Bacon-flavored soda!

Posted: November 5, 2010 by Sean M. in Baconblogging, Win!

Bacon-flavored soda!

J&D Foods owner Justin Esch told AOL News that his company recently partnered with Jones Soda to create a special-edition bacon-flavored drink just in time for the holidays.

Since both companies are based in Seattle and are known to take risks developing wacky products, Esch said it was only a matter of time before they got together and combined forces.

“They know soda. We know bacon. We were destined to merge our technologies for something big,” Esch said. “We’ve already made bacon beauty products, bacon stationery and edible bacon products, so something drinkable was next.”

Okay, so this is either going to taste really awesome or really awful.  I’ve had some Jones sodas before, and it’s pretty good, but I’ve never tried any of their weirder stuff–they put out a turkey dinner soda a few years ago, and I seem to remember that the whole run sold out quickly.

J&D Foods, by the way, is the company behind Baconnaise, Bacon Salt, and a bust of Kevin Bacon made of bacon,  so their standards are pretty high when it comes to all things bacon.

(Okay, so the bust doesn’t look all that much like Kevin Bacon, but you have to admit that it was a pretty ambitious project.)

  1. Hermit Dave says:

    “They know soda. We know bacon. We were destined to merge our technologies for something big,”

    The man is a true visionary. Give him a Nobel prize … it might be the first one in years that was even remotely appropriate.

  2. jayinames says:

    Bacon makes everything better. Except martinis. Bacon martinis are awful.

    Don’t go there. You’re welcome.

  3. smithinmich says:

    This may be promising, but caution is advised. I tried some “bacon-flavored” jelly beans, expecting a chewy-type of bacony goodness, and instead found myself emptying a tin of Altoids into my mouth to get the horrible taste out.

    I know bacon, and that flavor was not it.

  4. J Hunt Morgan says:

    Baconnaise is awesome…I put it on every sandwich and burger I eat.

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