Funnier Than ’08?

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As I’ve said, I think this election is going to be funnier than ’08, unfortunately, it’s going to be endier as well.

In past elections, the GOP candidates tried to sell themselves to the GOP electorate and then “tacked to the center” for the general election, this year the candidates vying for the GOP nomination, except for the unserious, huckster one, are busy trashing the GOP electorate before…. I’m not sure where they can go from there. Maybe finally merge the parties into the We’re Better And Smarter Than You Party? The Unity Party, ala Jerry Pournelle’s dystopian future? Converting to Islam and making gay marriage (as well as being gay) illegal? Geez, I can’t even think of anything ridiculous enough to match what’s surely going to be reality.

Hmmm, maybe Trump wins the GOP nomination so Bush runs as an Independent and we’re told to vote for Jeb in order to be true Republicans? I’m rooting for that one to tell you the truth.


Now we have people saying we need armed guards to protect Marines.

That’s right, we need Paul Blart to protect to protect Camp Pendleton from armed jihadis. C’mon, you have to admit that’s funny….. in a horrible way perhaps, but still pretty funny.


Next up, we have the Socialist Bernie Sanders, doing very well in the race for the nomination for the totally-not-socialist Dem party, doing this

Mark Steyn writes

As readers may know, the Steyn worldwide corporate headquarters is located in Woodsville, which is part of the township of Haverhill, New Hampshire…..

Bernie Sanders says (warning, minitrue link)

…Mark Steyn’s “After America: Get Ready for Armageddon”:…

the authors don’t understand place and have probably never been to an American place they were inclined to stay in. They would get a rash in real places like Tobaccoville, N.C., Haverhill, N.H. or Luckenbach, Texas,


That’s all about teh funny.  I mean, the odds against actually picking the town where one of the people he’s attacking lives have to be in the thousands (hundreds of thousands? Milions?) to one against.

Do I have a point? Not really, I’m just pointing and laughing.

And cringing, but at least there’s laughter.

30 seconds later update!!!!!

Read the comments, hilarious. Like this one

Steyn lives in Haverhill, as has been pointed out multiple times. Luckenbach, Texas is a staged ghost town that hosts country music concerts. Nobody actually lives there. Oh, and Waylon Jennings isn’t hanging out anywhere; he died in 2002. But other than that, your article is fantastic.


If you want a more sober assessment, one that harshes your mellow, click Cold Fury here, where I saw this, or Steyn above.

I’m just going to put a slug of coffee in my whiskey and enjoy the day.

Weekly Standard, they of Kristollnacht  and Fred Barnes (who both called me a racist in 2008 and since becasue I want the federal gov’t to enforce federal laws, contra the GOP establishment who don’t)has this bit of stupidity.

So before we go any further, consider: Donald Trump–the Donald Trump–holds in his hands something like veto power over the Republican quest to win the White House.

No, the GOP has that veto power, by nominating the man they’re hell-bent on nominating.

If they nominate Jeb Bush, he could run against Gus Hall and lose.

Yes, I would vote for a good commie (a dead on) over a live “compassionate conservative” (read: big-gov’t “conservative”).

And I believe much of the GOP electorate agrees with me.

Unfortunately, the NRO-Weekly Standard, We’re Better and Smarter Than You wing of the GOP think I’m an idiot and this time, THIS TIME!!!!!!! an electable candidate will actually be elected. And if he loses even after being warned he will lose? It’ll be my fault. Because he’s not as bad as the Dem nominee.

Oh well.

Since it’s endy, you know there’s layers to this.

You realize we’re counting on the Dems to save us from Hillary Clinton?

And even worse, the replacement will be worse than Hillary.

I’m still thinking they’re going to run M’Shell Obama once Hillary! loses her ! again so we can have a third Obama term.

I can see her campaign slogan:

Don’t Be A Misogynist Racist!!!!!! Vote M’Shell!!!!!!!


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As Big Fur Hat (who doesn’t really own the world) says, Heart rocks Stairway to Heaven at some prog-fest at the Kennedy Center.


Many of the crowd shots are annoying, too many smug lefties, but watching what’s left of Zeppelin rock out is sorta cool. They obviously dig this version.

I’ve been trying to find a post where this fits, but I can’t, so here it is.

Some cool, color photos of the last of the Samurai in 1860s Japan. by a guy named Felice (or Felix) Beato

Hara Kiri motherfuckers


I’d assume that’s just before the coup de grace

This is one dude you would not want to mess with



That’s one scary looking guy.

Trump will not run as a Republican or an Independent.

As I said in 2012, he’s a huckster and running for president, as Al Sharpton could tell you, is a great way to huck. Also in 2012, I made the same Vearless Vrediction because of his disclosure form.

As for the polls, it’s before the debates, much less the actual voting deal, so who’s leading today is absolutely meaningless for who’s in the lead next month.

I started writing this and then looked for the proof, he has not filed his financial disclosure form and will not, I found this article.

Political insiders see several clues that Trump isn’t in it for the long haul. One sign: He still has only a skeleton staff. Asked to name campaign workers that Trump may have hired, D.C. political operatives were mostly unable to cite any new staffers….

Trump’s press operation seems to still be run largely out of his company. Calls to his press contact go to his real estate holding company’s headquarters. And most of the statements he issued about his controversial remarks about Mexican immigrants have come via the company….

And the part that cinches the deal for me,

Doubters also point to Trump’s lack of financial disclosure. He made a show of reading a report about his net worth during his launch, but detailed asset disclosure is required for official candidates. So far, Trump hasn’t filed that paperwork. Neither have Rick Perry and Bush, who both asked for a 45-day extension. Such requests are not unusual, but longtime Trump-watchers find it hard to believe that the real estate mogul, who often has been accused of overstating his wealth, will be willing to offer an explicit accounting of his assets.

Also as I said in 2012, there’s no way in hell he can do all the financial things he has to do to run,  if he does there’s going to be so much data to be mined by the Dems, Minitrue and the NRO-GOPers that he be boned, and that’s not mentioning people like the SEC and his competitors who might be interested in such a disclosure.

I am in favor of him running, he’s shaking things up and changing the terms of the debate, making the unspeakable (against all the things the NRO-Wing of the GOP are for) very speakable so that when Rick Perry, Ted Cruz and Scott Walker (and his throne of Dem-skulls) can talk about them.

Not sure who I’m fer yet, but I am fer Trump doing what he does best, huckstering and getting his face out there so his next reality show has great ratings.

He’s also showing anybody who gives shit one about what GOP voters want, which lets out the NRO-GOPers.

They just want us to get in line because they’re better and smarter than we. \

Saying that, we all know my early favorite, Clinton/Bush!!!!


Important, above the pic update!!!!

Saw Lindsey Graham on Foxnews this morning saying, “The American people need to (paraphrasing now V) do something to stop this deal from going through…”

Like what? Elect a GOP majority in the House and Senate to stop Obama?

Yeah, that’s worked so fucking well.

We Be Boned.

obama world

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Just Some Funny Stuff

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Now I have to wonder which of you is named Michael Crawford

A 68-year-old Pennsylvania man was arrested Friday night by undercover sheriff’s deputies after he allegedly flew to Arizona to have sex with a horse.

Michael Crawford bought a round-trip ticket and arrived in Phoenix thinking the person who responded to an online ad…


Words fail me.

Via Dave Barry


A Canada Win!, Furred Lives Matter!!!!!

On Thursday morning just after 9am the dead raccoon was first spotted in Toronto and the animal services were notified.

However six hours later when no-one had come to pick him up – a memorial began with a framed photo of a raccoon appearing and a condolence card.

I’m a little jealous right now.

furred lives matter



saved dogs


Here we have Hassan Nasrallah, Head Hezbollista, saying that the road to Jerusalem passes through Syria.


The road to Jerusalem passes through Qalamoun, Daraa, Hasakeh and other [Syrian battlefields],” Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah said Friday in a speech delivered on the occasion of Quds Day, an event created by Iran in 1979 to celebrate opposition to Israel.

The line echoed then Palestine Liberation Organization deputy chief Salah Khalaf’s famous statement during Lebanon’s 1975-1990 Civil War that “the road to Jerusalem passes through Jounieh,” in reference to the organization’s fight at the time with Christian militias.


Interesting. The war in Syria and Iraq is between Iran and the Sauds, or between Shiite and Sunni (as Allah intended), so that’s a shot across the bows of the Arabian peninsula.


“If you are an enemy of the Islamic Republic of Iran, then you are an enemy of Palestine.”


Makes me think that the Arabian peninsula has more to fear from an Iranian nuke than Israel.

Nuking Israel means Israeli nukes making the return trip with no guarantee that Israel will actually be nuked, via missile defense, while it would be much easier to sneak an ‘other-than-missile’ nuke into ‘Saudi’ Arabia, via the Hajj.

The unintended consequences could be interesting as Obama allows the nuking of the various, Arab thugocracies while not getting the country he hates the most in the region, Israel, nuked.

I base this thought on his incompetence, he can’t even betray our allies well, and on how Islamic terroristical nutjobs hate the wrong type of Islam even more than they hate the rest of us.

Since the oil ticks have been busily bribing retired bureaucrats and pols of both parties for decades, he’s going to piss off his party and the federal bureaucrats who are his staunchest supporters all while trying to screw that shitty, little country.

And you thought nukular war couldn’t be funny.