Glad to know I wasn’t the only one

Posted: November 13, 2010 by doubleplusundead in Random Crap
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I saw a passing reference to Sonic the Hedgehog’s archnemesis Dr. Robotnik as I was wandering aimlessly through the intarwebs today, which made me start thinking of the old Sonic games I played as a kid, and how much they kicked ass.  I also thought of the level music too, so ended up listening to some of those on youtube.  Noticed a comment on one of the later levels of Sonic 3, along the lines of, X number of people are still stuck on those damn barrels in Carnival Night Zone Act 2.  And I immediately said, AAAARGH!!!!!   Those fucking barrels! Damn glad to see I wasn’t the only one, I must say.  Shit took me like a week of trial, error, and blinding rage to figure out.  Any of you gamer nerds get stuck on the Carnival Night Zone barrels?  A Genesis controller might have been spiked across the living room floor in my grade school days.  Might.

These fucking things…


And of course, the level music,

Kinda reminds you of…clowns, doesn’t it?  Hope the San Francisco supervisors know what they’ve gotten into…

Sorry, that was mean, here, have a tattooed girl wearing an R2-D2 swimsuit,

Hattip to UnrepentantGeek

  1. Hermit Dave says:

    (Mostly) off topic: I was up early and bored, so I was playing with the xtranormal movie maker. Here is one about reading and commenting at doubleplusundead.

  2. alexthechick says:


  3. Veeshir says:

    Okay HD, that’s funny.

    No, that’s fuckingly enterfuckingtainingly funny.

    do the rants there have topics?
    I assume so but I don’t read the posts

  4. Veeshir says:

    Someone should embed that.
    Someone with computer skills.

    Someone not Veeshir in other words.

  5. Skylia Z Ember says:

    Who do I have to kill to get that bathing suit?

    Seriously. I needz it.

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