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Posted: November 2, 2010 by chad98036 in Notes on the Revolution
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I know everyone is completely wrapped up in election coverage and trying to figure out who is going to win which race but I feel the need to talk about more important things:

1.  The Army of Morons Guild is active and recruiting on the Hellscream US server. We have a small membership already but I would like to grow it to at least 40 so we can fill out 5 man parties and some raids.  I know that the server shows as full in the server list, all that means is that occasionally you may queue for a few minutes.  I have never had to queue on this server and I play on it actively.  I set this guild up in response to popular demand so join damn you!

Incidentally, this is a good time to join – There are a couple of us at end-game who are available to help with quests etc. and the next expansion releases in 37 days so the pre-launch events have started.

2.  The McRib Sandwich returns today for a six week nationwide run.  No word on when the double bacon McRib will be available.


  1. TheUnrepentantGeek says:

    Well frikkin’ great. I needed a new alt. Kinda like I needed a whole in my head.

    Maybe I should transfer my druid…

  2. TheUnrepentantGeek says:

    Or possibly a HOLE. FAIL.

  3. Skylia Z Ember says:

    Stop trying to make me play WoW! I will never surrender!

  4. TheUnrepentantGeeek says:

    And just WHAT is this Alliance BS (I just noticed)? We are the RED team. RED. Not wussy blue.


  5. Inspektor says:

    Plus, dwarves have guns. And giant steam tanks.

    Soon they’ll have dwarf mages and shaman.

    That’s enough to defend it, yup.

  6. Mortis says:

    Elizabeth would kill me if I played WoW again. My kids’d love me…. but I’d never get sex again.

  7. MikeD says:

    Do what I do, Mortis… get the missus to play too. My wife’s even in the Army of Morons. I will say, however, I was disappointed that it’s Alliance (*ptuey*), but hey… Moron Guild. Life is good.

  8. Kowboy says:

    There’s another option Mortis. Get her into Farmville on Facebook. The Missus sits next to me and plays her games and we’re both happy.

    Now the rest of you get off your asses (or on them in a chair actually) and make a damned toon. 🙂

  9. Mortis says:

    The baby doesn’t leave her much time for games any more. (You may remember Elizabeth as the cute pregnant girl from the CT meet-up)

    And it’s Alliance? Pass….. if it’s not Horde it’s not worth doing.

    • TheUnrepentantGeeek says:

      Look man, I’ve been Horde since launch, so I understand the antipathy. But some times, well … moron ties must come first. Besides, it’s silly fun to be able to log in and gloat while you game.

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