Balance the Budget

Posted: November 14, 2010 by chad98036 in Uncategorized

Today’s NY Times has an interactive feature that allows you to attempt to balance the federal budget.

I save $465,000,000,000 for 2015 but still came up short for 2030.  29% of my savings were in “tax increases” and 71% in spending cuts.  I wouldn’t say that this is a particularly accurate model given the limited choices available, for example there aren’t any real choices for Social Security reform other that raising the eligibility age and using an alternate means for calculating inflation, but it was fun to try.

  1. davis,br says:

    I was brutal about it. You know, like when your own family income falls to the point where Top Ramen and vitamin supplements become your main cuisine choice (and frozen peas added are for “special meals”), you wear your clothes an extra day to save on laundray costs, you turn out the lights when you leave the room, you clip coupons, you do a LOT more bicycling to get around, you’re cold/hot (winter/summer), and in general you watch your money flow like a miser.

    Except the military: I didn’t touch that, anywhere EXCEPT Afghanistan. I’m a Derb-ite, and I think we leave soonest. And if they screw up again, nuke ’em. And let the Paki’s know that we’ve purposefully decreased targeting accuracy by, oh, 20% or so. Problem solved.

    In my life, I’ve called periods like this “reality”.

    And, as expected, and according to the NYT (which doesn’t, apparently, give final dollar amounts), I “solved the budget deficit” problem.

    My conclusion …

    Elect me. Even better, coronate me. King or Emperor or Caesar. Whatever. So long as I can slash and burn my way through the problem, I will fix it.

    …and I will promise your kids, and grand-kids won’t starve, and will live a better life then you.

    And oh, I only need to be emperor for a few months to fix it, so you can sunset the position after one solar annum.

    I’ll even fly coach during the interim. I’m a giver like that.

  2. davis,br says:

    PS. I’m pretty sure we went into budget surplus, actually …I was only about 2/3’s down when the “problem solved” popup started annoying me.

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