Heh: Palin calls out WSJ reporter for not reading his own paper

Posted: November 9, 2010 by doubleplusundead in Uncategorized

See?  We’re not the only ones that do it!

Anyway, the guy ripped on Palin for stating that the cost of groceries has been climbing since the economy went to shit…dude claims it hasn’t that much.  Except there had been an article in the WSJ a few days earlier noting that grocers and restaurants have been forced to raise prices, despite that being the last thing anyone dealing with food ever wants to do.

  1. Hermit Dave says:

    As much as I love to be a cynical bastard, I’ve gotta admit that a few moves by some big GOP players have impressed me recently. Palin starting to take on the Fed, and then fighting with their mouthpiece, the WSJ, is one example. If she starts to show some serious fiscal chops, she’s a sure thing for the 2012 nomination.

    Another one that has impressed me recently is John Boehner, and boy do I hate to admit that. All talk so far, which is worth zero, but as he can’t follow through until the new Congress is seated, at least he’s making the right noises.

  2. Sockless Joe says:

    Even a RINO monetarist like myself is questions the logic of further QE when there isn’t any deflation to be seen. The Fed’s heavy lifting should be about done now.

    WSJ editorial and their followers are part of the elite/elitist element that Palin will never win over.

    Boehner, at some level, at least understands that people are pissed and why they are pissed. I don’t trust McConnell as for as I could throw him though.

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