never respect our laws.

Speaking of the riots, sales of popular gas masks up 434% on Amazon.

Another popular gas mask sold on Amazon, the Israeli Civilian Gas Mask, has rocketed up the sales charts by 250 percent.

Hmmmm. Methinks people are looking at the riots and thinking, “I’m not into rioting, but I don’t like cops shooting tear gas at me”.

One last thing, a photoshop challenge  is going on with this pic of Kim Jon Un,

soylent yello

Would it be racist to caption that, “In North Korea, Soylent Yellow is people.“?


Important Update!!!!!!!!!!!!



I always go center mass, but to each his own. 

Via Say Uncle


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Ace links to a Federalist post about atheists (and agnostics) being able to be conservatives.

Let me say that I am agnostic. I think an atheist says, “There is no God, god or gods.” while I say, “I don’t know.”

Maybe there is a God or god or gods, who knows? I will say that, in my opinion, maybe.

But then we get to which God, god or gods? As Heinlein said, all of them have to go in the hat. Sorry if that pisses you off, but that’s the way I see it.

Maybe Zeus is pissed off we’re not sacrificing white bulls to him or Huitzilipochti is pissed off we’re not sacrificing people, Baal has to be partly happy with our abortion rate (especially partial-birth abortion), but we’re not exactly sacrificing babies to him so his happiness is qualified.

Personally, I’m rooting for a Jonathan Livingston Seagull sort of deal of going up, sideways or down the ladder.

A quote from the Federalist link

My point is not just that it is possible to offer a secular defense of free markets and liberty and the moral values that support them. My point that is these arguments have a power to persuade that cannot be matched just by quoting chapter and verse from the Bible.


I’ve been Troll for a Day a number of times because I try to explain that I can be in favor of civilization without believing in God.

Take something simple like traffic.

A lane ends on the highway, so what happens? If you’re in any metropolitan region, most people line up but a bunch of assholes have to be first so they screw the whole thing up.

If everybody worked together we’d all go through more quickly, the people being assholes screw it up for not just the polite people but for all the assholes behind them as they force traffic down to a crawl.

Civilization is a compilation of like situations, if we all work together, in a Christian manner, then life is better for all of us.

You do not need to believe in God to realize that or to believe that Jesus was probably the very best, most wise western philosopher ever (Bush should not have taken shit over that, he was right in my opinion), certainly the one whose philosophy has led to the best outcome for the most people.

Besides, many of the worst, non-commie, things we’ve done to each other is in service to a religion. There are few, non-commie, things more scary than a despot who thinks he’s doing God’s will. I will also say that communism/socialism/nannarchism is a religion without a god. Today’s leftism is a religion with a god, Gaia, and we’ve pissed her off by being imprius so…global worming.


My point, if we stop fucking with each other, life is better for everybody. It’s that simple.

You do not need a religion to believe that, as Ace says, you merely need to look at empirical evidence, logic and results.

It should be noted, of course, that religious people do not rely exclusively on religious precepts to make their cases. They, too, point to observable evidence and make secular (math-based, policy outcome based) arguments.


Preach it brother.

What a bunch of shit. Cops are no longer peace officers, they’re revenue generators and that, like much else in the world today,  pisses me off.


For those of you who don’t click vids (and do read the blog, so…all 1 of you), a guy keeps walking back and forth in a crosswalk in traffic to get people driving through the crosswalk while the asshole cop is in it.

Notice, they’re not actually near the guy, but it’s the law that you cannot drive across a crosswalk while someone is in it. Even if the walker is on the other side of the road.

So it’s the law, but that’s all about the sliminess.

As Uncle says, Live Free or There.

Via the Outrider, who likes to piss me off.  He says it’s Sommerville, Mass, outside Boston. Definitely near Boston, you can tell by the accent.

Geraldo was on Fox earlier today and I tried to watch, but when he started off by attacking Israel, I couldn’t watch anymore.

Allah linked this vid and I tried to watch it, but his smug, superior, ignorant stupidity is just a deal-breaker for me.



I will illustrate why Geraldo is an idiot though, even at the risk of having him threaten me,

Hams Missile Defense

Palestinian Missile Defense

That’s Hot

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So one of the Kardashian things did a couple of videos where she got all nekkid.

Not sure why Nirvana, but eh, they don’t ask me about things like that.


Required Reading

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Bill Whittle has a new site.

That is all.

Oh, and don’t click “see more”.

Seriously. Don’t do it.

I’m not kidding. (more…)

Bastids, the world is giving us a little chin music and I, for one, am not happy about it!

I’ll start off slow.

This one baffles me.  Aldi’s won a cheese contest. They’re a German supermarket chain that’s all over EUnuchstan, Australia and the US.

Now, I don’t know what they’re like overseas, but I went into one in Ohio once.  It’s like a cross between a dollar store, a supermarket and the place where Tom Parsons gets his gin. There was a bunch of stuff that resembled food that I would not eat and generic soda-like stuff that I wouldn’t drink.

How the hell did they win a cheese making contest? Did they just go around to their stores and pick up the old milk cartons or are they non-crappy overseas?

Fucking Biden is hilarious,  we’ve all seen him tell us two different felonies to commit just this week, today you’re supposed to shoot through a door (always a felony unless you have a badge)  Bob Owens asks

At what point does a public official making such outrageous, dangerous statements cross the line into criminal incitement?

Never Bob. Rather, he crossed that line but it doesn’t matter, he has that all important (D) after his name.

So many problems could be avoided if someone would just take the time to stop and say, “Are we sure this is a good idea?”, alas, that sort of introspection is no longer in vogue. Via the guy who named his blog after me, we find this hilarity.

Last week an employee came up with a brochure that used offensive images.

It included a mug shot of a bug-eyed black man, and another of comedian Dave Chappelle as a crack fiend. There were also photographs of overweight cops, Judge Judy, Barney Fife and Lindsay Lohan.

Sputter. It’s an orientation pamphalet. Lindsey Lohan was a nice touch, the pic of Chapelle is him doing some crack head, Curmodgeonly and Skeptical has the pic from the actual paper that he took.

Read the whole thing, it’s a true 21st century story, there is cluelessness, idiocy, racism, sexism all smothered in a huge helping of  OUTRAGE!!!!!!!!!!!

Teh Peepul are revolting sire. NYS pols managed something I didn’t think was possible, they’re really getting their subjects pissed off.  The upstate pol, from Hudson, NY, called gun owners Tea Party psychotards (I get shit for calling my dog a ‘tard-dog, but I’m not a lefty), then had a “town hall” about “No Guns For You!”, well, people showed up and weren’t happy.

Hudson is east of Albany, at the north end of the Takonic Parkway, it’s one of those simulacrums of Queens surrounded by farms and stuff. I wouldn’t have expected them to do this, it’s not the country part, it’s the city part. Small city, probably less than 20K people, but still.

Let’s stick with Gateway Pundit,  so we have high unemployment and we need to decide who will make a plane for our military. No brainer, right? Beechcraft was in on the deal and they’ve made stuff for us before and it’s about 1,400, high-tech jobs so yay! Jobs in Kansas. But that would have been in the Before, we’re in the Now.

“On Thursday February 27th, Department of Defense (DOD) officials awarded the Light Air Support (LAS) contract to the Brazilian aircraft maker, Embraer. Interestingly and without explanation, the cost of the contract to taxpayers somehow ballooned from $355 million to $427.5 million, a 20 percent increase..(emphasis by GP I think V)

As FrnakJ said once, Obama might not be setting out to destroy America, but his actions make more sense if you assume he is.

Another of those exporting our values. In a story about how bad drinking is

But Chamoun wasn’t drunk. He’s legally blind and was being assisted down some nightclub stairs by a friend. “I was even holding my cane,” says the 24-year-old, “but the idiots cut it off in the vid.”

ABC in Australia, unlike MSNBC in America, is officially a state-run media outlet, so it’s nice to see them following our state-run MSNBC. Oh, and I don’t think you meant “idiots” Chamoun, I think you meant, “Assholes”. They knew exactly what they were doing.

Via Yourish, we see some EUnuchstanian oligarchs went to the Middle East to figure out the biggest block to Middle East peace. Can you guess? Is it the war in Syria? Is it Iran paying for terrorism? Is it Egypt sinking into jihadism? Lebanon becoming a Hezbollah-run state?

I’m sorry, I know on this you guys are paying attention about this for sure. Of course, it’s the Jooooooooooos!

Nearly two dozen European diplomats have urged the EU to intensify efforts to block Israeli settlement in and near Jerusalem, saying such construction on occupied lands is the “single biggest threat” to a Mideast peace deal,

You know they said that with that smug, Hans Blix smile. hansbrix

A few anger-inducing ones and we’ll end on a cool note.

This one pisses me off to no end.  According to that poll, nobody not in the media trusts the media and yet, people obviously still believe them. Fuck.

The Feinstein Great Gun Grab that We’ll Never Have To Worry About Because It’s So Stupid And Won’t Do Any Good is in committee. The vote is expected along party lines. Yeah, so was the vote for Hagel’s nomination.

As a few people have noted, people are not buying those tens of millions of guns to turn them in next week.

Politicians everywhere are no longer trying to see how much they can do under the radar, they’re trying to see how much they can do before we give them an excuse to use all that ammo the NOAA and Social Security Admin is buying.

A public service. According to this article , women are fatter cuz they stopped doing housework



Just sayin’.


Now the awesome story from Jay In Ames, if it’s a repost, I don’t care.

Meet America’s first war dog, a stray Pit Bull/Terrier mix, named Stubby. He became Sgt. Stubby, was the most decorated war dog of World War I and the only dog to be promoted to sergeant through combat.

Read the whole thing, it’s awesome wrapped in medals and smothered in beggin strips. A coupl exploits were that he was injured and went back to the trenches and also captured a German spy. Seriously. Captured a fucking spy.

Damn, all my dog does is bad things and then sleep on the bed. I’m gonna go kick him. Lazy ‘tard dog.