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Round and Round We Go

Posted: February 20, 2013 by veeshir in Notes on the Revolution, Parent of the Day

We’ve gone round and round so much I think we can almost call it a revolution!

Wow! Whodathunk the Beatles are the Voice of Reason?

Let’s seem some unreason. (irreason? illreason? prognosticationreason?)

This guy seems to think only the right people are allowed rights.  As California is working on taking guns away from the hoi polloi, this sheriff is making sure people who give him money get their guns.

But there is another group that seems to have better luck than most in obtaining permits: friends of Lee Baca. Those who’ve given the sheriff gifts or donated to his campaign are disproportionately represented on the roster of permit holders.

Listen, we need the right people to be armed.

I think stuff like that will lead to a revolution.

Let’s see if anybody agrees!

This guy seems to.

A Milwaukee County Sheriff has warned that a second American Revolution may be sparked if unconstitutional gun laws are enforced by police and sheriff’s department officials.

Now, I’ve been talking about good paranoia, people becoming afraid of their gov’t, and noticing it more and more, it’s popping up in the weirdest places.

Even this guy agrees, and he’s not all that bright.

Sure sounds to me like a government hell-bent on making sure they can beat a society back down if there is unrest.

I’m trying to figure out at which point I am supposed to feel safer.

When they tighten the shackles so you can’t hurt yourself.

Okay, I saw this at Say Uncle’s and didn’t realize exactly how fucking scary it is until Bob Owens (who is very fucking paranoid) fleshed it out some more.

Apparently, the DHS agrees on the chances for revolution so they’re not just buying billions of rounds of ammo to prepare, check this fucking scary ass shit out.

It’s the full line of DHS’ “No More Hesitation” targets so they can get used to shooting people you wouldn’t normally think of as threats. Who? Pregnant women, old men and other Americans who the DHS might feel the need to blow away.


Holy fucking shit.  They’re making it so DHS people won’t hesitate to shoot a teenage girl with a toddler on a playground. Holy fucking shit.

Important update:

I started wondering about this, I trust Bob Owens and Say Uncle, but I didn’t go to the source. Here’s an update from the above link.

UPDATE: LETargets, which can be contacted at 888-489-7830 to verify the authenticity of these products. The salesperson I spoke with said the page has been pulled, but they are continuing to sell these targets. When asked what their purpose was, she nervously didn’t want to answer and pointed me to a spokesperson, Laren Helms, who has yet to return my call. Also, they seem unwilling to indicate whether federal agencies like DHS or the DOJ have purchased these particular targets. This may be due to privacy reasons, though it is tax payer money and this is not a national security issue.

LeTargets website. I’m trying to find stuff on their site but apparently their server is “too busy”.

You can see a long list of federal agencies they supply, DHS is not there but ATF, ICE and others, which is what you would expect if they freaked out and pulled the DHS page.  I’ll update if I see anything.

I might also update if Dejah Thoris sees anything.      Thanks Dejah, I’ll find out who here hates you.

That link shows they used to claim they sold to DHS, so I’m saying, “True!”

You make the call! Now, back to the post!

Now personally, I’d think there’s like a 1 in 865 trillion chance that a federal agent would need to open fire on a teenage girl surrounded by children on a playground, so pardon me if that scares me fucking shitless.

Check out the whole line, it’s the opposite of the jihadi/zombie targets Americans would buy,  it’s more like the targets zombies and jihadis would buy before going on a killing spree.

I would suggest one thing to them, if they think they need to start shooting teenage girls on a playground, they might want to add Marines, Soldiers, Airmen and Sailors to their list of targets, cuz I have a feeling some of those people might have something to say about the whole, “Federal agents shooting teenage girls and toddlers” thing if it gets widespread.

Also notice the misspelling in there, “dipicting”, “childred” “highligting”, I worked for the federal gov’t for nearly 12 years and every, single, email or printed notice I got was rife with misspellings. Just a pet peeve. They misspelled “patent” sometimes and I worked for the Patent Office.

All the links in this post were meant to be in the last post but I felt they deserved their own post.

They’re actually the ones that I thought would make your heart go pit-a-pat. Sorry for the confusion.

I’ll end on what should have been the feel-good story of the day but unfortunately, we can’t have fun things in Puritan America.

What’s a boy’s 16th birthday party without strippers and lap dances?

What indeed? So the Mom of the Year decided to have a cumming out party.

The story starts out good enough, but then they get to the puritan part.

A New York mother has been charged with five counts of endangering the welfare of a child after she allegedly hired two strippers to perform lap dances on the guests at her son’s 16th birthday party.

Sonomabatch, she should be getting a mug that says, “World’s Greatest Mom” and instead she’s getting a striped jumpsuit.
Bastards! And how do you get 5 counts when you only had 2 strippers? Sonomabatch.

There’s an old joke about a virginal girl who married a Greek guy, her mother warned her not to let him “turn her over”.  So after the honeymoon, the girl asks her husband why he didn’t try to turn her over.

He replies. “Because I don’t want kids yet.” Badum-cheeee!

It obviously needs to be updated.

Afghan women, emboldened by the presence of U.S. troops. have complained about beatings they’ve suffered at the hands of their husbands. The domestic violence reportedly stemmed from the inability of the women to become pregnant and produce sons, highly valued in Afghan society….

Virtually all of the younger men who beat their wives (over their inability to become pregnant)

So Afghan men are beating women for not getting  pregnant, you can see where this is going (heh).

had been former “apprentices” of older Afghan men, who used them for their sexual pleasure. Upon entering marriage, whatever the men knew of sex had been learned during their “apprenticeship,” at the hands of the older man. To put it bluntly, some of the younger Afghans were unfamiliar with the desired (and required) mechanics for conception….

the Army called in its psychological operations teams, which developed information campaigns in Pashtun areas, explaining the basics of heterosexual relations

We had to teach them how to fuck.

I think that was a mistake, if ever there was a culture that deserves to die off, it’s the boy-fucking, women-beating, terrorist-loving Pashtun barbaricum.

Saw it here, but I had to find another link cuz his Washington Examiner link is dead.

What’s the first thing *you* think of when you hear the word ‘spinner‘?

A little late posting this, but…

Until two days ago, Blitz USA was the largest manufacturer of gasoline cans in the country.  Blitz employed 117 people, and provided benefits like health insurance to their families, in a town of about 13,600 people in the rural town of Miami, Oklahoma.  (Yeah, yeah, no math, but…given that about 25% of Miami’s population is under 18 and 20% who are 65 and older, that means Blitz employed about 1.5% of the town’s adult population.)

Blitz USA shut down two days ago due to overwhelming lawsuits from people who, despite warnings on the cans and despite the common sense God gave a 5-year-old, used their cans to pour gasoline directly on a fire and got burned. One rocket scientist in 2005 managed to burn himself and kill his two-year-old daughter by putting the nozzle of the gas can directly into a lit wood-burning stove and pouring.  Another Einstein left a full gas can in their backyard and then was surprised when his two-year-old son (who was unsupervised for just a minute, he promises!) carried off the can and poured gasoline on himself and the vapors caught on fire.

I’m seeing a pattern here…is there a redneck trend of setting your Terrible Twos on fire to get rid of them?

The cans were sold at WalMart, so we might assume that the IQs and educations of the  users prevent them from being able to read the warning labels on the gas can instructing users to keep the cans away from flames.

The plaintiffs in these cases are arguing that flame arresters and a more childproof cap would have prevented these accidents.  As of 2007, no standard for flame arresters had been established by the CPSC (yes, the same agency that just went overboard by banning Buckyballs), but there was concern that adding a flame arrester could cause gas to spill out of the can if the can was filled too quickly. On hot pavement near a bunch of gas pumps is exactly where you want a puddle of highly flammable liquid.

UPDATE: That rocket scientist I mentioned above, David Calder…he put the flames on his daughter out, then left her in the trailer while he ran outside.  He was outside long enough for the entire trailer to catch fire.

The CPSC has banned the sale of Buckyballs, ridding us of one of the easiest ways to weed out children whose parents are too stupid to breed.  (Srsly, who lets their 4-year-old play with rare earth magnets?)