Looks like the World (of Warcraft) is –NOT- breaking today.

Posted: November 16, 2010 by chad98036 in FAIL, Uncategorized

Forgot it was maintenance day and I started to log in to play and lo and behold patch 4.0.3 , she be a downloading mon.

Since phase 4 of the elemental invasion just started yesterday (fire, floods, pestilence, all that good stuff) I thought we would see the actual shattering on the 23rd.

NEVER MIND – As I was typing this I read that this will not be the shattering; it won’t occur until 4.0.3a.  Damn it. Patch Notes here.  No big undocumented changes, looks like just a bug fix on awarding Justice Points.

REMINDER:  Army of Morons is still recruiting on the Hellscream US server.  Any member online can add you.  There are usually two or three of us on at any given time so scream in trade chat or IM me.  My main is Colgallan and my alt is Kirttraz

  1. tangonine says:

    as soon as I patch up and the servers are up I’ll be there.

  2. TheUnrepentantGeeek says:

    Logged in to run my auctions and BAM fire elemental to the face of my bank alt.

    Reminds me of the pre-lk zombie event, when I spent most of my time on my hunter perched up high dispensing pointy justice to the mindless horde. And the NPC zombies too.

  3. MCPO Airdale says:

    What is this World of Warcraft you speak of?

  4. chad98036 says:

    I can’t say I am happy with the UI resizing. It needed to splitthe difference between what it was and what it is now.

  5. Mitchell says:

    Funny, I was playing yesterday and I was in SW doing a cataclysm related quest in the habor when the Big Event happened right after initiating it. I had a few minutes of “Holy crap! Did I start all this?” 😀

  6. tangonine says:

    I haven’t played in about a year, so DLing the shitload of patches on DSL is a whore. May be tomorrow before I get it all done.

  7. […] called the Army of Morons on the Hellscream server. This was set up by some of the folks over at Doubleplusundead. It’s a great guild and the everyone is really […]

  8. tangonine says:

    2.21 of 4.76GB – about 6 hours


  9. tangonine says:

    Sweet, Creeping Jeesus! So I dl the 80 TB of the last patch, THEN wait for an hour while it installs, THEN, just when I think (IM OUT!, THEY PULL ME BACK IN!) I’m good to go, new crapalysm launcher download, 2 more GB!

    On the bright side, I did get some cleaning around the house done.

  10. pajama momma says:

    Ok, I haven’t played in about 6 months. My student loans come in the middle of December and momma is getting herself a new computer.

    I will be back on. WOOT! WOOT!

    I’ll definitely add a toon to Hellscream.

  11. pajama momma says:

    and yeah, I know I’m late to this party.

  12. Leeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeroy Jennnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnkins! (sorry, that’s the only thing I know about WoW, thanks to PJ Momma)

  13. pajama momma says:

    hahaha @ cb. You’ll come to the dark side my pretty

  14. tangonine says:

    I made it! Another Moron added to the Army.

  15. Zeus says:

    Ok, I’m in…..if we get serious, I’ll transfer another toon in.

  16. Zeus says:

    Dionyzus the druid.

  17. pajama momma says:

    Ok, I have a Night Elf Priest (holy) that I can transfer in when I get my new computer (mid-December) her name is Somamalis. She’s level 72? 73?

    Or are we just starting low level toon together?

    btw, the name is pronounced Soma Muh Lease

  18. Zeus says:

    I’m going to leave my main (warlock) where he is, but I have a maxed and geared healer (shaman) and tank (pally) I’ll transfer in if it makes sense.

  19. pajama momma says:

    My guild in Thorium disbanded. My girl is lonely.

  20. Mob says:

    I’m leveling a disc priest so we’ll have a healer for 5 mans and raids (if we ever want to). Once I hit 80, I’ll start another char to group with folks leveling from 1 again.

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