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Om nom nom

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Yeah, it’s a sad thing that polar bears are so fragile and stuff.

Also, I’m pretty sure by “curious” they mean “Hey! Is this edible?”

Presented without context

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In that album, he entitled Oro Ibo, Barrister likened the prevailing fragile situation in the months leading to that year’s elections as the dangling testicles of a ram, though he later prayed in that album that by the grace of God, the dangling testicles would not fall off. In other words, that the fragile situation would not be made worse by the election.

I don’t claim to know much of anything about barnyard animals (and anything anybody tells you about my familiarity with them is a pack of filthy, filthy lies) but if the balls are just falling off of your livestock, you’re probably not doing a very good job.

Sweet: Israelis discover giant natural gas field

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Very cool, hopefully this ends up being a good thing for Israel, and maybe, possibly us too.  Course we have the Marcellus shale field in PA, so we’ve got quite a bit of natural gas of our own, but energy demand is a constantly growing thing, so finding more sources is A Good Thing.

Update below with links

The Puppy Blender has this link with the, for him, intemperate words,

SOUTHERN LEE HIGH SCHOOL IN SANFORD NORTH CAROLINA should be closed, Its principal, and board of education, are too dumb to hold jobs.

That’s about the puppy blender equivalent of a long eddiebear tirade with extra fucksicles.

I had to click to see exactly how bad this high school is.

This bad. A “good” girl had her father’s lunch instead of her own and it had a paring knife for cutting his apple (I guess he served with Mal and Zoe) and was expelled in her last year, she’s taking college level classes to get a jumpstart on college, now she’s screwed for this year and all her hard work went to shit because of the petty zero-tolerance jackasses at that school.

The puppy blender quotes a bad part but I find this beyond stupidity and, unfortunately, all too believable in this end of civilization.

Moss said students who accidentally carry a weapon and report it to teachers will get a light punishment.

Really? Really? Do schools really think it’s a good idea to punish honesty only a little less than dishonesty? To punish an honest mistake just not quite as badly as a gang-banger intent on mayhem or intimidation?



Via the Puppy Blender we find this link with more details than the journotool had in the article.

They claim the knife was in a purse and they provide a pic.It’s some trendy lunch thingy that could possibly also be used as a purse (women will use anything as a purse).

Although I have to wonder if a father would take that purse looking thing to work.

They keep calling it a “3 inch knife”, I don’t think it’s a three inch blade, I would say it’s a whopping 3″ total. A tiny paring knife in other words. Exactly like the knife Crocodile Dundee used except about 1/1000 the size in other words.

They keep saying she’s still a student, but she’s suspended and isn’t allowed on campus. When you blow smoke, you look guilty. Unless your name is Bill Clinton.

They reiterated that she could have turned it in and received a lesser punishment, but she’s saying she had no idea it was in there so that’s a non sequitur.

They’re having an “emergency” meeting about it. I guess they finally decided to look into it and I’m sure the national attention had nothing to do with it. (DPUD gets results!)

The part that’s getting me steamed is how she worked hard to do college work in HS and they’re absolutely fucking her over for an honest mistake.

Moh-Ron Blogging

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I realized I’ve been slacking on my moron blogging, sure I post pics of Christina Hendrix, but I haven’t posted anything old (except for Ding Fries are Done! but I know that’s old) and it’s been forever since I double posted.

So how to fix this? I mean, a purposeful double-posting is lame and searching for “Old” is stupid.

So I’ll just mine Hot Air for a post to get my recommended daily allowance of Ace-isms.

First up,

Go home.

Joe, can I call you Joe?, give it up. Murkooski won.

I understand why you’re doing this, but it’s no longer trying to get a fair election, it’s getting positively Gore-like and makes you look whiny and will ensure you have no chance for higher office as you embarrass your supporters.


Reality meets leftist fantasy. As usual the result would be much funnier if this particular leftist fantasy wasn’t one of the deciding factors in a presidential election.

Chavez has done nothing but try to make Obama look like the fool he is even though we now have the magnificence and brilliance as opposed to the stupidity and cowboyism of his predecessor.

I would be much happier about that if A. It wasn’t being ignored by Minitru and B. Chavez wasn’t a budding dictator who wants the domino theory to go the other way (see: Columbia, Honduras).

H/T Ace

Dark and Dangerous Thoughts

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Disclaimer:  Do not interpret this posting as advocating violence against any person or group of people; this is just an ill-formed idea that popped into my head while listening to the news on the way home from work.

I was originally going to call this A Modest Proposal for Preventing the CEOs of Banks and Other Large Corporations From Preventing the Economic Recovery, Thru Their Contributing to the Ongoing Crises of  Home Foreclosures and Unemployment; and for Making Them Beneficial to the Public.  I changed my mind for a couple reasons:  1) with my level of writing skill it would be an insult to Jonathon Swift’s original essay (which we were forced to read in 11th grade English), and 2) I am not absolutely sure that there is anything that can be done to make CEOs beneficial to the public.


No Vacancy at the Bunk Motel

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Oh please make this happen.

Christina Hendrix as Wonder Woman.

If we wish hard on this, maybe the casting boners won’t screw this up and, well, I’ll pitch a tent to wait for tix.


Holy Crap, how could I forget the obligatory picture?