Hey France, when we referred to you as cheese-eating surrender monkeys…

Posted: November 27, 2010 by aliceaitch in Uncategorized

Something tells me the Obama administration is going to be hating life pretty soon.

Since we’re all spending the holidays with relatives, I propose a new dinnertime game of speculating what awful reveals are going to come out in the “private, candid assessments” bitchy, whiny bellyaching.  It’s a nice way to talk about politics without actually talking about politics, unless you have that crazy Aunt Suzie who still insists that President OMGWTFBBQ would conduct himself with nothing but the highest decorum and would nevereverever say or do anything snide or rude behind someone’s back.

  1. Kowboy says:

    Yeah but now they got a little payback. Gonna be kinda hard for him to get his forkfull of arugula in his mouth with those 12 stitches in his upper lip. My only question is what the hell made that newsworthy on ESPN?

  2. Cheese-eating Surrender Monkeys says:

    Please stop comparing us to the French, it’s insulting.

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