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A businessman is selling his small, southeastern South Dakota town for $400,000.


Now, the town is just a bar, workshop, three trailers and a house.


It’s in S. Dakota, I think they have civilized laws on guns and alcohol so it has that going for it.

The winter thing sucks, but it’s better than buying part of Detroit.

Update!!!!! (not all that important)

The more I think about it the more I like it.

The town would need a sheriff and he’d need SWAT gear for a team of 20, a gov’t-provided MRAP, a few HMMMMMMVVVVVVVs some M-4s, some M-249 SAWs, a few Barrett M-107s, a quad mount for the 4 Ma Deuces , some H&K M-40 grenade launchers, maybe a recoiless rifle, a Carl Gurstav just cuz I like the name, or two and a battery of 105s. You know, because of the law and order.

I hereby declare my intent to run for sheriff and, if elected, promise that all the police weaponry and vehicles will be available for the citizenry to practice on, for a suitable fee so the sheriff’s dept. will not be a drag on the economy, with the MRAP being a free bar-taxi service on weekends and holidays.





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Gotta love it when they update old movies for modern tech.



As per my friend
” You’ll shoot someones eye out , at 300 meters!

Since it’s the intertubes, I need to point out that Ralphie needs to work on his trigger discipline.

Via Say Uncle.

Important Update!


More Philly attention whoring

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The Soviet Enclave of Philadelphia is going to pass a law banning the manufacture of 3d printed firearms, which will immediately be challenged and nullified in court, because the Commonwealth has a preemption clause regarding gun laws, which as far as I can tell exists at this point specifically to rein in Philly.  Philly has been pulling this bullshit for years, they pass any number of bans and anti-2nd measures, then get slapped down in court.  Over and over.  This is nothing but political theatre from the commie smacktards running Philly.

And the Fox News article should have at the least noted the Commonwealth’s preemption laws regarding the right to bear arm, lazy reporting on their part.

A Reply

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Where the fuck have I been?

At first I was pissed off at bad stuff happening to me, then I just realized the world was stuck, like a record skipping.

It’s all the same shit over and over, I’m waiting for the next turn of the wheel before I get back into blogging. I mean, it’s all just the same shit over and over again. AQ (Saudi Arabia) V Hezbollah (Iran) in Syria, Obama flouting the law with the GOP fecklessly whining about it, the economy fucked, allies pissed at us, enemies laughing, what’s more to say?

I want to post this in reply to DPUD’s post about the LCP, I wrote it in the comments but I figured I should include a picture and I need the dashboard here to figure out how to do that.

So here goes

it took many shots to get the pic exactly as the bullet was coming out.

(It took a bunch of takes to get the pic just as the bullet was leaving the barrel)

I got a Sig SC (sub-compact) 250, it’s fucking awesome.It cost mid-$400s with deluxe-type, tritium night sights.

It’s somewhat bigger than the LCP and the rest of the .380s or even 9mm pocket stuff, but .45ACP.

It’s just about the size of my hand, so still pretty small.

With a Blackhawk, inside the belt, holster, you can’t even see I’m carrying. I even put it in the cargo pocket on my cargo shorts occasionally.

The grip is small, my pinky hangs off, but that’s the classy way to drink tea so I figure, it’s the classy way to shoot. I’m sure I could get mag-extenders to fit my pinky, but it fires so smoothly so two  fingers are enough.

I’m not used to double-action only, I always fire handguns in single-action mode, so that took some practice, but not much. I also should have done that (practiced double-action firing) long ago, so it’s actually helpful.

I almost bought one of those LCPs or maybe an LC9, I like the Ruger best for pocket .380s and 9s. Notice the rounded edges on it, if you’re sticking a gun in your pocket you don’t want sharp edges catching on stuff, but I kept delaying it until I saw the 250SC and you can’t argue with .45ACP.
Well you can, but you’ll lose.

It’s also convertible to 9mm and .40 S&W, I don’t know if I’ll get he conversions, but it’s there. You can buy it in any of the three calibers, but if you can get .45ACP, why would you get 9mm? It’s not as if the cost is all that different right now. $38 for 50 vs $32.

I’m pretty well disgusted with Beretta.
I got the Storm pistol and hated it. I mean, I took it shooting once and never again, I ended up selling it.
It was sloppy.
The sights sucked and the action was loose. I liked the 14 round mags (.40 S&W), but that’s about it.

I’ve become a Sig guy, of course, I don’t see any more black, scary pistols in my future so it’s moot,
but that’s my advice for people asking.

Now, since I notice there’s been a decided lack of hottasery since I’ve posted, hottassery.


So, checked out a Ruger LCP

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And, yeeeeeahNO.  I wouldn’t mind having a pocket pistol with a more potent cartridge than my Beretta Bobcat (.25 ACP), and I know a lot of people swear by the LCP, so I visited one of my many local Merchants of Death (TM) to take a look.  And, just no.  With the regular mag, I can only get one finger around the fucking thing, the various lasered editions are even worse.  I am generally of the mind that if a gun can’t be run bone stock out of a box, I avoid it.  Besides, I can get a full two fingers around my Beretta.  If the Beretta Tomcat didn’t have so many reports about slides and frames cracking with extensive use, I’d go that route.

lcpNot a fan.

Also, I see Beretta may have discontinued the Cheetah, which means the Bobcat will soon follow, and they’re being replaced by fuck ugly plastic guns that probably aren’t as good as the ones made by Glock and S&W.  Dammit Beretta, your job is to make attractive guns people want to own, you’re Italians, stop trying to make sterile, boring functional shit, leave that other countries that do boring soulless reliability better than you.  Make stylish guns that people actually want to own.  Does Ferrari make gas sipping econoboxes because that’s the trend now?  Fuck no, because they’re fucking Ferrari.  Start by bringing back the Cheetah, make a nice, thin, attractive alloy gun between the size of the Bobcat and Cheetah that, you know, looks and acts like a fucking Beretta, not that big fuck ugly lump of polymer called the Nano.  And bring back the rounded trigger guards from the old B guns, they looked so much better than that blocky shit you do now on the F guns.


Next gun is an 84BB.  It shall be done.

Says the Twat, denying linkage because A) Frum is a twat, B) said website’s derpy attempts to make you pay licensing for fair use, and C) fuck yo licensing, beyotch,


Open a small arms history book, Twat, odds are good you’ll see this curiosity,


The FP-45 Liberator…we cranked out a million of these in WWII with the idea being airdrop them into occupied Axis territory so resistance fighters could plug Fritz in the back of the head and take his Mauser.  The US didn’t end up following through with using many of these, and most were destroyed after the war.  The concept was revisited in Vietnam, with the Deer gun, but the CIA quickly ditched the idea after a limited run of 1000.  3d printed guns and components may mean in the future that occupied and oppressed peoples have the means to fight with such weapons, without relying on a foreign power supplying them.  All the screeching about ZOMG THE GLOCK 7 METAL TECTERZ!!!! is a sideshow. Of course Frum probably knows that, which is why he’s a twat…


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I bet Piers Morgan’s ‘giner is really achy right now.

BAG Day 2013

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Okay, no actual pics yet because my camera has no juice, my cell phone is ancient and the pic resolution on it is atrocious, which some of you can attest to.

You’ll just have to wait till tomorrow for actual pics, but I managed to get my coveted Remington 512, and a leeeeeeeeetle bit of .22 to feed it.  I really like the old Remington 5xx family of .22 rifles, but especially the tube fed ones, the 512 Sportmaster, 552 Speedmaster and 572 Fieldmaster.  I now have the 552 and 512, and hope to add a 572 and 510 (single shot) in the future.

rem512Not my pic, but this is what I got.

Also, I got a Beretta 21A Bobcat in .25 ACP.  It was a decent price, it’s a neat, quirky little gun, and .25 ACP, .45 Colt and .410 shotshells for the Taurus Judge are about the only handgun cartridges you can find right now in my part of PA.  I lied, I forgot there’s still a box or two of .357 snakeshot rounds at Gander.  .25 ACP might suck, but the little 21A is pocketably small and holds 8+1, plus the mags are small, so you can easily have another 8-24 rounds on hand with little inconvenience.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAAgain, not mine, but I’ll post mine later.

The tip-up barrel is kind of a neat little idea, it’s a handy way to get a round in the chamber without having to rack the slide, also makes for a very easy, positive means to check to see if there’s a round in the chamber, push that lever on the frame forward, and the barrel pops up solidly, as in the picture.  Yep, there’s a cartridge in there!  Not really a problem for me, but I know sometimes people can’t handle the slide on an auto or won’t.  So, how about you?  Anything fun for BAG Day?

Awesome: Reason’s answer to Jim Carrey

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Fuckin win here,

Casting the ‘nets today I see a bunch of links that need pictures, so let’s start with that.

The GOP’s rebranding attempts illustrated.



Obama is just like Bush only wimpier!

Obama’s threatening tweet to the Norks the other day. He mentions B-52s with this pic (in a threatening tweet)


A picture from October,2001.


Dude threatened the Norks via twitter, that cannot be ridiculed enough, while copying an intertubes’ forward.

Lou Zer.

So Obama is trying to pretend he doesn’t hate Isreal. Hmmmm, I wonder how that’s going?

Obama and arafish

Standing in for the Arafish….Barack Obama!


Enough of the illustrated posts, now just some chit I saw.

Hezbollah, not content with just starting wars with Israel, are getting Syria to attack Lebanon as well, and the Lebanese are finally figuring it out.

Unlike Arsal, there is no LAF presence in Hermel, as the region has Hezbollah’s trained gunmen to defend it. Hezbollah’s gunmen have been for months involved in fighting with the Syrian rebels groups that allegedly threaten Shiites in villages and towns inside Syria, but close to the Lebanese border.

I have very little sympathy for them, they knew what Palestinian terrorists do from the 70s civil war, but they let their Jew-hatred blind them to that.

Via Doug Ross, other people are noticing that our oh so brave media types are afraid of Mexican cartels.

Violence along the southern border has gotten so out of control that both Mexican and American journalists have stopped reporting it out of fear that drug cartels will retaliate against them and their families.

Don’t get me wrong, I understand, but these assholes preen about how ‘brave’ they are as they bash people who won’t kill them without even noting that they’re afraid of the ones who will. It’s just like CNN (and others who will never admit it) lying for Saddam.Recall Foxnews left Iraq with no explanation, but they’re the evil ones. They should have said why they left, because they refused to lie for a murderous dictator unlike their enlightened brethren in Minitrue.

Now I have to wonder if Obama’s threatened them too or if they just like sucking his dick? I figure a little from column A and a little from column B.

Speaking of lying for murdering assholes, Benghazi!

Catherine Herridge, longtime reporter for Fox News, received Accuracy in Media’s Reed Irvine Award for investigative reporting on that scandal. The White House is desperately trying to put a lid on the whole thing, hoping that no one is compelled to testify as to whether it is true, as alleged, that the president, in the midst of his re-election campaign, watched the four Americans die and then went to bed.

They have to protect their Teleprompter Jesus after all and those dim folks in flyover country might get the wrong (correct) idea about Obama.

What bothers me the most about that is that in other countries, murderous thugs have to intimidate the media.

Guillermo Zuloaga, the owner of Globovision, the sole television network in Venezuela critical of the Chavista regime, has said that he was coerced into selling the station by the government. As the Wall Street Journal reports, the sale represents a serious blow to what little media freedom remains in the country:

Here in America, they do it for the cum they swallow.

Wherein Veeshir agrees with Palestinian terrorists!

Palestinian protesters rallied today in Ramallah today before Obama’s visit to the West Bank.
The protesters shouted, “We want RPGs, not collaboration with the CIA.”

You and me both, you and me both.

Via Broken Patriot we see the next batch of Obamacare waivers.

“Union leaders say many of the law’s requirements will drive up the costs for their health-care plans and make unionized workers less competitive.” (“Some Unions Grow Wary Of Health Law They Backed,” The Wall Street Journal, 1/30/13)

There are more examples, with links, at that link.

Listen, Obama needs to reward vote-frauders and donors, if you want a waiver you have to pay for it. Justice isn’t cheap in Obama’s America.

So the EUnuchs have figured out their bailout “plan” is not good.  So what’s a good leftist to do when he discovers his error?

“In the present situation, I think that there is definitely a systemic risk, and I think that the unrest of the last couple of days has proven this unfortunately,” he told reporters.

He added mistakes were made, but the basic idea is sound:

What they always do, keep going anyway. Cuz it’s “fair” or something. Who knows?

Cuomo notices his gun ban law is stupid and requires things that do not exist and doesn’t exempt police so he’s going to try to ‘fix’ it.

New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s office is working on amendments to clarify the newly passed gun-control law, following complaints that it did not explicitly exempt police officers from a ban on high-capacity magazines….

The only pistols allowed are larger ones cuz they have low-capacity mags, like the 1911, compact .45s and Wildeys, while also making the .50 Beowulf being one of the few rifles that comply (7-round mags, no bayonet mount, only the pistol grip makes it evil), that’s fucking funny.

Related, NY boycott up to 137.

Wow, this one is all over the place today, no structure, but we’ll still end on Teh Funny.

First, FrnakJ’s article that takes Obama’s and Boehner’s comments about how we don’t have to worry about the deficit, just run the budget on credit and we can cancel taxation.

A mere $85 billion cut has caused all this agony, yet the federal deficit has been over $1 trillion for each of the past four years. Maybe it’s time to admit we’ll never stop running huge deficits. The majority of our spending comes from entitlements, and we can’t cut those because people are, by definition, “entitled” to them. That means it doesn’t matter what math and reason say, we have to continue to pay for them. Thus an increased national debt each year is inevitable. But so what?

I don’t know if it would work, but I’m fer it. Why should just the people who get money from the gov’t get to avoid taxes?

Scott Ott at Scrappleface gets off another good one.

President Obama Friday pressed Congress to spend $2 billion on his dream to eliminate hundreds of thousands, perhaps millions, of jobs in the petroleum industry. However, he acknowledged that federal research on such job-killing will cost much more, and unfortunately, many oil industry workers could remain employed for years to come.

Not sure if either of those are satire, if I saw them in Mother Jones I would just smile and nod, but these two usually intend to be funny.

That’s the essence of good satire.

Which gives me an idea, I would love to see FrnakJ change his pseudonym and get a job for Mother Jones just to see how many articles he could get in before they realize he’s joking.

I figure he’ll last long enough to get a pretty good pension.