Is this wrong?

Posted: November 8, 2010 by Sean M. in Baconblogging, Random Crap
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Local meat company Farmer John ran a cutesy ad campaign here in SoCal concurrent with the election trying to get people to vote for the bacon-wrapped hot dog as “The Official Hot Dog of L.A.” They even donated food to local food banks for every online vote. So far, so good. But something about the final ad seems a little off to me…

They’re using the “Marines’ Hymn” in a commercial about hot dogs. There are all kinds of patriotic songs they could have used, but it seems to me like using that particular music just isn’t quite right.

Am I wrong here? I’d especially like to hear the opinions of readers who are vets or have family members who have served our country.

Update: Fine. Because some guy who shall remain nameless pitched a bitch about it on some other blog that shall remain nameless, here’s some crap about unlicensed bacon-wrapped hot dog carts getting shut down by L.A. health department officials.

Never let it be said that I never did anything for you, m*s*bl**.

  1. mesablue says:

    Interesting timing considering that the city of LA just shut down all of the illegal Mexican bacon hot dog vendors.

    I, myself, love a bacon hot dog cooked by an illegal with a shopping cart with a propane tank and four kids in it– but hey, that’s just me.

  2. davis,br says:

    Not quite Mexican and not quite American, the bacon-wrapped hot dog, like the city that so fervently embraces it, has a curious romance about it. You can smell one from blocks away. The grilled bacon, twisted around a wiener, is topped with grilled onions and a mountaintop of diced tomatoes, ketchup, mustard and mayonnaise. Then one whole grilled green poblano chile is plopped impossibly on top. You take a bite and think, This is so good, no wonder it’s illegal!


  3. ECM says:

    The Wienery has the best dogs in the greater-LA area.

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