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And I say that with utter sincerity. ‘

Gateway Pundit links to the NY Times so I don’t have to.

GP writes

The New York Times hid this in the 21st paragraph of their report:

Some of the national leaders met with President Obama on Nov. 5 for a gathering that included a conversation about Ferguson.

According to the Rev. Al Sharpton,… Mr. Obama “was concerned about Ferguson staying on course in terms of pursuing what it was that he knew we were advocating.


He’s encouraging rioting. Note also that they aren’t in the White House log.

What the fucking fuck?

Is every conspiracy theory true?

Did the Knights Templar really order JFK’s death?

I was looking for some reason to post this, it doesn’t fit but it’s still funny.



That’s funny.

Via the Rev Jim


Important Update Below!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This is hilarious.

You know who the big winner was in last week’s election?

No, not the GOP, this is a minitrue outlet after all.

The big winner was Hillary Clinton, that’s who.

Yes, I am all too aware that a few candidates who were given the Clinton stamp of approval—complete with multiple campaign appearances by Bill and Hillary—went down in flames.


You see, just because Arkansas switched to GOP in a way that hasn’t happened since the Civil War doesn’t mean a thing, The fact that the people she campaigned for lost is immaterial. In this world the Dems are always winning, and if they lose? That’s because you’re too stupid to realize they won.

He blames it on Obama, but ignores that Hillary! failed miserably in her bid to be a power broker.


Battlespace preparation or just a true believer truly believing?

A little from column A and a little from column B I figure.

I do expect us to see Minitrue explaining how Hillary! will fix everything Obama’s done because she’s just so politically astute and totally not an unlikable, cold, calculating liar.


An Important, Classical Music Interlude!!!!!!!!


Rock me Amadeus.

It’s funny, I always thought Carl W. Stalling wrote that.

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So the GOP won the Senate. What are they going to do about Obamacare?

It will be a tale.

Run by idiots, full of sound and fury,

Signifying nothing.

They’ll try to “fix” it.

Ace links to a few articles about how Obama is destroying the Democratic party. You know, just like Clinton did in the 90s.

A sample quote

For all the talk that this midterm election was about nothing, 2014 really was just about one thing: Barack Obama’s failure to live up to his presidency’s promise in almost every domestic and foreign policy arena.


See, once the Dems get power they don’t care all that much about keeping it, they care about advancing their agenda.

So what has Obama accomplished?

Obamacare, the relaxation of the rule of law and the shifting of the conversation from “The gov’t needs to stay out of my medical questions” to, “The gov’t is in charge of my medical questions and taking it away is like trying to kill all wymyn and childryn”.

As usual, Democratic policies have emboldened our enemies so if we have to reply, it will all be the GOP’s fault. We’re already seeing stuff, from Dems and Ron fucking Paul Libertarians, about how now that the GOP is in charge we can look for new wars.

Also, Obama has been fucking with our allies so we are totally not-trusted on the world stage. Case in point.

Lawyers for the Obama administration compared Israel’s control of Jerusalem to Russian claims over the Ukrainian territory of Crimea during oral arguments this week before the Supreme Court in a case concerning the rights of U.S. citizens to list Jerusalem as part of Israel on their passports.


He’ll work harder at stopping Israel than he ever did with Tsar Putin I expanding his empire.

Israel, being the only liberal democracy/republic outside EUnuchstan or North America, can never be forgiven for that.


Last, I think this is going to be huge.

They gave the highways Teh Peepul paid for to a private company to make money.

When the 95 Express Lanes open, all drivers will need an E-ZPass or an E-ZPass® FlexSM to travel on the lanes. Carpools with three or more people can travel toll-free on the Express Lanes with an E-ZPass Flex set to HOV mode.


So the HOV lanes in the greater DC metropolitan area were HOV-3 during rush hour and open to all otherwise.

But now car-pools will need to pay for EZ-Pass (which ain’t free even if they don’t have to pay to use the lanes),  They also have made it so hybrids no longer get to use the HOV lanes for free.


The 95 Express Lanes rules of the road will be in effect 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Dynamic pricing based on real-time traffic conditions manages the demand for the lanes, keeping the Express Lanes moving


So now you have to pay to use them off-peak and notice the part about “dynamic pricing”, they’ll arbitrarily change the cost depending on traffic. So if there’s an accident blocking 95 at midnight, you’ll have to pay rush-hour prices to get around on the HOV-lanes.

And since it’s a private company bribing elected officials, they can be very slimy.

How slimy?

So Joe was stunned when he got a staggering $17,000 fine for $36 in unpaid tolls. He tried to resolve the problem directly with Transurban, which manages the lanes for Virginia. But Joe could not get any resolution from the company, and facing a looming court date…

“The thing that frustrates me the most is they don’t care,” Joe said, referring to Transurban. “They aren’t trying to resolve this. They are trying to get $17,000 for [$36] in tolls they didn’t collect.”

All of Joe’s whopping $17,000 fines come from a month-long period in spring 2013 when his E-ZPass transponder wasn’t being read properly….


Expand this by many thousands and you’ll have a lot of pissed off people. And that’s going to be huge.

Why huge? Because he’s fucking with gov’t workers, You know, important people.

Sure they like screwing the assholes in fly-over country, but this is messing with bureaucrats with a huge sense of entitlement and an inflated sense of their own worth.

It would be hilarious if a revolution started because of that.

And since we’re in this particular end of civilization, that’s about what I’d expect.

So what did last night change? Nothing federally but a shitload locally. All those GOP governors are not going to so easily implement the federal govt’s anti-Constitutional power grabs.


Speaking of which, AZ passed their “We ain’t enforcing unConstitutional laws by the feds” proposition.

Viva La Revolucion!


Don’t Forget To Vote

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Me? I think voting for governor and sheriff are the most important, voting for Congress is useless. The GOP couldn’t fix anything even if they wanted,.

Your governor and sheriff are the most important people when reality decides to fix the problems.


The lawless assholes in the Orwellian-named “Justice” Dept is sending election monitors to Maricopa county.

If they were actually a Justice Department, they’d send monitors to Maryland or Illinois where voting machines change votes from GOP to Dem, but they’re lawless assholes who use all the power of the federal gov’t to help the (anti-)Democratic Party.

Liberal Logic has a (n) (im)pertinent


I voted, it was a cool election, see last note.

voted for Governor, and, so help me, I voted GOP for Congress. I was going to vote Libertarian, but I think the Libertarian in this district is a Dem who’s just trying to get the Dem elected.

I got to vote against some judges on the AZ Supreme Court and Appeals Court. I liked that.

I didn’t vote for a bunch of offices I didn’t know about, especially where there was only a Republican running. No sense making them think I like them.

On the initiatives:

I voted against pay raises for legislators (YAY!),

I also voted against the local school district spending more than they are budgeted.

As a teacher, why did I do that?

Because the schools spend too much money on crap that’s not part of their core mission (teaching students), so allowing them to blow through their budget just encourages them to hire another diversity outreach coordinator and staff.

I voted for the initiative that made it against AZ law to enforce federal laws that are unConstitutional,

That made my day.  Now when Obama gins up his controversy to take my guns (the one they fucked up on with Fast and Furiious), my local sheriff with have the legal justification to tell them to go fuck themselves.

He’s inclined that way anyway (I call him Arpaio’s Minime), but this way it’s all legal and shit.

Viva La Revolucion!

Many times on this site and elsewhere, I have documented the impact of my daughter and her life upon my own and my zeal to do whatever I can to make her life better than mine. As part of the never-ending series of events that have shaped my life as a result of being a parent, several over the last two years have reshaped my life and changed my focus.

One of the greatest tests of a parent is to let your child go and hope that you have provided her with the upbringing and tools to handle the troubles that the world throws at a child, all while hoping that they come home safe at the end of the day, ready to start anew with the sunrise. For me, that all came home a few months ago when, for the second time in her life, I had to watch through a glass barrier as she had to recover from a medical challenge, and the helplessness I felt as I realized I couldn’t protect her as medical professionals worked to help her, burned a feeling inside of me I thought I had put away.  Not only did I feel fear, but I also became angry. I became so angry, that anger bled over to hate: hate for the recipients of liberalism who caused this (and, no, I will not discuss what happened), and hate for those who allowed this to happen.

Thankfully, she has made a full recovery, and after some post treatment, is back in school and a regular 4th grader who just tested as a 7th grade reading level and a 5th grade math & science. She is fine, and I am relieved. But I also thought about what I could do to prevent, as much as I could, anyone else to have to go through this helplessness via the legal means available. And that brought me to today. I have been away from this site for some time. I have been away from many sites for a while, and my life focus now stresses that I probably limit my exposure even more. All that said, I put myself in the position of considering what I can do to protect her yet again and so my best to halt that which threatens all of us. Yes, it may be futile and useless, the candidates will disappoint, and the politicians will suck, but voting is all I can do at this point. Voting to remove as much as possible, or limit it at worst, the liberalism that endangers us all. And besides, futile gestures are better than nothing at all.

So, to that end, I offer that tomorrow will be one more chance to stand up via the legal and electoral process to protect our country. And at the same time telling the left and its destructive minions a simple message:

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Bucking Fastards

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IMPORTAnt Update BelOW!

On the other side of the aisle, we have this.


American Commitment president Phil Kerpen recently caught The Charlotte Observerdumping an article laying out North Carolina Democrat Kay Hagan’s connection to potentially serious mishandling of stimulus funds.


They hid a story they accidentally did about how corrupt a Democrat is.

I’m sure the reporter was fired for committing an act of journalism.

So as one arm of the Democratic party, the laughably named “Justice” Dept., tries to sway an election away from a Republican, we have another arm, Minitrue, trying to sway it for the Democrat.

Swirl in a heaping helping of voter fraud and elections are going to interesting for a while. .


Speaking of voter fraud, I’m OUTRAGED by this video of James O’Keefe fraudingly getting ballots.

First, notice he never says he’s the guy, he just gets the ballot stuff and could have broken the law and/or voted but never did.

But that’s not why I’m OUTRAGED!!!!!!, I’m OUTRAGED!!! because he’s just wearing normal street clothes.

I mean, this is the man who ran stings as Mario the unemployed plumber trying to save his girlfriend Peach, a Scot in a kilt with a poodle purse over his junk and crossed the Rio Grande dressed as Osama bin Laden (sans bullet holes and decomposition).

Jebus, he could have at least worn a twirly-moustache.


Fucking bastards

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FBI announces investigation of GOP Senate candidate days before election.

The alleged misconduct being investigated is somewhat obscure–something involving a work visa program in the state–but it is notable that the alleged misconduct was to have occurred three years ago, and the FBI’s announcement comes a year after the state’s own attorney general closed its own investigation without bringing any charges.


And by “alleged misconduct“, you can read: Nothing at all illegal except the lawless assholes in the DOJ are pulling out all the stops to use the power of the federal gov’t in a Chicago-machine way to retain control for the Democrats.


If they’re going to be so fucking slimy for the midterm, imagine what the lawless asshole Obama is going to do for the next presidential election.

After watching the last 6 years, there is literally nothing I wouldn’t put past these lawless, anti-American, anti-democratic, anti-republic thugs.

Up to and including creating a ‘crisis’ and attempting to cancel the election,

I will say one thing, it appears they’re busy kicking competent, combat leaders out of the military so we’ll have those people hanging around while the military will have political assholes as officers and troops who hate them.


I wonder, will our fine, tolerant, hate-filled Leftists be so supportive of troops fragging officers who give orders to shoot me?