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Okay, Maetenloch has this Reagan quote in his Overnight post at Ace’s

Die-hard conservatives thought that if I couldn’t get everything I asked for, I should jump off the cliff with the flag flying-go down in flames. No, if I can get 70 or 80 percent of what it is I’m trying to get … I’ll take that and then continue to try to get the rest in the future.


If we were getting 70% I’d be happier with the GOP. I’d even be rooting for them.

Hell, if I were getting 50%, either repeal Obamadebaclecare or working on stopping Obamamnesty, I’d be fucking ecstatic.

Instead, I’m getting jack shit (and Jack ran out of gum) and being told it’s my fault that Obama is POTUS so I need to suck it up or Hillary! will be POTUS.

The GOP majority is doing exactly nothing to stop Obama, they’re happy about $trillion+ deficits each and every year.

I’m getting exactly 0% of what I want. Hell, McCain would happily take my guns away from me if he thought he could get away with. The Dems would as well. .

If our fine moral, political, intellectual and social betters are going to destroy the American experiment in self-rule, I’m not helping.

If telling me to suck it up after a bunch of statement elections where the GOP lost Congress, and two elections where they got it back, isn’t enough for them to do what we want them to do, well, I’ll let Cartman say it.

Important, above the pic update!!!!

Saw Lindsey Graham on Foxnews this morning saying, “The American people need to (paraphrasing now V) do something to stop this deal from going through…”

Like what? Elect a GOP majority in the House and Senate to stop Obama?

Yeah, that’s worked so fucking well.

We Be Boned.

obama world

Here we have Hassan Nasrallah, Head Hezbollista, saying that the road to Jerusalem passes through Syria.


The road to Jerusalem passes through Qalamoun, Daraa, Hasakeh and other [Syrian battlefields],” Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah said Friday in a speech delivered on the occasion of Quds Day, an event created by Iran in 1979 to celebrate opposition to Israel.

The line echoed then Palestine Liberation Organization deputy chief Salah Khalaf’s famous statement during Lebanon’s 1975-1990 Civil War that “the road to Jerusalem passes through Jounieh,” in reference to the organization’s fight at the time with Christian militias.


Interesting. The war in Syria and Iraq is between Iran and the Sauds, or between Shiite and Sunni (as Allah intended), so that’s a shot across the bows of the Arabian peninsula.


“If you are an enemy of the Islamic Republic of Iran, then you are an enemy of Palestine.”


Makes me think that the Arabian peninsula has more to fear from an Iranian nuke than Israel.

Nuking Israel means Israeli nukes making the return trip with no guarantee that Israel will actually be nuked, via missile defense, while it would be much easier to sneak an ‘other-than-missile’ nuke into ‘Saudi’ Arabia, via the Hajj.

The unintended consequences could be interesting as Obama allows the nuking of the various, Arab thugocracies while not getting the country he hates the most in the region, Israel, nuked.

I base this thought on his incompetence, he can’t even betray our allies well, and on how Islamic terroristical nutjobs hate the wrong type of Islam even more than they hate the rest of us.

Since the oil ticks have been busily bribing retired bureaucrats and pols of both parties for decades, he’s going to piss off his party and the federal bureaucrats who are his staunchest supporters all while trying to screw that shitty, little country.

And you thought nukular war couldn’t be funny.


Obama has done what decades of Hollywood and our fine betters in the media have not managed to do, make us distrust our military.

When the troops land in Texas for Operation Jade Helm next week, someone will be waiting for them.

Hundreds of people have organized a “Counter Jade Helm” surveillance operation across the Southwestern states and in an effort to keep an eye on the contentious military drill that’s sparked many suspicious of Uncle Sam’s intentions.

That’s in Texas.

I read a list a long time ago about the best things about being a Marine, one of them was, “Recruiting in Texas is like going hunting at the zoo.”

We are going to be generations recovering from this asshole.

Doug Ross links Jihadwatch noticing Obama saying this

The thing is, we are training ISIL forces.

Both of them think he misspoke.

Me? I think he was doing what he does best when TOTUS isn’t telling him what to say, telling the truths his handlers try to keep hidden.

Reports from the resort-city of Al-Zabadani have confirmed that the western-backed “Free Syrian Army” (FSA) is currently fighting alongside two terrorist groups, the Syrian Al-Qaeda group “Jabhat Al-Nusra” and the Islamic State of Iraq and Al-Sham (ISIS),

You have to remember that the enemy of his enemy is his friend, so whoever hates America most is his friend.

Which must be driving him crazy, Iran and ISIS both hate America a lot, but they hate each other.

Poor guy.

High Praise to Harvey for finding this

Obama Defends Presidency: ‘I Didn’t Say Yes I Can … I Said Yes We Can’

Narcissus was a piker.

We just keep disappointing him.

I just wish we were even more disappointing to him.

So the Obama admin lied to and basically told a federal judge to suck their balls.

anen called the Obama administration’s response to his Feb. 16 injunction “unacceptable” and “unprofessional.” He also stated that he is “shocked and surprised at the cavalier attitude the Government has taken” towards it.

At issue is the federal government’s failure to clear up why DHS issued 2,000 work permits to illegal aliens even after the injunction was in place. The Justice Department made that announcement in May, but DHS and its sub-agencies have not yet explained why applications for the permits were approved.

Ace says,

I really do hope he just tosses them in jail.


Certainly deserved, but who’s going to do it? The “Justice” Dept? The Justice League of America? Santy Claus?

We have an administration that’s wiping its ass on the Constitution, a “Justice” Dept and Congress who are utterly uninterested in doing anything about it (except occasionally the GOP assholes HAVE A HEARING TO CALL THE OBAMA ADMIN TO ACCOUNT!!!!!!) and a media totally uninterested in actually reporting on it.


I still see an asteroid as being the least horrible solution to all the problems our fine leftist betters have brought about.

It is interesting to see what’s the cause of the collapse.

Will it be world war? A world-wide totalitarianism brought on by a collapse caused by the fact that more money is owed by all nations and people right now than even exists? Civil War/Revolution in America (added) caused by the gov’t attacking Tea Party/Constitutionalists or Race War (with the rest of the world then getting their war on)? Or some combination of some or all of those or something totally unsuspected right now?

The suspense is killing me, but I figure the end of the suspense will kill me too.