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Kinda old, but still funny

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Dude signing…

You so know it is.

VeeDub? Not in this house!

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VW is apparently working with the UAW trying to toss out the failed UAW certification vote and trying to use authorization cards to ratfuck their way to unionizing the VW plant in Tennessee.  Obviously, it’s well known VW’s board is made up heavily of IG Metall’s union, but I really don’t think the German unions fully get what they’re actually getting when they join forces with the UAW.   I can tell you I’ll never own a VW, I’d never own a VW anyway, just based on their sketchy reliability of the recent, present, but the UAW shenanigans makes me go from no to OH NO FUCKING WAY.

Of course there is one positive to this, possibly, that the last time VW let the UAW sink their claws into their operation, it was a disaster, if it’s a disaster again, and maybe weakens VW’s hold on the smaller budget Eurocar market, does that maaaaaaaybe open up things…


If VW totally flames out because of this, maybe Nissan-Renault or PSA Peugeot Citroen would entertain a return to the US market?

Not gonna lie, I’d love to see the Clio Sport or the 208 come to the US…


Congressman Mike Turner, Chairman of the House Subcommittee on Tactical Air and Land Forces, and House Armed Services Committee Member Jim Bridenstine along with sixteen House colleagues, sent a letter to Secretary of Energy Moniz regarding the National Nuclear Security Administration’s (NNSA) FY15 proposal to provide the Russian Federation with the Multiple Integrated Laser Engagement System (MILES).


No really, that’s unfuckinbelievabile.

The U.S. military uses MILES for tactical force-on-force training because it has a system of lasers and dummy ammunition to simulate ground combat.

So Tsar Putin I is getting all invasiony Obama’s helping the fucking Russians train for war.


Seriously, he manages to surprise me all the fucking time with exactly how feckless and idiotic he is.

As he tries to make America weaker on the international stage while making thugs and dictators stronger, he’s also trying to turn us into a thugocracy.

Now I gotta wonder, is he also providing them with our missile defense tech? Because, after seeing this,  that would surprise me not at all.

Found by Judicial Watch,  formerly non-partisan when they were going after the Bush admin, now they’re probably the “conservative” group.

I found it at Gateway Pundit.

If You Can’t Say Something Nice

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Don’t say anything at all.

Fred Phelps, the 84-year-old driving force behind the Westboro Baptist Church, is reportedly in hospice care and “on the edge of death


I got nothing.

$1800 for that chit?

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And it’s a fucking .22?  Also, there’s no fucking way in hell I’m wearing a digital watch unless I’m swimming or hiking, and even then.   I also wonder how this firearm functions as a firearm?   Is it reliable, or does it jam every third round?


Didn’t a bunch of Armatix’s patents just expire?  They had all this time to develop on their patents and all they managed to create was a blocky ugly-assed .22 with a price tag that would make an HK fanboy wince?  Let’s see when they build a 9mm with Glock 17 capacity and reliability and priced in a reasonable manner, having put the technology through serious testing.  Putting this system in a .22 is one thing, but can it handle a steady long term diet of 9mm, .40 or .45, or .44 magnum, since some on the left think that this shit can just be retrofiited to all da guns.

The More Things Change

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The more they stay the same.

I always see people who act as if the sequel/remake/TV-show-to-movies is new, or that we’re doing it more today than yesteryear.

I’ve always figured that it hasn’t changed so I decided to pick a year at random and check. I thought, not too recent but well into talkies, it’s hard to argue it’s a remake when the year before they were shining a torch through thin paper, so I went with 1938.

I’m only counting US films, I avoid furrin films, mostly because if I want to read I’ll read a book. Geez, do what the rest of the world does and dub them.

They list 79 films. Or so I guess, I might have missed one or counted a furrin film, but it’s close enough.

I’m counting remakes, sequels or based on books, short stories or plays. I’m including books and short stories because, to quote Grandpa, “When I was your age, TV was called books.”

I got 44 out of 79  based on something from popular culture. I’m a little depressed there was no remake of Beau Geste.

Below the fold, it gets long. (more…)

Which Is Funnier?

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This Canadian newspaper with a story about a Canadian woman getting in an accident in Cuba, not her fault, that killed her son and she was detained and couldn’t attend his funeral while also:

Then you then have a large front page spread on the Travel section in the same issue promoting travel to (Cuba). Really — in the same issue?

Speaking of “journalists” who are totally unprepared for their interview, we have this idiot confusing Samuel L. Jackson with Laurence Fishburn

You only need about 15 seconds to get the point, but it goes on for a 4:30 with a minute or two being funny.

Last, we have this picture


Pic updated to show why it’s so funny, in case it was too subtle. There are only 2 black folk in that pic and they’re at the back of the protest.

Obviously the picture, there’s nothing funny about being communisticated while mourning your son’s death and there was nary a “motherfucker” to be heard in Jackson’s bit.



Gateway Pundit and



Remember the explosion in that building housing a few apartments filled with single men from Somalia, a halal grocery and a mosque in Minneapolis?

Well, if you read this blog, you would. I wasn’t sure what the deal was.

At the time, I was unsure what the hell had happened, it looked like a work-accident, but that doesn’t happen here and I didn’t like the idea that it might, so I shied from that.

The police and the people writing about it were making unsupported statements that seemed, to me, to point out that everybody involved thought it was a work accident. The police said the explosion was probably a gas leak, but the gas people had this to say. (you’d know this if you ever read this blog)

We had no natural gas in the area,” said Rebecca Virden, basing her information on CenterPoint’s own investigation and testing in the area.

If it were attributed to natural gas, Virden added, “the roof would come off, the walls would come out.”

The ATF and FBI are now investigating.  So I expect that we’ll never know what happened because if it was a work accident, we can’t have Obama admitting that terrorists are working in the US.

That link is from last month, but I just looked to see what had happened so I just found it.

So why did I look for that? Glad you asked.

Federal authorities converged on an apartment building in Midtown Atlanta after a reported fire injured a Georgia Tech student Tuesday. Atlanta Police have identified the student as doctoral student, Saamer Akhshabi…

Atlanta Fire discovered “what appeared to be a molotov cocktail along with several other plastic bottles filled with liquid” during their investigation.

Who’s Saamer Akshabi?

I am a graduate student …Before joining Georgia Tech in Fall 2009, I spent four wonderful years at University of Tehran completing my B.Sc. in computer engineering.

Oh, well that’s fine. I mean, just because before he came to America and blew himself up he spent 4 wonderful years in Tehran doesn’t mean he met any terrorists while there or that he thinks the Mad Mullahs are Da Bomb.

Import, Utterly Unsurprising Update!!!!!!

Saamer was an Obama fan

Surprise! Surprise! Sur…wait, that was totally unsurprising.

Now back to your post!


So, now we have what appear to be two work accidents, although Saamer might just be Sudden Jihadi Syndrome.

In 2010 I was expecting the world to blow up.

I realized that the evil dewars weren’t ready.

I’ve been expecting something to happen each spring since, they need to have Obama as POTUS to lauch a war. If they wait until Hillary! is in office, she might decide she needs a few dead foreigners to make sure she gets re-elected.

Obama and company will not attempt to solve anything, they’ll start blaming someone else, they’ll tell both the invaders and the invadees to step back and then they’ll say the GOP is keeping them from responding, then they’ll make a few more EPA regulations.

Obama will attend a few fundraisers and jet off to Martha’s Vineyard. Hawaii might be too close to the fallout from the war in the Pacific.

So if it’s getting ready to start, they might want a wave of attacks here to get Obama’s attention. He can take more of our freedoms and abolish more of the Constitution while Doing Something!

Some may call me paranoid, but I prefer to thing of myself as very paranoid.

Cincy/San Diego? Seriously?

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Quoth Eric at Classical Values

Newz is driving me nutz.

And then posts this vid.

Yeah, every now and then everybody feels that way. Let’s show why!

I’ve said before that I’m actually in favor of Obama’s middle east policy (except Israel), let ‘em kill each other, it’s none of our business. Case in point.

Iraq is preparing a “major attack” to retake militant-held Fallujah,

If the Iraqis win, that’s pretty big. It means not only are they figuring out that they really need to kill terrorists, but that they’re able to police their own state. That’s all we can hope for from them for a long time to come and great it if happens.

So Erdogan is trying to become El Presidente for life  in Turkey but his plans getting beset by setback.

Officers he’s trying to cashier are getting let off, there are huge corruption scandals rocking his admin and he’s lashing out. I wonder what happens if he loses his election and refuses to leave.

The messed up part is that I don’t know what a budding dictator will do but I do know what POTUS will do if he refuses. He’ll help him or at least ignore the whole situation.

The Party of God is getting better missiles from the mad mullahs in Iran and Israel is trying to stop them.

The moves illustrate how both Hezbollah and Israel are using Syria’s civil war as cover for what increasingly is seen as a complex and high-stakes race to prepare for another potential conflict—their own

Get that? They’re both just trying to prosper from the Syrian civil war.

No, the Iranians are arming their murderous tools who will most likely be using those weapons on Syrian civilians and/or Lebanese anybody while the Israelis are trying to stop them.


11 Global Warmmongering Stories you probably do not know about. I was impressed, there was a bunch of stuff in there I didn’t know, like this one.

2. Yachts Trapped in Sea Ice in the Arctic Last Summer.

A bunch of people headed to the Northern Passage bringing Bermuda shorts, SPF 80 and water skis and ended up stuck in the ice.

I don’t recall hearing about that. Of course, that could just mean I posted about it on this blog.

Britain’s Tea Party guys (they mostly seem to be Let’s Be Great Britain Again, screw the EUnuchs and tell immigrants to become Brits not violent, angry assholes), The UK Independence Party, are winning elections and scaring all the right people.

From last year.

A couple had their three foster children taken away by a council on the grounds that their membership of the UK Independence Party meant that they supported “racist” policies.

Not really funny, but it is.

Now this one is the squirreliest, it has the weirdest thing as well as being the most infuriating.

The Electronic Frontier Foundation sued the NSA to find out their legal justification for just gathering whatever data they want from wherever they want it. The NSA said, “We don’t have to say”, now two appeals courts have said they don’t have to tell us.

So why is that one of the weirdest? Because I’ve seen the story in exactly 4 places in the last 7 days, with the South China Morning Post and the Sac Bee just regurgitating the Wash Post story (funnily enough, it’s shorter on the Post’s site than the other two)  but only the NY Times really reported on the story.

Seriously, I’m praising The Fucking NY Times and fucking linking them!

This bit says it all, IMO

The ruling, by the United States Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia Circuit, came down on the side of a broad conception of the executive branch’s power to keep secret its interpretation of what the law permits it to do.

They’re not arguing that it would hurt national security, they’re saying that it’s none of our fucking business how they decide to interpret laws and create regulations.

Mother fuckers. And you know fucking Roberts will fucking agree.



Okay, this one is my favorite kind of ‘some’.


Several (unarmed V) victims fought back against a suspect armed with a gun, leaving the man naked and injured outside an Oklahoma City hair salon.

There’s just so much Win! in just that sentence but you need to read the whole thing to get the full flavor.

They stripped him naked and shoved him out on the street and then called the cops.

In NY, MA, NJ, CA , etc. they’d all be arrested for felonious assault and put on a sex-offender list, in OK they’re praised.

It’s a funny old world.

Last story via From the Barrel of a Gun who saw it at The Smallest Minority. I probably saw the other stuff the same place you did but I forget where.

She’s baaaaaaaaack…

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Ladies and Gentlemen,

I give you Anna Semenovich’s triumphant return: