TSA Harasses Woman w/ Breast Milk

Posted: November 27, 2010 by socklessjoe in Funniest End of Civilization Evah, Lame, Notes on the Revolution

I’m not exactly Mr. Don’t-Touch-My-Junk — there are real security concerns, even if the implemented methods need some refinement — but this is horseshit.

New mom tries to go through airport security with breast milk, armed with a printout of TSA guidelines for “medical liquids” that qualify for alternate non-X-ray screening. They put her in a box for just long enough to force her to either (1) submit to X-ray, (2) throw it out, or (3) miss her flight.

She misses her flight.

From Megan McArdle.

  1. tangonine says:

    Cocksuckers. And why is every TSA employee a fat fuck?

  2. Mortis says:

    Oh, you have got to be shitting me. Luckily (I’m guessing) Elizabeth is not a fan of flying so we won’t have to deal with these hobos.

  3. alexthechick says:

    Mortis, I cannot imagine how much blood there would be if they did that to Elizabeth.

  4. Laura Castellano says:

    The only way this kind of harassment is going to stop is for enough people refusing to fly, denying the airlines their profit, and the airlines putting pressure on the government to rein in the TSA. The government has already shown us, through passage of Obamacare and now this, what they think of the input of simple citizens.

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