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Posted: November 19, 2010 by Edward von Bear in Edumakashun, FAIL, Fucking Markets, Liberal FAIL
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Holy fucking the goat in the hayloft! I want whatever this jackfuck is taking!

“We do take some solace in the fact that Members and independent political analysts have uniformly said that the DCCC did everything it could to prepare for and wage tough campaigns,” Van Hollen wrote. “Indeed, while it may be small consolation given the magnitude of the losses, a review of the results finds that were it not for the efforts of our candidates and the DCCC, it could have been even worse.”

Wow. Just fucking wow.

Look, I know that somebody in Van Hollen’s shoes must try to put a brave face on things. But “It could have been worse”? What the fuck? Only one of the biggest waves in American history, and “it could have been worse”? Good grief! I seriously fucking hope this idiot is running the 2012 DCCC, for we may get another 25 or seats just by having slabs of bacon run against a group of people hopped up on a fuckdose of rampant stupidity chased down by arrogant fuckheadedness.

  1. ECM says:

    Judging by the expectations* of some on the right, he’s actually correct.

    *Expectations completely unmoored from anything approaching reality, of course, much like Van Hollen’s comments.

  2. davis,br says:

    You can leave an email for Senator Durbin here:

    I did. I was, actually, polite. I simply expressed my STRONG objections to the Dream Act. And mentioned that even though I was not a resident of his state, I WOULD BE contributing to his opponent’s campaign in the primary, and if he made it through the primary, to his Democrat opponent in the general.

    …what I didn’t add was And Fuck You Very Much, Asshole. Hopefully, that came through though.

  3. davis,br says:

    ah fuck. wrong thread. I plead senior moment …and all those confusing effing browser tabs.

  4. Sure it could have been worse. They could have lost all the seats.

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