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Are doomed to see a lot of dead Jews.

I think Santa Anna said that.

She’s Santa Claus’ third cousin, once removed.


Obama also rejected the notion that anti-Semitism at the highest levels of Iran’s leadership proves their government is irrational.

Yeah, cuz the anti-Semitism at the highest levels of the Dem leadership doesn’t mean they’re irrational, right Mr President?


“The fact that you are anti-Semitic, or racist, doesn’t preclude you from being interested in survival,”

How profound trite and idiotic, which is as close to profound as Obama gets.

It doesn’t preclude you from being rational about the need to keep your economy afloat; it doesn’t preclude you from making strategic decisions about how you stay in power; and so the fact that the supreme leader is anti-Semitic doesn’t mean that this overrides all of his other considerations.”


No, but it can preclude you from wanting to allow Israel, or indeed any Jews, to stay alive and unnuked.

He said that, historically, anti-Semitic policies have been executed by governments across Europe and the Middle East at a “low cost.”


Low cost? To whom?

I understand he cares not that Europe’s history of pogroms (with Germany’s last one being merely the’ best’ run) ‘cost’ millions of Jews their lives and freedom, but doesn’t he know it cost Germany many millions of marks to run those camps?

His policy is to make clear to the Iranians that the cost is high, he said.


They already know that, nukes ain’t cheap.



Every time I end up paying any attention at all to what he says I’m utterly stunned at his stupidity, ignorance and absolutely undeserved arrogant superiority.

And that’s why I don’t pay attention.

H/T Weasel Zippers who seem to enjoy rubbing my face in stuff I’m trying to stay in denial about.





Payment Not Due

Posted: May 9, 2015 by veeshir in GOP Win!, Liberal Fascism, Obama's Fault

Two years after we first started finding out that Obama used the IRS to attack his political enemies and nobody has paid a price and nobody ever will because the GOP is happy that someone finally put those fucking tea partiers in their place.


I opened this “New  Post” with a link to the Hill with the intention of pointing out their blatant minitruism, it was going to be called “Minitrue Maladies Part The Billionth” or something like that.

That, short, article is about a court decision that the NSA warrantless wiretapping of all of America is unConstitutional. Which would appear obvious to me, but then, I don’t really like the Now we’re living in where words mean what the Dems and their political/media industrial complex say they mean.

So am I forcing things by saying this is subtle minitrueism?

The decision from the Second Circuit Court of Appeals on Wednesday represents the second major court victory for opponents of the NSA…,


It’s only a victory for opponents of the NSA? How about supporters of the Constitution and opponents of a 1984-style surveillance of everybody the NSA can reach? I can support the NSA while being against this surveillance-state tactic, can’t I?


…after a lower court decision called the program nearly (emphasis me V) unconstitutional six months ago.

See, it didn’t say “nearly”, it said “likely” as they should have known as they linked to their own story.

A federal judge on Monday ruled that the government’s collection of data on all U.S. phone calls is likely unconstitutional, (link in original V) comparing the National Security Agency (NSA) program to George Orwell’s1984.


An aside, this judge is obviously an unhelpful, recidivist who longs for the days of slavers as you can tell from the bit about 1984.


Notice the headline of the decision they link in that story

Klayman v. Obama

So it appears pretty obvious they are shilling for Obama and not the NSA.


And that’s how Minitrue works, tons of little things, they push they crap in every story in little ways,

From 2 years ago,  in a story about some pols trying to take my guns, is this from my post

In Fuck You Minitrue News, a puppy blender link quoting The Hill. (I don’t link Minitrue if I can avoid it)

“A growing number of states are moving forward with legislation to exempt them from new federal gun controls and, in some cases, brand as criminals anyone who tries to enforce them. While many of the bills are considered symbolic or appear doomed to fail, the legislative explosion reflects a backlash against legislative and regulatory efforts in Washington to tamp down on gun violence.” (emphasis me V)

Fuck you, it’s not about reducing gun violence, it’s about control, it’s about making citizens into subjects and you assholes know it, you just keep pushing your fucking view at every chance.


It’s what they do. They put their spin in everything they do.

It appears to me to be to create a climate where their interpretation is the only civilized one and everybody who disagrees is misguided at best and evil at worst (nazi, fascist, racist, homophobe, misogynist, etc.).

But they’re totally not religious zealots.

Happy Cinco De Mayo!

Remember, it’s a los cinco somewhere.

First, a repeat

How GOP Congresscritters view GOP voters


In today’s news, we have this tidbit via Ace. Go to Ace or the Foxnews site if you want the sordid details of what appears to be a US Senator using the IRS to attack a critic of Obama or any analysis more detailed than this

Some of the allegations are not sourced, but appear to have been proven in a previous court battle and he also appears to be saying that he proved that the IRS agent called him. Phone records should cover that.

All that isn’t that important to my point though, this quote is my point,

It is also proof that this scandal extended beyond the IRS to high-level Democrats — including a specific Democratic U.S. Senator. It’s all in black and white in my personal IRS tax files. These are facts.

My files have been turned over to U.S. Senate investigators. I stand ready and eager to testify.


Ooooooohhhhh!!!!!! He’s ready to testify!!!!!! At some Senate hearing, probably just before the election where the GOP can be seen Doing Something!!!! To Counter Obama!!!!!!

GOP Voter Device

GOP Voter Device

Let’s Hear You Honk!!!!!!!! Slap Those Fins Together!!!!!!


See, it’s day 726 of the IRS scandal, nearly 2 years, and what’s happened to those responsible? I’d say Shit and squat cuz Jack left town 2 years ago but that’s not entirely true. Sure nothing’s happened to some (Obama for instance), but the people who actually did it have been promoted or retired with awesome pensions. As the GOP throws fish to get us to slap our fins together, the Dems slap us in the face with rotten fish.


Via Ace, GOP Failure Theater on Iran. I am ambivalent on this one, the nukular war he’s courting will involve Iran, Iraq, the Arabian peninsula, Pakistan, India and maybe Turkey and probably Kuwait with a good chance of Lebanon, Jordan, Egypt and Israel staying out of it.

But somehow I doubt the GOP would agree with that assessment so they’re just pretending to do anything as they’re courting nukular war.

Can the “Justice” Dept. really have that much dirt on them or are they just feckless aholes?

These are the things that don’t keep me up at night as the solution is the same, get rid of all of them.

100% turnover in every elective office in the country. Get rid of the justice of the Peace in Scott City Kansas.


Important, Below the Post Update!!!!!!!

Via Say Uncle

Frist Prize!



And everything new is old.
Or something, that made more sense before I wrote it down. Maybe it’ll make more sense later on. Wish us luck.

So the old is new first.

Since we just had some good ole’ hydraulic despotism in the last post, how about we start with some good ole’ indentured servitude.

Little known Veesher Vact, my step-father’s family came over on the Mayflower, as indentured servants. His ancestor has a house at Plymouth Plantation, but he’s never home so Harry hasn’t been able to meet him. I’ll see if I can find out his name.

So the newest, legal, immigrants are coming over as indentured servants .

But for foreign workers, there’s a catch: the employee is tied to the company that sponsors the visa. She cannot switch jobs, quit to found a startup, or indeed leave in protest of lower pay or dissatisfaction without forfeiting her immigration status.

With the added attraction that we ship them home when they piss us off.

That’s all about the American Dream, huh? The new Robber Barons, still in collusion with the gov’t and screwing the little guy but this time it’s for our own good. I can’t wait until Apple starts paying their employees in Applebux that are only good at Whole Foods and Old Navy (not Apple stores).

Lest we forget which end of civilization we are in, recall we brought indentured servants to supplant the Indians (Feather) and now we’re using indentured servant Indians (Dot) to supplant us. There’s a sorta irrational symmetry there, and to make even more endily funny, it’s Mickey freaking Mouse doing it.

I’d put a youtube of his laugh here but Disney attorneys are very good and their bosses are assholes, as we can see from the above. Recall the Palestinian terrorists who were afraid enough of Disney to have some Jews kill off Farfur to avoid Disney’s wrath. If jihadis who think it’s funny to mess with Mossad are afraid of them, I’m going to have to agree.


The 30s fad of shirts that were brown appears to be making a comeback.

Al Sharpton is calling for the creation of a national police force.  And it looks like President Obama is considering the option.  While the federal government undoubtedly lacks a “police power” and the concomitant authority to create a national police force, it does have a “spending power,” implied from the Constitution’s enumerated power to levy taxes, and the Supreme Court has upheld the imposition of “strings,” or conditions, on the receipt of federal funds. (links in original V)



I’ll translate this from Obama’s taskforce on forming his national Polizei force I’m in bold.

1.8.1 ACTION ITEM: The Federal Government should create a Law Enforcement Diversity Initiative designed to help communities diversify law enforcement departments to reflect the demographics of the community. (Discriminatory hiring practices Also known as the We are so going to screw Sheriff Arpaio section)

1.8.2 ACTION ITEM: The department overseeing this initiative should help localities learn best practices for recruitment, training, and outreach to improve the diversity as well as the cultural and linguistic responsiveness of law enforcement agencies.(Intrusive federal gov’t intervention into places they don’t like, this is the Screw conservatives section Also known as the We are so going to screw Sheriff Arpaio section)

1.8.4 ACTION ITEM: Discretionary federal funding for law enforcement programs could be influenced by that department’s efforts to improve their diversity and cultural and linguistic responsiveness.(This is the Use the power of the purse to force compliance section, Also known as the We are so going to screw Sheriff Arpaio section I can only assume they’ll make sure it’s well stocked with Lois Lerner types to ensure the right people get screwed with all slavered over with good, old-fashioned graft and embezzling by gov’t employees)
2.1 RECOMMENDATION: Law enforcement agencies should collaborate with community members to develop policies and strategies in communities and neighborhoods disproportionately affected by crime for deploying resources that aim to reduce crime by improving relationships, greater community engagement, and cooperation. (This is the Money for Al Sharpton/Acorn section Also known as the We are so going to screw Sheriff Arpaio section)


2.2  RECOMMENDATION: Law enforcement agencies should have comprehensive policies on the use of force that include training, investigations, prosecutions, data collection, and information sharing. These policies must be clear, concise, and openly available for public inspection.(This is the Intrusive federal gov’t rules section Also known as the We are so going to screw Sheriff Arpaio section with the added attraction of also making sure they have an, I’m sure, totally working web page that will be easily searchable…. did I say that last with a straight face? I’ve been practicing is why I ask)

2.6 RECOMMENDATION: Law enforcement agencies should be encouraged to collect, maintain, and analyze demographic data on all detentions (stops, frisks, searches, summons, and arrests). This data should be disaggregated by school and non-school contacts. (This is the You have to hassle and arrest the right mix of races so look for innocent people of the wrong color being messed with section. Also known as the We are so going to screw Sheriff Arpaio section.  I can’t figure out the “school/non-school” bit and that kinda scares me)

2.7.2 ACTION ITEM: The Federal Government should create a mechanism for investigating complaints and issuing sanctions regarding the inappropriate use of equipment and tactics during mass demonstrations.(This is the Give Al Sharpton a Megaphone and/or selectively use/plant complaints to ensure the right (right) people get screwed with section Also known as the We are so going to screw Sheriff Arpaio section)
7.1 RECOMMENDATION: The President should direct all federal law enforcement agencies to review the recommendations made by the Task Force on 21st Century Policing and, to the extent practicable, to adopt those that can be implemented at the federal level. (This is the ‘Do as I say, not as I do’ section Also known as the We are so going to screw Sheriff Arpaio section)

7.3 RECOMMENDATION: The U.S. Department of Justice should charge its Office of Community Oriented Policing Services (COPS Office) with assisting the law enforcement field in addressing current and future challenges. (If you had any hope this would not be bad, note that we’ll have the “Justice” Dept., that bastion of fairness, in charge of all this. Also known as the We are so going to screw Sheriff Arpaio section)


In case I was too subtle, I’m not real happy about that.

All sheriff’s around the country who think the fact that the people of their county elected them means anything had better understand that they’re about the get Lynched.


So old it’s almost new again, digging up the stupidest “dirt” on a conservative

The latest attack on Walker is that he has “up to” $50,000 in credit card debt to — wait for it — Sears.

We don’t know exactly how much because financial disclosures only are made in broad ranges, so it could be as little as $10,000.

Regardless, it’s SEARS!


They say the attack has “boomeranged”.

No, it hit its intended target.

The point is not to get him in any trouble, legal or otherwise, it’s so Minitrue can mention this in a litany of supposed “irregularities” in Walker’s past every time they mention him, along with dog-gate, thesis-gate and macaca-gate (I figure they’ll just re-use those, they’re kinda stupid and lazy).


In Everything New is Getting Pretty Freaking Old news,


Holy Moley, 96% of Americans are bracing for a summer of riots. The new normal that’s pretty darn old already.

You know who is included in that 96%? The people doing the rioting and the Obama admin and the entire Dem political/media industrial complex, who are encouraging it. In other words, count on it.

I’d make sure I sold my property in or near any low-rent area of any big-city now before it gets burned down, blowed up or just drops like an Obama-picked business in value. Especially with the charges against those Baltimore cops. Second degree murder. If convicted, expect cops to go on strike (declared or otherwise), if not, expect every big city to explode.


Lebanon Now has an interesting article that’s pretty new with one glaring “getting pretty old” that could undo all the hope the rest of the article brings me.

First, the new,  the headline is “On Our Own”. They realize Obama is a feckless incompetent and their well-being isn’t really all that important to him.

Recently former Lebanese Prime Minister Saad Hariri was in Washington. …held a get-together with Arab journalists, in which he said there was a new Arab attitude to act against Iranian influence in the Middle East.

In Syria, Hariri reportedly said, the establishment of “safe zones,” or the provision of “air cover” to advancing rebels in the north and south of the country was “inevitable.”…

such action in Syria could come regardless of Washington’s position or whether it strikes a nuclear deal with Iran


Good, someone has to do it.

Here’s where they start to go wrong

The United States, in order to disengage from the region, wants the Arab states to become more proactive and stop turning toward Washington at every crisis. At the same time, the Arab attitude risks endangering an Obama administration priority, namely the conclusion of a final nuclear deal with Iran that can lead to normalized relations.

Yeah, the US (Obama admin) doesn’t “want” the Arabs to do anything but leave Iran alone.


That’s not to say that the Arab states can block a nuclear deal if the leaderships in Iran and the United States want one.

You got that right, it’s getting pretty darn old but our freaking Congress can’t stop him, he cares not for you losers, you don’t hate America enough to warrant his respect.


And then, the train goes off the tracks… into the quicksand

But it is very much within their capacity to create situations in which the Obama administration will be forced to choose one side over the other,

I’d be careful about that

and there the American president’s principal concern will be to avoid alienating his regional allies.

The problem for Lebanon is another of the things “getting pretty damn old”, Obama’s ally in any region is based on who hates America the most and in the middle east, it’s Iran.

If you live in Lebanon, you might want to make sure you have a few Hezbollah flags lying around.

I’m not sure exactly how more ridiculous it can get out there, but I’m gonna have to assume pretty darn ridiculously scary.


Pretty funny.

In the first major speech of her scandal-plagued presidential campaign, Democrat Hillary Clinton explicitly raised the issue of sexual assault on college campuses.

Wait for it….. wait for it……

Thanks to her husband’s actions as president and as the governor of Arkansas, Hillary is no stranger to the sexual assault scourge.

You know, from the supply side of sexual assault. .

The only freude we’re getting these days is schaden.

Since this post is about ladyparts, some feminist poetry about lady parts below the fold.


I can’t find my copy of 1984 and I can’t find the quote online, but we meet Tom Parsons later on in the book after Winston and Julia are pinched. He, Tom, is proud of the fact that his kids turned him in to the thought police for supposedly saying “Down with President Obama…….”…..ummm…”Down with Big Brother” in his sleep.

The award goes to…….

Boing Boing

It actually started with something funny. a pic of a cat who demanded it be called a german shephard.

So the LGBTXRQGHADAFFY community did what they do best, get OUTRAGED!!!!!!!

So Boing Boing thanked the mob for exposing their thoughtcrime and then they

doubleplusungood 1

But wait! There’s still more!!!!!!


That’s darn funny. How dare anybody defend the wrong free speech!!!!!!!!!


Is it time to start calling them a “humor” ezine?


Weasel Zippers saw it at the Right Scoop first, they have the complete series. It’s pretty darn funny.

I edited the beginning to try to make it make sense.