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First, the odd.

This is very odd. I thought all of America was a Constitution Zone, I didn’t realize we had Constitution-free zones.

District Judge Edward Korman, a US federal judge, has reaffirmed an Obama administration policy granting officials the authority to search Americans’ laptops, citing a controversial premise that makes citizens within 100 miles of the border eligible for a police check.

So there’s a 100 mile area along the border where the Constitution does not apply.

How the fuck does a federal judge who is supposed to decide on the Constitutionality of stuff say that the Constitution does not apply in America?

I know it’s not new, but it pisses me off every fucking time. If more Americans knew about it (Minitrue isn’t covering it until we have a GOP pres) I think there’d be some problems. But then, I’m an eternal optimist.

This is very odd, I’m praising sports writers.

Another year, another Good On Ya Baseball Hall of Fame voters.


The cheating sacks of shit like Sosa, McGwire, Bonds and the rest of the steroid crew did not make the cut.

I do think McGriff should make it, the crime dog was a good player, but the steroid freaks should not.


This is only odd for those who don’t pay attention. They’re talking about how there are good and bad jihadis in Syria.

That idea, of course, is why the middle east sucks so badly. Jordan thinks all jihadis suck so they don’t have the problems Lebanon, Saudi Arabia, Iraq, Syria, Yemen and the rest have.

A partial list of jihadis in Syria.

Barish listed the participants as the following: “the Syrian Revolutionaries Front, including the Farouq Brigade, the Union of the Syrian Clans, 11 other factions, and defected fighters from other brigades; the Islamic Front, with the Ahrar al-Sham in Raqqa, Maskana, and Manbaj, Souqour al-Sham, and al-Tawhid, which has a significant presence in Aleppo; the Jihadis’ Army; and the Nour al-Din Zinki Brigade.”

…large groups of the Islamic Front, Ahrar al-Sham, Jabhat al-Nusra, and some FSA brigades are participating in Raqqa battles against ISIS.

It’s a dogs’ breakfast of jihadi assholes all fighting like scorpions in a bottle.

I will say, that ISIS is an even funnier acronym than the MILFs in the Philippines.

First, Isis is a pagan god. I thought jihadis kill people who worship pagan gods.

Second, it’s the name of Archer’s spy group.  I look forward to KAOS (Kill All Onbelievers Squad)  popping up next.

Well, that’s the odd. Let’s get to the sod.  In honor of CO, some grass below the fold. (more…)

Huh, it appears that some murderous clowns are not all bad.

A gunman in a clown suit has shot dead the oldest brother of one of Mexico’s most notorious drug trafficking families at a children’s party in a beach resort town.

Personally, I blame the victim. What was he thinking inviting a clown in the first place?

I have to wonder if this is the first time a non-suicidal hittee paid the hitman who killed him?


Unrelated, this is why the Middle East is fucked.

The Many Shades of Hezbollah in a Lebanese publication. Apparently, when they’re not killing babies they run day-care and hospitals.

There is only one shade of Hezbollah blood-red with flecks of brain matter


Clown story via i Own the world.

Although Northern Ireland has been relatively peaceful for quite a while now, it looks like TFG has some words of advice on, um, how to keep The Troubles form breaking out again or something:

Likening religious schools to segregation–a racist system that forced blacks to attend different schools and use different facilities than whites in the American South–President Barack Obama told a town hall meeting for youth in Belfast, Northern Ireland on Monday that there should not be Catholic and Protestant schools because such schools cause division.

You know, I can’t help but think that this message of interfaith tolerance–albeit in a slightly altered form–might have a little more resonance in, say, certain parts of London. Or Cairo. Or Damascus.



Looks like this deadly epidemic has spread across the pond:

Local MP Nick Raynsford said he had been told the man attacked in the street was a soldier serving at the Royal Artillery Barracks near the attack.

Mr Raynsford said the soldier had been returning to the barracks after a day out when he was attacked.

London Ambulance Service said one man, believed to be the victim of the machete attack, had died in the incident and two others were injured, one seriously.

Several witnesses described seeing a “beheading” while another described seeing a man wearing a Help for Heroes T-shirt being attacked with a machete-style knife and dumped.

Unfortunately, we may never know what the motive was behind this grisly murder occupational hazard:

The BBC reported sources had told them the men were shouting “Allahu Akbar” as they carried out the attack and had filmed carrying it out.

Yeah, it’s a real mystery.

We’ve got the Project Orca disaster that has already been covered to pieces (with the exception of maybe mentioning that Romney’s staff was informed beforehand, emphatically, by at least one Republican county chair here in Colorado that the names of the pollwatchers absolutely had to be sent to the county chairs to be sent to the county clerk for certification), and now we have a powerful ad about the Benghazi slaughter that was pulled because it wasn’t about the economy.

The ad is even more haunting considering foreign service officer Gregory Hicks testified that he failed to answer his phone because he didn’t recognize the number on caller ID. Not that it would have made a lick of difference how quickly he answered his phone since there was no intention on the part of our federal government to send aid to our consulate.

I’m feeling like Romney did everything he could to throw the election short of giving a donkey a blowjob on national television.

Lots of links, let’s see how many I get to!

First some Mideast Madness, it’s like March Madness with the same amount of rioting but more killing.

Soccerdad at Yourish has a good post on Minitrue loving some Intifada.  It’s nothing new for Minitrue to root for terrorists to send children out front with rocks and gunmen behind to draw fire, and if the Jews don’t kill them some kids, the Palestinians will be more than happy to fix that lack and then scream The Jooooooooooooos!

Soccerdad links to this story about how throwing rocks isn’t peaceful.

IDF special forces arrested ten Palestinian men overnight Friday on suspicion of hurling rocks at an Israeli vehicle and being behind an attack that led the car to veer off the road, hit a truck, and leave a three-year-old girl fighting for her life.

Yeah, but it wasn’t the Jews causing problems so you won’t see that story in a Minitrue outlet, can’t have people getting the wrong idea.

Next door in Lebanon, I have to wonder if any your average non-jihadi, Lebanese are hoping the Marines left some stuff in Tripoli they might want to pick up.

“There are snipers from Jabal Mohsen targeting Bab al-Tabbaneh [residents], and a grenade was thrown from Jabal Mohsen onto Syria Street, which led to retaliation from Bab al-Tabbaneh

Those poor bastards are fucked, but they let Hezbollah and other terrorists get strong to fight Israel and then got all upset about how terrorists act like terrorists so my pity is tempered.

This quote is interesting

However, he added that if a battle erupted in Bab al-Tabbaneh, “it will be a spark for [a war] in all of Lebanon, and this is what the Iranian and Syrian regimes are planning.”

Especially considering this

Syrian air force jets fired four rockets at an uninhabited section of the border with Lebanon on March 18, according to security sources.

I can’t figure that out, is Iran just trying to get the whole middle east blow up and why?

They must also be fucking with Israel.

Lebanon: Israeli jets dropped flare bombs along the coast of the southern city of Tyre Monday, security sources told The Daily Star.

The aircraft launched five flares to illuminate the night sky for reconnaissance purposes, the sources said, adding that the devices extinguished five to 10 minutes after they were released.

In Afghanistan we find another group of jihadis who I’ve never heard of.

Following a deadly suicide bombing in northern Afghanistan that killed 10 people on March 13, Afghan and Coalition forces launched separate raids on March 14 and March 15 targeting three senior members of the al Qaeda-linked Islamic Movement of Uzbekistan.

Well that can’t be, Obama strangled the last al Quaeda terrorist himself!

This one is kind of funny but I’d be pretty fucking scared if I was the guy running against Chavez’ successor thug.

Venezuela’s acting president said on Wednesday that “far right” figures in the United States were plotting to kill opposition leader Henrique Capriles

“The Americans are going to kill the guy I’m running against!” says the successor thug in chief (former secret police chief). Eh, it’s better than being killed resisting arrest I guess.

High Praise! for Harvey for giving High Praise! to the Real Revo (accept no substitutes!) with this picture



We all know Europeans’ favorite pasttime is going on killing sprees against the “other”, just ask 1,000+ years of Jews, and further, the Germans are some of the best, the 30 Years War was fought primarily in what is now Germany after all and who can forget them trying to take over the world twice last century? Jihadis, that’s who.

More recently, Salafists have issued death threats against German politicians, including German Chancellor Angela Merkel. “The groups aim to change our society in an aggressive belligerent way so that democracy would be replaced by a Salafist system, and the rule of law replaced by Sharia law.” — Hans-Peter Friedrich, Ministry of the Interior, Germany

Silly jihadis, don’t rile the Germans up, they’re already fucking pissed off at the rest of EUnuchstan sucking their cash and are just looking for someone to kill.

Obama finishes stabbing our eastern European friends in the back to make Tsar Putin I happy.

The United States has effectively canceled the final phase of a Europe-based missile defense system that was fiercely opposed by Russia and cited repeatedly by the Kremlin as a major obstacle to cooperation on nuclear arms reductions and other issues.

When a dictator tells you a defensive system is “provocative”, you know he’s planning invasion routes.

Sorry guys, hopefully the Germans will be on your side when Tsar Putin I tries to rebuild the Soviet Empire.

In Springtime For Hitler news, we see this bit of hilarity.

Krafft was given a pass by reviewers, collectors and critics for his use of swastikas, nazism and Hitler. It was all genius-level kitsch. It belittled the Third Reich, rendering it cheap in scathing mockulatory fashion.

Then a funny thing happened. Krafft was exposed as a white supremacist and holocaust denier.

Does that make it more or less “ironic”?

We’ll seg our ue to America by using another iOwn the World link.  We’ve all seen the new DOD 9 steps for stopping a violent crime without using violence. These folks have provided a handi-doody vid to illustrate the proper method.

That’s hilarious, except it’s what they really expect us to do so it’s not funny at all.

Bwahahahahahahhahaha. The guy is fantastic and the music makes it.

A Trainwreck in Maxwell makes an insightful observation about this story.

Barnegat, N.J.  police arrested a woman after they say she got out of her car, lifted her shirt and bra and exposed her breasts to surveillance cameras.

No picture with the story so, not hot.
Related, DHS MRAPs we’ve been assured are not for the DHS are being spotted on our streets.
Among stated concerns include the obviousness and normalcy of it all.
With this bit being a good idea.

“If you see these monsters, photograph them and post the photos on Twitter #DHSMRAP,” he advises, creating a stated intelligence-gathering mission for concerned activists.

“If you see them, report them,” he urges.

Totally grassroots protests in Detroit against the governor stepping in to do a real austerity thing, so since austerity now means raising taxes it can’t be called that.
Hundreds of well-organized demonstrators vowing “civil disobedience” will greet Michigan Republican Gov. Rick Snyder’s visit to Cobo Hall in Detroit Monday for an economic summit in order to protest Snyder’s selection of a powerful “emergency manager” to save the city of Detroit from bankruptcy.
You can tell it’s grassroots by how well organized they are, grassroots are always very organized.
The New Puritans.  Less worried about sex but still worried about having unapproved fun.
But puritans haven’t vanished. They’ve merely changed the subject. The expansion of freedom in matters of sex has coincided with a shrinkage in matters of health. New Yorkers would laugh at laws policing sex, but they elected a mayor who has no problem trying to control other physical indulgences.
Hey Bloomberg!
Which is bothering some libertari….libertines like Bill Maher.
Bill Maher blasted New York City, Mayor Michael Bloomberg Friday saying, “There is something wrong about the 7th richest person in the world, lying in bed at night saying, ’You know what people shouldn’t do? Drink too much Sprite. And I’m going to make that a law.’” Last week, state Supreme Court Judge, Justice Milton Tingling struck down Mayor Bloomberg’s soda ban.
I guess we know whose ox is being gored now.
Last we have this bit of scary hilarity. So Chris Matthews sees a revolution coming and he worries about what’s most important to him.
How does Barack Obama escape this frightening axe coming down sharpl and brutally on his presidency? How does he avoid personal harm when the country rises up in anger?
Oh noes! Louis the 17th  might be hurt!

Sorta important, above the post update.

Eh, it didn’t matter much to me, I was just curious and I saw something today that gave me a clue on how to find out.

Aaccording to this Catholic News Agency article,

Vatican spokesman Fr. Federico Lombardi has confirmed that the Pope intended to take his name from the 13th century aristocrat who left his wealthy family to serve the poor and rebuild the Church.

So, St. Francis of Assisi.

Now, back to the post!

My subscription to spell check ran out so you gets what I gives.

I’m all depressed today, Nicole wrote what I was worried about, I’m becoming an OUTRAGE!!!! monger. Apcray.

Denial is just not strong enough for today and I can’t stay drunk all day. Maybe I should turn to LSD. Eh, I’ll try to see the funny.

This one actually does make me laugh,  It’s a drudge link and he’s talking about Obama slapping around a Dem congresscritter. What makes me laugh is this

Obama was referring to his $1 billion proposal for 15 manufacturing “innovation centers,”

He actually expects people to take that shit seriously.

The article goes on to note this

the details of which are still somewhat hazy.

“Hazy”, yeah, we’ll go with that. It sounds so much better than, “Ridiculous crap that doesn’t mean anything.”

We all saw Cruz make Feinstein look like a fool yesterday. You know it was bad because Andrea Mitchell declared DiFi the winner, but we also see this as another proof they know she looked like the moron she is (Dumber than a box of Boxers!)

Feinstein told Wolf Blitzer she “felt patronized” by the “arrogant” junior senator and had to take some time to cool off afterward.

Awwww, did the mean old man make ems look stupid?

How arrogant and clueless do you have to be to piss off the men who are dedicated to give up their lives for yours?

A former agent blasted President Obama for blaming the Secret Service for the decision to shut down White House tours,

That’s right, Obama arrogant and clueless.

What lefties do understand is indoctrination, they’re only fer it when they’re indoctrinating kids to believe the right things.

I just intro’d bill to prevent kids under 12 from going to gun shows.

Yup, can’t let 12 year olds learn how cool guns are or they might want one.

Also via Say Uncle, … Cold Fury (the exact link is below about sedition) we see this bit of common sense about gun laws.

You cannot “protect” a right while calling for limitations on it.

Preach it brother!

How do you say, “How many divisions does he have?” in Mandarin? (unsafe, NY Times Link)

China congratulated Pope Francis on Thursday on his ascension to the papacy, but also warned the Vatican not to interfere in what China deems to be its internal affairs.

I know who I’m rooting for.

Hmmm, now I have to wonder how to say it in English.

This past Sunday, a Chicago area church sponsored a Second Amendment Sunday filled with “assault” pop-tarts, “combat” cupcakes and a sheet-cake that featured a chocolate semi-automatic Glock handgun with a quote from Jesus that read “Blessed are the peacemakers.”

That last is a very nice touch except they really needed it to be a Colt, not a Glock.


Okay, headlines that just seem fucking ridiculous.

US Can’t Make Dominos Founder Offer Contraceptives To Employees

Seriously, imagine going back to the 50s and showing that article to people. They’d lock you up for your own good.

A question, could you let him off if he promises to take acting lessons?


Hah!… Iranian Regime TV: Ben Affleck Could Be Hanged For War Crimes

I ask because I could see that question coming up.

Hmmm, this is interesting.

Egyptian media outlets are reporting that a number of Hamas members were involved in the August 2012 attack on an Egyptian military base that killed 16 Egyptian soldiers. The three Hamas members linked to the attack are Ayman Nofal, Mohamed Ibrahim Salah Abu Shamala, and Raed al Attar.

On the one hand, I doubt the Muslim Brotherhood likes Hamas killing people in Egypt without their permission, on the other hand, they were killing the main obstacles to the MB’s takeover of Egypt. Interesting to see how it plays out.

Now sure about this one either.

“The Lebanese cabinet is required to hold an extraordinary meeting to ask the army to deploy along the border,”

Whose side would they be on? So far in Syria we’ve seen homegrown terrorists, al Quaeda, Hezbollah and Syrian military in a dog’s breakfast of a nightmare scenario, I guess whose side they’ll be on depends on how many Hezbollah units are included.

Steyn on Islamophobes getting their blood all over the place.

The attempted murder of an “Islamophobe” is part of the scene in today’s Europe. Among those targeted have been such obvious “right-wing extremists” as secular feminist Ayaan Hirsi Ali, gay hedonist Pim Fortuyn, and coke-snorting anti-monarchist Theo van Gogh. While I was in Copenhagen paying a visit to Lars’s Danish Free Press Society, a young Chechen jihadist opposed to all this outrageous Islamophobia prematurely detonated while assembling his bomb in his hotel room, and we all had a good laugh. But sometimes, as on Lars’s doorstep, the jihad wannabe is less incompetent and gets a little closer.

It being EUnuchstan, they need to provide ‘balance’.

The author Hedegaard is one of the few Danes who is a certified racist, as he some years ago was fined by a High Court for having stated in a blog interview that Muslim fathers rape their children. He was later acquitted by the Supreme Court.

Hmmm, where does one get one of those certificates? And since he was acquitted, isn’t he a “formerly certified racist” as he’d have lost his certified status?

I’m surprised we haven’t seen this bit of sorta good news at Hot Air, Ace, Drudge, Gateway pundit or any of the other news aggregators.

… jumped out a window from the family’s co-op apartment Wednesday afternoon with 10-month-old son Keston in her arms. She died instantly.

The baby survived by bouncing off his motionless mom’s chest upon impact.

I’m always in favor of them failing at the “murder” part of a “murder/suicide” deal.

Now I’m not saying they’re related, but Girls Gone Wild was hounded into bankruptcy and what happens the very next spring break?

Two masked men armed opened fire in a bar on the outskirts of the Mexican tourist resort of Cancun on Thursday, killing six people and wounding five,

While I abhor the violence, as a titty-man, I understand it.

Apparently illegal immigration causes global worming.

It’s one reason I feel it’s urgent that we get real immigration reform, allowing millions to step out of the shadows and on to a broad path toward citizenship. It will help, not hurt, our environmental efforts, and potentially in deep and powerful ways.

The biggest lack in today’s world are people who stand back and say, “You know, that’s pretty fucking ridiculous, maybe you should not say that.”, that’s why it’s often so funny out.

I’ve been wondering something lately, who will be the first con-blogger to be arrested for sedition.  Mike at Cold Fury has a list of some of the people I think are in the running.

I’m figuring it’s between the Emperor and Bob Owens.

I just realized that SMOD should be plan B, FrnakJ notes what we all used to know was Plan A.

So, what do you think should be the future of conservatism? I’m thinking conquering other planets. Going to other planets looks like the only realistic way to escape big government now.

Yup, Heinlein, in Time Enough For Love, I think, said that space travel hurt the Earth as freedom lovers escaped the increasing loss of freedom on Earth.

Just as immigration to America hurt EUnuchstan as all the freedom lovers left for America for generations.

In other words, I’ve been rooting for stuff traveling in the wrong direction! That’s pretty funny.

I think it is the 40th of July.

It’s just that fucking ridiculous.

To update DPUD’s post,  we find this story about Colorado making it take a few seconds longer to put 30 rounds into a piece of paper. I had to find a story about it just to see how stupid it was.

“High-capacity magazines are designed to kill a large number of people in a short amount of time,” said Sen. Mary Hodge, D-Brighton, the bill’s sponsor.

Okay, that’s kind of stupid, but they’re not done plumbing the depths of brain damage. This one is my personal favorite.

… killed his own legislation aimed at banning concealed weapons on college campuses, …

First, what’s up with the violent imagery? Assault reporters need to have some common sense, 1st amendment curbs. But why did he assault his own bill?

“This bill is intended to prevent death,” said Heath. “The fact that it has been massaged to say it allows rape on college campuses is reprehensible.”

Ultimately, Democrats decided a floor debate on the campus ban wasn’t worth the political cost of allowing Republican lawmakers to attack them for rendering college women defenseless against attackers, as they’ve done since Monday, when Sen. Evie Hudak, D-Westminster, challenged a rape victim who testified in a committee hearing against the bill.

How dare they point out the stupidity of this common-sense legislation?!?!?!?!?!? The whole article is exactly what you’d expect from a Minitrue outlet.

My first three guns were Remington, and when I started buying other stuff I felt bad that I didn’t buy any Remingtons, my father liked them and I trusted them. Never again.

A group of New York state lawmakers says they’ve been told by Remington Arms that the company plans to spend $20 million upgrading its gun manufacturing plant in the Mohawk Valley.

Did you idiots learn nothing from Smith & Wesson? They obviously took the bribe from NYS lawmakers to stay. Eh, on the plus side, in a year or two someone will be able to buy Remington for a fraction of what it was worth last week and they can move it to a free state.

In, Don’t You Know Who We Are and How Dare You Not Give Us Everything We Ask For? news, via Doug Ross, we see a teacher’s strike where the school districts hired some subs to teach while the union types, who totally are striking for Teh Children, are out.  The union thugs reacted as union thugs do. With Intimidation.

It starts off by saying, ‘Do you know a scab lives in your neighborhood?’  It gives the gentleman’s name, his address, his telephone number, personal information. And then it says, ‘Why is he a scab?’ And it talks about him crossing the picket line in Strongsville,” said Dubecky.

Fuck you.

Hagel went to Afghanistan so Obama’s Partners For Peace decided to welcome him.

A suicide bomber wearing a vest bomb struck outside the Afghan defense ministry on Saturday, killing at least 10 people in a blast just hours after Chuck Hagel, the new United States defense secretary, arrived here in Kabul.

And a short time later, another suicide bomber detonated his explosive in eastern Afghanistan before reaching his target, but killed eight children and a policeman, according to Afghan military and hospital officials.

Boy fucking savages acting like boy fucking savages. Whodathunkit?

Speaking of the various types of people who are Obama’s Partners For Peace,

On March 3, 2013, a group of “pro-peace” agitators organized by CODEPINK Women for Peace and Interfaith Peace-Builders made noise outside the Washington, D.C. Convention Center to harass the 12,000-plus participants attending the American Israel Public Affairs Committee’s annual Policy Conference. Its activities were characterized by angry screaming and chants for a violent uprising: “Long live the intifada… intifada, intifada!”

Well duh. They’re not anti-war, they’re on the other side. Recall that Intifadas always begin with terrorists sending children to throw rocks while snipers fire at Israelis from behind them.

In News Of The Duh!, we see that Hezbollah and the Dorktator in Syria are trying to destabilize Lebanaon.

Lebanese political sources in contact with NOW claim that the Syrian regime and its Lebanese ally Hezbollah, fearing rebel advancements in Syria, have shifted their attention towards Lebanon and are now seeking to disrupt its political life.

Hmmm, maybe that should be “News From the 70s”, eh, either way it’s what Syria and the terrorists in the Party Of God do.

This really pisses me off, as Obama is talking about how important it is to send everybody to school, he’s cutting the money for tuition assistance for the military.

The Army announced Friday it is suspending its tuition assistance program for soldiers newly enrolling in classes due to sequestration

The problem is these people won’t be taking Gender Studies classes, they’ll learn something useful. And for that they can never be forgiven!

Chavez’ thug in waiting becomes Thug In Chief!

Chavez’s chosen successor was sworn in at a ceremony just hours after the former leader’s state funeral on March 8.

I guess the secret policeman won (that’s the article about Maduro, secret policeman, and Cabello the military thug. You know that makes Obama happy. He loves people who hate Amerikkka and he’s more in favor of secret police than the military.

Some Drone-Strike on America news.

First, we have Rand Paul saying, I’ve only begun to make futile gestures! (warning, Wash Post link, but it’s Rand Paul’s OpEd).

Sen. Rand Paul: My filibuster was just the beginning

Cool. Keep fucking with the Drone-Strike-In-Chief.

Next, we have the military hiding their drone-strike data.

As scrutiny and debate over the use of remotely piloted aircraft (RPA) by the American military increased last month, the Air Force reversed a policy of sharing the number of airstrikes launched from RPAs in Afghanistan and quietly scrubbed those statistics from previous releases kept on their website.

You see, we can’t have the hoi polloi getting the wrong (read, right) idea.

Mark Steyn pisses me off. Just when I think I’m paranoid enough I read something he wrote.

When you consider the resources brought to bear against a nobody like Randy Weaver for no rational purpose, is it really so “far-fetched” to foresee the Department of Justice deploying drones to the Ruby Ridges and Wacos of the 2020s?


Via Rand Paul, we see this article about me being Marked For Death!

The Obama administration calls it “targeted killing.” Steven Seagal would call it getting marked for death.

A few years ago FrnakJ opined that we were in a Borat movie, but now we’re in a Steven Segal movie.

I call plucky, comic relief. Let someone else be the guy who has to die for him to want revenge.

In News That Minitrue Will Not Report, this made me laugh earlier. Rand Paul wanted a vote on a sense of the Senate on Obama’s desire to kill me.

Dick Durbin refuses to go on record saying that Obama can’t kill me is pretty fucking funny. “We’ll have hearings” he said, and he’s willing to let Rand Paul testify. They’re the compassionate party but they need fucking hearings to say that POTUS can’t just go around killing people he decides to kill?

What made it funny was it was Dick Durbin. He does “earnest compassion” better than anybody in Congress, so his doing his EC look as he’s refusing to answer that question or let the Senate answer it is pretty darn funny.

Important update!

Dick Durbin just jumped in again and went off on long stupidity about attacking the planes on 9/11, which “question” Rand Paul had ‘answered’ at least once or twice an hour. Then, after Dick stopped talking, the senator from Wisconsin said, “If the question is so easy, why doesn’t that Dick want a vote?”

I’d say someone needs to shut Durbin up, but he’s just too fucking smugly stupid to keep quiet.

I understand in 21st Century America it’s bad form to actually notice reality so I’m one of those unhelpful types.

Like when I say Obama thinks he can kill me, I know people think I’m a jerk.

“The president could conceivably have no choice but to authorise the military to use such force if necessary to protect the homeland,” Mr Holder said.

Yeah,  and as Rand Paul has been saying, Obama said that “imminent” doesn’t mean “immediate”.

The only thing I’m hoping for from this filibuster is that Minitrue might have to actually cover that Obama is refusing to say he can’t kill me.

In, How Dare You Try To Uncover Our Cover-Up news, J Fucking Kerry says that you can’t interview Benghazi survivors.


Well, I – I mean, I can’t tell you the answer to that.

It’s a secret.

Little known fact, Kerry’s Wampanoag name is Watafokingtool.

In more Fuck You America news, we see whoever is in charge of not letting illegal aliens kill me is sending some illegal aliens. Hopefully the don’t kill me.

n internal U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) document obtained by the House Judiciary Committee reveals that the agency planned to release thousands of criminal aliens onto the streets to reduce the agency’s costs in light of sequestration. As of February 15, 2013, the document shows that ICE had roughly 31,000 illegal immigrants and criminal aliens in detention – already below the 34,000 mandated by Congress – and planned to reduce that number to less than 26,000 by March 31, 2013.

I’m rooting for me, but doing the math…. 31,000 -25,000.. multiply by felonies…carry the machete


In more News Minitrue Will Not Report so we have to see it in a Brit newspaper, we see more lying about the Sequestrageddon. So Big Sis says that LAX and O’Hare are all sequestrially slowed down.

However, when contacted by The Daily Telegraph, spokespeople for both O’Hare and LAX, as well as representatives from the travel industry, denied that airports had been hit by delays.

“We haven’t had any slowdowns at all

You know, a bunch of airports were closed by snow and there were delays all over the place, but she was too fucking stupid to pick one of those. It’s not just that they’re fucking America-hating thugs, it’s that they’re so fucking stupid.

In very interesting news, Alabama Arkansas has two abortion laws out that overrode the gov’s veto.

The 12-week ban would prohibit abortions from the point when a fetus’ heartbeat can typically be detected using an abdominal ultrasound. It includes exemptions for rape, incest, the life of the mother and highly lethal fetal disorders. The 20-week prohibition, which is based on the disputed claim that a fetus can feel pain by the 20th week and therefore deserves protection from abortion, includes all of the same exemptions except for fetal disorders.

It was all bi-partisany

Six Democrats joined with Republicans in voting to override the veto of the 12-week ban. Last week, only two Democrats voted to override the veto of the 20-week ban.

Both have limitations that involve the health of the mother so naturally,

The Arkansas Legislature has once again disregarded women’s health care and passed the most extreme anti-women’s health bill in the country,”

Asshole. If you’re going to fight it, don’t fucking lie. Have the courage of your convictions.

hmmmm, this one is reverse of my usual starting overseas and heading to America. I was just so happy about Rand Paul’s tilting at windmills. I always respect that. If you can’t do something useful, you should do something futile.

In a story about how Syria’s paroxysm is spreading to Jordan we find something that shouldn’t make me laugh but does.

These are perhaps most evident in the now-notorious Zaatari refugee camp, erected last summer in the desert east of the city of Mafraq, near the Syrian border. Originally intended for 60,000 Syrian refugees, it now houses over 146,000 in fabric tents, with thousands of new arrivals every week.

That’s what a refugee camp looks like, not the large cities where Palestinians live in Arab countries that will not allow them citizenship.

This is interesting. Some UN “peacekeepers” (actual results may vary) were taken captive by Syrian rebel/jihadis who are demanding

The militants, calling themselves the ‘Martyrs of Yarmouk’ say the UN workers will be held hostage until Syrian President Bashar al Assad’s forces withdrew from the nearby village of Jamla.

Hmmmmmm, those poor bastids are fucked. I can’t find the story, but some peacekeeper in the Congo kept begging for help, Kofi Annan or the current asshole told him to man up. He was eaten(The problem is there are so many stories of people being eaten in the Congo I can’t find that story). The UN is not just useless, they’re feckless.

Fuck, Turkey is going fucking islamically insane. That’s not good. In 1997, the last time they almost went jihad, the military stepped in. Erdrogan is making sure the generals know that’s not an option this time.

A retired general was arrested on Wednesday as part of a probe into the bloodless coup of 1997 that overthrew an Islamist-led government in Turkey,

Shit, those poor bastids are fucked too.

Now, some Teh Funny.

Sure, we could celebrate the death of Chavez, but I’m above that (or rather, past that step), so I say we celebrate Rob Lowe Getting Off A Good One (I’d finish that sip about now)

My greatest regret at the passing of America-hating strongman Hugo Chavez, is that he didn’t live long enough to party with Dennis Rodman

No, he got off a Great One. The responding tweets are OUTRAGED!!!!!!, supportive and clueless. Pretty funny.

Via iOwn the World, we see something that’s not funny. Well, the name is sort of funny. I mean, the only George Mason I know of was a bad-ass motherfucker back in the 1700s who made sure VA had a bad-ass constitution.

Twenty-two-year-old George Mason, Jr., has been arrested for allegedly attacking David Beltier while he walked near a busy intersection in Hillsboro with his boyfriend, Jeremy Mark, and their standard poodle, Beauty.

The couple says they were targeted because they had just dyed Beauty bright pink.

Now if the dog had attacked them I’d be all fer it, but that idiot doesn’t know if the dog is a rescue from Big Gay Al’s Big Gay Animal Sanctuary. It’s a freaking French Poodle after all.

Little known fact, 98% of french poodles are gay so they’re mostly conceived via artificial insemination. You know it’s true, you just read it on the intertubes.

In ‘Murican guns ain’t like them furrin guns‘ news.

Polk County Sheriff’s Deputies found a man dead Sunday morning on Halls Ferry Road outside of independence, Oregon after they say he burglarized at least two homes Saturday evening.

So how did he die?

they believe a piece of the shotgun was caught in the trigger area of the AR-15. While crossing the field the truck hit a bump causing the weapon to fire once striking and killing Mendoza.

Unlike Glocks (foreign guns), when AR-15s go on killing sprees they kill bad guys.

I live in AZ after all.

You know, I’m beginning to wonder if David Bowie was gay.

NYS Boycott up to 117.  Yay!

A drudgetaposition

Kataeb calls for making Lebanon-Syria border “military zone

On The Border of War.

A little more jihadi news.

There really is nobody to root for in Yemen, al Quaeda in Yemen,  allegedly, we don’t know for sure, that’s what the murderous, Yemeni dictatorship calls anybody they don’t like) blew up a truck bomb.

But check this quote

A suicide car bomb driven by a suspected Al-Qaeda militant on Monday rammed into a building in south Yemen used by pro-government militiamen

So pretty much jihadi v jihadi.

Crush at Blackfive (link added) writes about China allegedly getting all frisky in the South China Sea says the quote that Americans used to understand as we learned it the hard way (WWII)

But whether or not China starts World War III, let’s at least realize that toothless, corrupt treaties are no replacement for naval superiority.

Yup. Too bad we have to keep relearning hard-earned lessons.

Unfortunately, we talk loudly and keep our big sticks in Norfolk. Right now we have 4 nukular aircraft carriers in Norfolk. (Plus the Enterprise that’s being retired).

Some interesting news.

Noting that Azerbaijan currently meets 40% of Israel’s demands on energy resources, the ambassador underscored the importance of high-level official visits in terms of further deepening the existing relations.

No seriously, I would have figured that being an eastern European country, they’d be all about Teh Jew Hating. You learn something new every day.

To steal a bit, News of the Tautological

I doubt that there will be any vigorous US policy in the South Caucasus in the near future.

Well duh, he only has vigorous policies designed to fuck with me.

In more Obama hilarity,

Obama is done trying to work with Republicans in 2013 and 2014. He is abandoning any real effort for bipartisan immigration, gun, or energy reform.

Bwahahahahahahhahahahaha. Cuz I Won has worked so well with everybody up to now. I mean, it’s not as if the Dems rammed a reordering of 1/6th of our economy using some stupid Senate trick.

I had a go-round with someone here about “needing” a gun where I said that I refuse to explain why I need anything. I understand I don’t use the right words, I know them, I just don’t like using them.

Steven den Beste, at Ace’s, explains it better than I do.

I can’t have anything unless I can prove I need it? Since when? So now is it the case that everything which isn’t provably necessary is instead forbidden?

Bingo, bango, bongo.

One of the things that cracks me up is two people looking at the same thing, saying the same thing yet meaning exactly the opposite. Robert Reich talking about Tea Party types.

Imagine a plot to undermine the government of the United States, to destroy much of its capacity to do the public’s business, and to sow distrust among the population.

Well yeah, that’s the whole fucking point, but he says it like it’s a bad thing.

For the last 30 years or a little longer NYS has been discussing making gambling legal in some upstate counties.

They were shooting for, I think, Ulster County.

There was a Friar who allegedly said there was Tuck ed an alleged Inn allegedly in alleged Ulster County that, allegedly according to alleged rumors I’ve heard from alleged people who allegedly saw it first hand (“you’ll see stuff, remember, you didn’t see nothingallegedly), was allegedly mob-owned and allegedly already had the alleged tables and alleged rooms for alleged gambling and were allegedly in use but the pols just kept allegedly not making it legal.

Allegedly. This all stopped happening a long time ago, shortly after the Catskill Game Farm closed. Allegedly.

I always figured alleged mobsters in alleged Atlantic City or maybe certain alleged Indian tribes allegedly out-bribed the alleged mobsters who were allegedly trying to get gambling in Ulster County. That’s usually the way to bet  in NYS politics. Allegedly.

So the owner of Aqeduct, which apparently isn’t just a horse track but has some gambling that’s not full blown casino stuff, finally figured that the outside mobsters bribes were too large is going to spend his money building a casino in Vegas.

The operator of the Aqueduct gambling parlor is going to roll the dice in Vegas.

Not content with waiting for New York State to legalize Vegas-style casinos, Malaysian-based Genting announced today its building a multi-billion dollar, full-fledged casino resort complex on the Vegas strip.

Up the alleged bribes alleged dude.

Eh, that’s enough, allegedly, for today.