Bonum Certamen Certavi Cursum Consummavi Fidem Servavi

Posted: November 3, 2010 by Edward von Bear in Uncategorized
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If given a rare and precious gift, more valuable than life itself, how would you react? Would you brag about it? Hide it? Flaunt it? Sell it? Or, would you protect it with everything you had or could ever have? Would you walk through hell with a gas can (as a now Congressman-elect famously said) to protect it and keep it safe and viable for the future? And how far would you go to make sure that your gift is never lost, knowng how difficult it would be to ever regain it or return it to its original luster?

Well, I have been fortunate to have been given such a gift in my life. This gift is my freedom as an American, as defined and protected by the Constitution I have sworn multiple times in my life to defend. This is the freedom to know that the tyranny, oppression, interference, and despair that has gripped far too many people throughout human history will never make it to my homeland. This is the freedom sanctified as the birthright of all Americans, born, naturalized, or yet to come, from the sacrifices of those before us, those in our midst, and those yet to come. And this is the one gift that we all can pass down to those who are mere sparkles in the universe, waiting to come alive. This is the freedom that, while I never took for granted, has been under assault the last two years and threatened. And this is the one gift that I can pass on to my daughter, knowing that if she is free, she can never be tarnished or completely damaged, and that she will always be able to control her own fate.

Well, freedom was under assault. That was, until yesterday. I went out and did what I could to protect it. I voted. I voted to make my voice heard. I voted to let those who wished to imprison my future and myself that they are sorely mistaken. I let the political class know that I will do everyhing legally available to me to make sure they never take that gift from me. And I told those who wish to take my rights and freedoms away that I too would walk through whatever they threw at me to pass that threatened gift down to my daughter, the same daughter to whom I swore the first time I held her that I would never let her down, so that she would be able to live as free as I could. That is what I did yesterday. I finished the race. I fought the good fight, knowing that a new fight, one that could potentially throw statism into the sea, will be coming in a few months.

And I told, in no uncertain terms, those who wish to harm my family, my future, and my freedom the following:

Fuck you. Fuck you. Fuck you. Fuck you. Fuck you. Fuck you. Fuck you. Fuck you. Fuck you. Fuck you.

Furyfuck you and your fucking dreams of statist domination until you go to plaid with the fungusfucked torture wheel as it rolls down the fuckladen freeway of failure. Fuck you for thinking we would simply fucking lay down and take it like the two bit crank whores you were used to patronizing. Fuck your arrogance. Fuck you for ignoring us. Fuck you for your lies and slander against us. And dumpsterfuck in the dark with a leaking glo stick you up your orifices until they become six lane expressways for what you thought you could get away with, the people and the future be damned.

Did you really fucking think those of us who appreciate and know what was at stake as you sought to goatse the country with your legislation would simply stand down and let it happen? Did you really fucking think we would not notice? And did you really fucking think we would not do whatever we legally could do to stop your agenda of destruction borne from the thrice shared twat of tyranny? Well, too fuicking bad what you think, you fucking fuckfailures from the fuckdumpster of futiulity. You fucking lost. Hear me? Taht’s fucking right. Your fucking agenda is dead in the water now. Your attempts to further destroy this country are as relevant as the pulsing purpled poking pole of prevailing prenominal pugfukery that you fucking sucked for the last 20 months on your way to defeat. And you may never get another opportunity. And that makes me laugh at you as you swim fuckbuddy style in the river of failfuck for the rest of their lives.

Yes, we have more work ahead of us. We have more work to do before we can restore that which has been lost. But we let the statists know that they never could have taken our freedom completely away, as we went and owned it for ourselves and refuse to give it up without a fight. And we sent a clear message to the fuckaddled fuckdumpsters who think that they can get away with what they thought they could get away with that they will ultimately fail in the form of a megasuperfuckstorm which shall forever lay the fucksmack on them and the other circle fuckers living on buttfuck island. They will ultimately lose. And we will ultimately happyfuck their electoral corpses with the libertycock of freedom to keep the future safe.

So get the fuck out of our seats in DC, you fucking higglyfucked hogfucking statists. Vacate your fucking seats at once so that those of us who cherish the freedoms you tried to take away can get to work at restoring them.

  1. alexthechick says:

    Eddie! Eddie! Eddie!

  2. Eddie, I couldn’t have said it better.

  3. Car in says:

    sniff sniff. I’m getting all choked up. God Bless America.

  4. clintbird says:


    *Gasps for air.*


    *Takes a deep breath.*

    Tee Hee Hee!

  5. MCPO Airdale says:

    Eddie – Well done!

  6. CeeArr says:

    Most excellent.

  7. Matt Zemek says:

    So, as a liberal who disapproves of what the Obama Administration has done, where do I fit into this?

    I don’t think conservatives or Republicans are enemies.

    I don’t think conservatives or Republicans are problems.

    I don’t think conservatives or Republicans are entities that must be destroyed in order to save the Republic of these United States of America.

    I would like to think that both parties have done a poor job in carrying the public’s trust, and that all Americans have a role to play in the solution.

    As a lefty, I can say that the Democrats (I’m a liberal, but not a Democrat; huge difference) deserved the thunderous butt-kicking they most certainly received. Unfortunately, the Democrats won’t learn their lessons.

    Who in American politics ever does?

    To this audience, I wish you peace and well-being.


    Matt Zemek

    • agiledog says:

      as a liberal who disapproves of what the Obama Administration has done

      Blatant contradiction. If you are a liberal, you must have approved of what he has done. Or you are not really a liberal. All the major policy actions he has taken have been based on liberal thought.

      I don’t think conservatives or Republicans are enemies.

      I don’t think conservatives or Republicans are problems.

      If those are true statements, it is further proof that you are not a liberal.

    • davis,br says:

      The term “liberal” was co-opted by the Hard Left decades ago. Hey! – It’s what they do.

      (Now O’ …O’ is likely an idealogue who is as far from your idea of left, as you imagine yourself to be from conservative. That man has layers, and they ain’t even close to being apparent, let alone transparent.)

      In the sense that a classical liberal is actually the same (temperamentally, philosophically, and politically) as a modern conservative, there’s a good possibility you probably are us, heh. So: “welcome home”.

      …and a lot of rational people have traveled down this path before us, before you. The road where you find you have a lot in common with people that you didn’t know a lot about …and at one point maybe you feared …or maybe you were intolerant of, for whatever reason.

      …or maybe you merely disagreed with.

      Hell, far as that goes, we don’t often agree amongst ourselves.

      But we generally listen (however loudly). After all, we’re all Americans.

  8. As usual, Eddiebear says it perfectly.

  9. Goober says:

    AgileDog, don’t be an asshole. I’ve had people tell me the same thing when I said I was a conservative and disapproved of what Bush was doing. They told me I couldn’t disapprove of Bush and be a conservative, even when the things he was doing were very, very unconservative.

    Lets all review Mr. Obama’s record and compare it to what an intelligent, honest, free-thinking liberal would really want.

    1.) Obama Action – Massive bailouts to huge corporations. Liberal ideology – Corporations are bad, why save them? Why give money to fat cats who will simply use it to further enfatten (not really a word) themselves, while the poor continue to be poor? Obama action more fascist (government control of private corporations) than liberal. And no, not socialist, because a socialist would have nationalized the corporations. I can see why an intelligent liberal like Mark would be against this.

    2.) Obama Action – Shitting on every one of our allies and cozying up to our enemies. Liberal ideology – Can’t we all just get along? Shitting on anyone is about as anti-liberal foreign policy as you can get. Again, chock one up for Mark.

    3.) Obama Action – Escalate the war in Afghanistan. Liberal Ideology – War is bad. Always. Without exception. Especially when it is a huge, powerful nation invading a small, weak one. Another point for Mark.

    4.) Obama Action – Obamacare, with it’s purposeful invasions into the privacy and health of every person in the nation. Liberal Ideology – Give free stuff to poor people, but let them still have autonomy over their own decisions. We see this time and again. The current trend towards EBT cards instead of food stamps, so that the poor on the stamps don’t have to feel the shame of using food stamps – they just swipe a card like everyone else. Also, a real liberal would be pissed that there isn’t a single-payer system, and that Obamacare still allows for-profit insurance companies and for-profit health care providers to exist. Point, Mark.

    5.) Obama Action – Amnesty for illegal immigrants (or lack thereof). Liberal Ideology – Imagine there’s no country, it isn’t hard to do. Nothing to kill or die for…. The fact that by his inaction, Obama has allowed millions of illegal aliens to continue living in the shadows where they can be mistreated by corporations, underpaid, and denied the services due to all citizens pisses liberals off to no end. I can see why a liberal would be pissed about that.

    6.) Obama Action – Kow-towing to Islamic radicalism, at the expense of our security. This one depends heavily on the liberal in question. Some liberals are “multi-culturalism uber-alles” and think that bringing up Islam’s tendency to kill everyone that disagrees with them is racist and insensitive. However, there is another sect of liberalism, usually headed up by the atheists in their ranks, who thinks that any sensitivity towards ANY religion, especially a murderous one that encourages the subjogation of women, is a horrible, horrible thing.

    I could go one for a while, but you get my point. People want to brand Obama as a socialist, and would assume that all liberals would be getting thrills up their leg at the thought, but an intelligent student of history could probably pretty quickly show proof that Obama is more facist than socialist, and I would imange that smart libs who can see that are burned by it, big time.

  10. Goober says:

    Oh, yeah, and one more thing. An intelligent liberal would be absolutely ENRAGED at the “we don’t give a shit what you want, this is what you’re getting” attitude of the current congress. Even worse than a conservative, because at least a conservative would have grown up expecting that. Liberals hate it when their confidence in government is swayed, because to them, and their ideology, government is the answer to everything.

  11. jecejka says:

    *sniff* Pure poetry, man!

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