Here we have J Effin Kerry warning Congress that they had better not oppose this deal the Iranians have already said they won’t make.


The Minitrue “journalists” are going all in on how this deal is so great.

They do mention Netanyahu saying it’s a stupid deal but immediately give Kerry the rebuttal, as if Netanyahu is the only one with a problem.

They just cannot admit any failures by their God-President.

Via Weasel Zippers.


I wuz wrong.

In the previous post I said that Iran would probably wait until mid-July to repudiate this “deal”.

I wuz wrong.

Just hours after the announcement of what the United States characterized as a historic agreement with Iran over its nuclear program, the country’s leading negotiator lashed out at the Obama administration for lying about the details of a tentative framework….

Zarif bragged in an earlier press conference with reporters that the United States had tentatively agreed to let it continue the enrichment of uranium, the key component in a nuclear bomb, as well as key nuclear research.

Zarif additionally said Iran would have all nuclear-related sanctions lifted once a final deal is signed and that the country would not be forced to shut down any of its currently operating nuclear installations.


How’s Iran’s ass taste Obama?

Zarif, echoing previous comments, said the United States has promised an immediate termination of sanctions.


Oh, you like it.

The Washington Free Beacon is now doing the best journalism on the tubes.



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So now we have a deal with Iran and CNN is totes stoked.


Optimism as Iran nuclear deal framework announced; more work ahead

Work ahead. Yeah.

There are plenty of details left to iron out, but negotiators took a significant step Thursday toward a landmark deal aimed at keeping Iran’s nuclear program peaceful.

Some minor details but it’s Landmark!!!!!!! LANDMARK!!!!! I say!

Some highlights.

Iran gets to keep some centrifuges and still enrich uranium and just because they keep calling for death to Israel, doesn’t mean they’re not mostly-peaceful.

Of course, the centrifuges will be in an underground bunker. Hmmmmm, now I have to wonder if that’s why Obama refused to sell bunker buster bombs to Israel.

But the part that makes it just so ridiculous that only our current “Elite” booger-eating morons could actually even pretend to be impressed is this bit of stupidity

Many details still need to be worked out and diplomats close to the negotiations said the deal was fragile. It could not be ruled out that the understandings reached could collapse between now and June 30.

Many details, like oh……. all of them. That is a framework, in other words, it’s a set of stupidities that are supposed to lead to the actual details.

I do like this bit from “experts” (read, semi-rational but still willfully-ignorant, elitist fools)

Experts believe it will be much harder to reach a final deal that it was to agree the framework accord.


So what you’re saying is that it was easier to agree to a non-binding, nebulous deal and harder to agree to an actual deal?

The deuce you say!

Over the years the Iranians have repudiated each and every deal they claimed to be making.

So in June, Iran will ignore this deadline, Obama will declare victory and try to cancel sanctions.

Because of the Crusades.

It’s all over the but the contrails and mushroom clouds at this point.

The only question I have is if Obama and crew are really that stupid (excepting J Effin Kerry and Biden, they are that stupid) or if they just don’t care or what the hell their plan is?

I mean, the only outcome is that Iran repudiates this in June (actually, they’ll probably delay until mid-July at least to actually admit that). This makes Iran look even stronger as they, like every other tin-pot thug in the world, thumb their noses at America with impunity.

So assuming Obama, or really anybody involved, is competent (bear with me), they have to know this, so are they just trying to get another “accomplishment” to tout, like destroying al Quaeda and the Arab Spring? That’s one possibility but…..

I’ve been operating on the premise that Obama really is that stupid in foreign affairs and just wants the US OUT OF EVERYWHERE!!!!! , so it’s all going to come as as much of a surprise to them as to Minitrue.

Endy Not So Endy? Memory Not So Rememberful?

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I’m confused on some of this stuff. I personally think Obama is the greatest threat to our nation ever. Not because he’s so bad, he’s really just an ignorant, provincial, hack of a Chicago-machine-politician, but the way Minitrue props him up no matter what he and the Dems do is very bad.


Some of what he’s done is actually a good thing.

Getting the gov’t out of the space business is a good thing, I just wish he hadn’t just unilaterally cut the shuttle program.

Let’s look at the world now that America is no longer playing world police.

France is getting tough over Iran.

Now this one makes me laugh, while not intended, the results of Obama’s Smart Duhplomacy are very Roman as we get the barbarians on the borders fighting each other instead of westerners. Hell, terrorism against Israel is very low right now, they’re all busy killing each other in Syria, Iraq, Lebanon and the Arabian peninsula. His incompetence is actually doing some good things for us (not so much for the poor bastards in the middle of a terrorist war)

A bunch of Arab nations are getting together to fight Iranian terrorism.They might even start to figure out that even friendly terrorists are bad.

Everybody is noticing that if Iran gets nukes, Saudi Arabia will too and are freaking out about it.

That meme annoys me, this is not at all new, literally for years we’ve been hearing about how Saudi Arabia would get a nuke from Pakistan if Iran gets one. I’ve read this article a few times over the years since the EUnuchs started negotiating, this is the one I knew where to find. From 11/13.

Earlier this year, a senior Nato decision maker told me that he had seen intelligence reporting that nuclear weapons made in Pakistan on behalf of Saudi Arabia are now sitting ready for delivery.


As I wrote a couple years ago about this

First, what with fracking and other stuff (even as Obama tries to stop it), we can actually see a day when we’re not dependent on Islamic Terrorist, Brazilian Venezuelan commie or Russian thug oil, so this could be a good thing.


The epicenter of that conflict will not be near Israel, so I’m all fer nukular war between the Arabian peninsula and Iran.

The closest to Israel might be Syria, I don’t know the weather patterns, hopefully Karl Rove will lend them his weather machine (unless it was theirs in the first place).

We can just wait 10 or so years and then go drill through the glass for all that oil without the pesky terrorist-gov’ts sitting on it.

Let’s use that to seg our way to another meme that annoys me, everything old is new again. \

As the Arabian nukes story shows, if it happened longer ago than yesterday, it’s surprising to our fine social, moral, political and intellectual betters.

The “negotiations” with Iran are a joke. A timeline of these “negotiations“.

October 21, 2003. Seeking to avoid sanctions in the U.N. Security Council, Iran began negotiations with Britain, France, and Germany (known collectively as the EU-3), and agreed to temporarily suspend activities related to uranium conversion and enrichment, to fully cooperate with the IAEA, and to sign the IAEA’s Additional Protocol agreement that authorizes more intrusive nuclear inspections

My favorite was sometime around 05 or 06, the EUnuchs came out waving a piece of paper saying, “Peace for our time!!!!” and the Iranians came out literally a minute later and said, “What deal?”


Everybody was surprised about Yemen acting all Sietch Terror, but what were we talking about more than 5 years ago,

“A source close to the Obama administration said the Yemenis had agreed in principle to the establishment of a Reintegration and Risk Reduction Initiative, which would be internationally funded and monitored.”

First, I’m gonna guess it’s a lot more “funded” than “monitored”.

Second, and very endy and funny, do you realize we’ll be funding a jihadi R&R facility?


Surprise! Surprise! Surprise!

Something they’d like you to forget. (Bold is article, Italics is me)

Citing a more “hopeful state of world affairs”…, the Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists (BAS) is moving the minute hand of its famous Doomsday Clock one minute away from midnight. It is now 6 minutes to midnight.

Hmmm, now what could have created this “hopeful state of world affairs”, what “changed“?

The statement continues:A key to the new era of cooperation is a change in the U.S. government’s orientation toward international affairs brought about in part by the election of Obama.

With a more pragmatic, problem-solving approach,
You know, the approach that sets deadline after deadline that is ignored while issuing threats of sanctions that China will veto.
Let’s see exactly how stupid they can get (Hint: Pretty darn stupid).

not only has Obama initiated new arms reduction talks with Russia,…he has started negotiations with Iran to close its nuclear enrichment program, 



Heh I say. The Iranians want nukes, everybody else does not want them to have nukes. Iran’s compromise is to just get a few nukes. Israel is a small country after all.

Peggy Noonan would prefer you forget this.

ED DRISCOLL: Peggy Noonan, Then And Now. In 2008 she was allowed to like Barack Obama. In 2015, she’s not allowed to like Ted Cruz.

Her days with Ronnie Raygun were long ago.

Watching the establishment GOP aid Minitrue in their savaging of Cruz, Rand Paul and Scott Walker is really going to piss me off.

I’ll leave you with something I’d bet you all wish you could forget.

Topless Robot’s disturbing, Merry and Pippin bang Treebeard. Not safe for…..anywhere.

It Would Take A Miracle

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While we’re waiting for Miracle Max, since we’re leaving stuff up here for a long time I figure it should be something important, something classy. Something that upholds all the values of this blo….wait, that’s not right.

It needs to be childish, stupid and have tits.


Which Cartoon Character Would You Be For A Day?

Rather, which would be your second choice? as I’m disqualifying Roger Rabbit from consideration.

Why? He’s zany, wacky, can’t be killed and

jessica gif

Yeah. I’d spend the day fucking like a rabbit.

So, which would it be?

Now, the cartoon character I’d most like to hang out with is obviously Bugs Bunny, assuming of course that he doesn’t treat me like Elmer Fudd, but which would I want to be?

Characters like Homer, Bender, Peter Griffin and others of their ilk would be fun. I mean, what none-self-respecting moron wouldn’t like to be able to do absolutely any crazy drunken thing and come out okay? I decided against it because that’s pretty much my life anyway.

The Tasmanian Devil would be cool, so long as you’re not messing with Bugs.

Super Heroes would be fun at first but I don’t want to spend the whole day saving the freaking world and, to quote Mr. Incredible, sometimes you just wish it would stay saved.

Being a guy, I could have a blast being Yacko or Wacko, sorta like Bugs but less cerebral. If I were a Wymyns I would probably like to be Dot, all pretty, petite and ready to kick ass, but I passed on them. Too obvious.

Who else?………..

Hannah Barbera has their moments, but pass. I don’t want to spend my day stuck in a pet shop window.

Tennessee Tuxedo could be fun, what with all the time travelling and learning, but you’d have to hang out with Chumley. Duuuuuuh gee Tennessee, What are we going to do today?

Me and Mr. Whoopee are going to fucking kill you.

I almost went with a super villain like Dr. Doom or the Brain. How much fun would it be to spend a day trying to take over the world? A hell of a lot, that’s how much. But then I figured with my luck it would be the day I lose to my arch-nemesis.

But I finally went with a surprise, random pick.

Stoney Curtis!

stoney curtis


Because Betty and Wilma swooned over him and I would love to have a threesome with those two.


Getting my rocks off.

And don’t tell me Tony Curtis is gay, I don’t care, Stoney Curtis is not. He’s a cartoon character. The only cartoon character that’s gay, as everyone who watched Soap knows, is Pluto.

Below the fold, pics of Pluto being gay.

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Today’s Ridiculosity

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Howard Kurtz Today

Tucker Carlson You’re Destroying The Integrity Of The News!!!!!!!!!!!!

Howard Kurtz a few years ago.

Yeah, no biggie that I refuse to criticize one of my bosses while doing media watchdogging for another boss.

And that’s why I never watch that asshole on Foxnews.


The World V Reality

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So far the world is winning.

Wash Post columnist writes blatantly obvious editorial on Ferguson.


‘Hands up, don’t shoot’ was built on a lie


Now, he tried to cover himself by making a big deal of the Racial Animus Ferguson Officers Hold Toward African-Americans, but alas, even a little reality is too much intrusion on the Community-Based-Reality so….Entirely predictable results ensue as reality meets Wash Post.

Filling in for “Hardball’s” Chris Matthews, Washington Post columnist Jonathan Capehart told viewers Thursday night that he has faced an onslaught of racial attacks since his editorial this week debunked Ferguson protesters’ “hands up, don’t shoot” narrative.

So… another lefty who’s learned his lesson not to go against What Everybody Knows!.


Via Say Uncle, this has to be seen to be believed.  I clicked it, starting reading and closed it as too stupid to be read, I wondered why Uncle had linked, I re-read his short post and realized what I had been missing. It’s a House Judiciary Committe (as in U.S. House of Representatives) web page, not some random tool explaining why the GOP is the bee’s knees.

It’s all about what the GOP IS DOING TO FIGHT OBAMA!!!! ON IMMIGRATION!!!!!!!!

It’s the lamest page of the lamest gifs (not an Upton in the lot…Bastids) explaining, well, let’s let them show you how stupid they think you are.

House Republicans have introduced a bill that prevents the President from unilaterally shutting down the enforcement of our immigration laws. It does so by allowing state and local governments to enforce federal immigration law. (Yeah, I’m sure Mitch MifuckingConnell will get right on that.)


Yeah…. Right after folding now THEY’RE GOING TO FIGHT!!!!!!

Squeezey Bulbs for all GOP Voters!!!!!

GOP Voter Device

C’mon, let’s hear you HONK!!!!!!!!!!!!

It helps if you bite the squeeze bulb and slap your fins together while you’re doing it.

They just think we’re stupid. There’s no way they’re going to fight Obama on anything, their leadership is too busy selling out.

I am starting to wonder if the “Justice” Dept is using some of the plentiful dirt on the GOP leadership to geld them. It’s the Chicago Way after all.



In NYC, they’re going to combat gun crime with microphones!!!!!!

“Why you done me like that, Ar?” he pleaded. “Ar, why you do me like that, dude?”

The exchange, which was used in court, was recorded by ShotSpotter,….

But cases in which microphones have picked up incriminating evidence have raised the eyebrows of privacy advocates, who note that there could be Fourth Amendment implications. (pshaw, that’s like a hundred years old and doesn’t mean anything anymore)


Wait, ignore that part, it’s a success story elsewhere.

Officers said ShotSpotter alerted them to the 20-year-old shot on Burroughs Street….

The system locates exactly where the shots are coming from down to about ten feet and within a matter of seconds.


Gee, if only there was a phone number people could call that would tell the cops where shots were fired. Eh, I’m sure they know what they’re doing. It’s NYC government after all, the most competen…sorry, there’s just so much reality I can ignore.


Meanwhile, in Philly, protestors brawl with cops over a shooting.

This one is especially screwed up.

On the one hand we’ve had our POTUS, his entire admin (including especially the laughably named Justice Dept) and the entire Democrat-political-entertainment complex stoking anti-police feelings with bullshit charges of racism (as we’ve seen above).

On the other hand, Ferguson cops did not cover themselves in glory either, the AR-15s or M-4s they were carrying while wearing camo (in a fucking city) being followed by their APC  were not in riot gear, that’s military gear. There is no reason to wear camo in a fucking city except to Be Tacticool. That’s a threat of murder, riot cops wear riot gear like helmets, knee pads, maybe some football pads on their upper body and carry plexiglass shields, not run around with a sniper on an MRAP while they’re wearing fucking camo in a city carrying military weapons in a threatening manner.

That’s one of the reasons people are afraid of cops anymore. Plus, they’re just revenue generators anymore so it’s hard to respect them.

There are no very few good ways for reality to reassert itself peacefully in that situation, there are many violent ones.

Now, for a short, 8-second, Proclamation From Dear Leader

Ah yes, the success story that is Yemen.

US TROOPS FLEE YEMEN QUAGMIRE – Obama Spends Day Golfing, Watching B-Ball


So my question, is this pic the best illustration  (hat tip CBD)

obama world


or this one. (H/T The Rev Jim who I think sells a line of this stuff somewhere)



Yeah, I wish he had put Obama golfing in that one too. First one it is.


Next, we have a bit of oddity that I would probably have laughed at you for saying even yesterday.

I’m actually leaning toward favoring a gun “buyback”(even though they were never yours so you’re not buying them back, leftists have to Orwell everything).

Dozens Turn In Guns In Exchange For Welding Training From Boilermakers

I think I’m in favor of a gun ‘buyback’ by a union!!!! How’s that for all about teh fucked up?

Hell, if I lived in Pittsburgh I have a gun I’d turn in for welding training. I could always buy another just like it when I start making that sweet, sweet welding money.


So what have we learned today? Not a fucking thing. I’m just done with actually trying to see if I can do something about what’s coming (in my own, deranged way) and just down to trying to figure out what’s going to blow up first.

I’ll leave you with one of the pinnacles of western civilization

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