I Guess The Message Didn’t Get Through To Some People

Posted: December 5, 2010 by Edward von Bear in FAIL, GOP Win!

I guess some of our Senatebetters didn’t get the message that we demand they fucking stand for something. While I can not excuse any of the names, this one really pisses me off:

In each case, every Democratic senator voted, including the five, and then six, who voted with Republicans. But in one case, ten Republicans didn’t bother to vote, and in the other 11 Republicans didn’t vote. Here are the 11: Bunning, Burr, Chambliss, Cornyn, Gregg, Hutchison, Inhofe, Isakson, Sessions, Vitter, and Voinovich.

Emphasis mine. This is the same fucking Cornyn, who while running the NRSC in 2010, pushed for Charlie Crist and helped pay for lawyers to help Lisa Murkowski in her primary recount. This is the same Cornyn who told us that Robert Bennett was the best thing for Utah. This is the same John Cornyn who worked hand in glove with dipshits such as Michael Steele. And this is the same Cornyn who fucking thinks he knows better than us, and that we need to shut up.

Well, fuck you, Senator Cornyn. Dealfuck you and your get along mindset with the fuckdrippings of the flying fuckbeagle of freedom. Notice the dwindling coffers at the RNC and the NRSC? Notice the primary season, which should have convinced you you better fucking listen to your people? Notice how people are sending their money to the individual candidates and outside groups and not to your fucking circlegoatse of assfisting? Did you notice, because the fucking people are speaking with their feet and their wallets, and they are bailing on fucktards such as you. They are demanding the be heard, and your arrogance only serves to drive many of us away from you.

Yes, Senator, we are fucking fed up with your refusal to take a stand and fucking vote. We are fucking sick and fucking tired of your deal making and sabotaging of those of us who actually fucking care about something other than our next reelection fundraiser. And we are sick and fucking tired to eleventy of you going out of your way to tell us that we are fucking wrong because we don’t fucking think you are doing as we wish (just ask that soon to be ex-Senator Bennett about that).

So fuck you, Senator Cornyn. Fuck your RINO mindset. Fuck your cowardly refusal to vote. And fuck you to insolvency for what you and your fellow fucktards of failure have done to the freedom loving political movement by trying to push us aside. So get fucked inside the now empty bank vault that was once the RNC’s checking account, and move aside for someone who has a fucking clue.

Thanks to Andy

  1. MCPO Airdale says:

    Well done, Eddie. Bet if they were paid in cash, they would show up every payday, non?

  2. mare says:

    Well done, Eddie. Keep calling out these sell outs. Every conservative site should be singing this from the top post every day.

    This is important, making every RINO squirm.

  3. mare says:

    Not voting on a tax issue? You, sir, are no conservative. (D’OH)
    Also, let that be a warning to any Republican thinking about missing a tax vote. We’re paying attention and we have long memories.

  4. alexthechick says:

    So I was randomly moving the cursor around and suddenly this “Report as mature” thing popped up. I blinked, did some more random poking about, and apparently there is this blog info thingawhatsit for WordPress that lets you report a blog as “mature” (I’m presuming they mean in the bowchicka bow wow fashion rather than the grown up fashion). Gee. *taps chin* Why on earth would anyone want to do that for this here crapblog?

    As to your post, I’m torn. I mean, fuck Cornyn with Helen Thomas’ dick and all that, but I’m hard pressed to get upset about the idea of Cornyn being away from DC. Can he stay away? For, like, ever?

  5. davis,br says:

    The past election season was just the first major battle. There’s still a war to be won.

    …or lost. That happens too, in wars.

    Fire.Them.All …and then fire their replacements …and then their replacements.

    …and keep firing them, until our elitist betters learn to hear again.

    We, the People of the United States, in order to form a more perfect ….

  6. doubleplusundead says:

    Cornyn needs to go, end of story. Out of that list, I’m only really surprised at Vitter and Inhofe.

  7. Sean M. says:

    How does a state as conservative as Texas end up with such ridiculously squishy and worthless Senators as Cornyn and Hutchison?

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  9. Tushar says:

    Flying fuckbeagle? Did you mean flying fuckeagle?

  10. John Galt says:

    We got a chance to replace Hutchison in 2012. If that witch wins the primary I’m gonna blow a gasket.

  11. Grim says:

    Inhofe (Oklahoma) missed because of the Christmas Parade debacle here in Tulsa. Quick summary: Inhofe has ridden a horse in the Tulsa Christmas Parade for 30 years. This year, organizers changed the parade to the “Holiday Parade” so Inhofe boycotted. He was in the Broken Arrow Christmas Parade Friday night. Broken Arrow is a suburb of Tulsa.

  12. Jay in Ames says:

    This vote doesn’t concern me as much as the food bill did. As the article says, GOP was going to filibuster if the $250k and above part wasn’t included, and it wasn’t.

    If the vote had any curve balls in it, I would expect them to be back to vote, but it was pretty much what was expected. Let’s save the powder for more pressing issues. It’s good to keep their feet to the fire, and keeping the awareness of these bills at a high level is a good thing. Just letting them know we are paying attention is going to pay dividends down the line.

    But keep up the fire on Cornyn! Just him in this case. Let that butthead have both barrels.

  13. chad98036 says:

    I’ve said it before and I will say it again, you guys are deluding yourselves if you think the tea partiers will be any better. Although Ron Paul isn’t strictly a tea partier he provides a fine example of what to expect. He will vote no on any appropriations bill, but then when they do pass he is the first in line with his hand out. Get ready for more of the same. It’s the nature of the beast.

  14. looking closely says:

    I’m not really clear on what you are saying.
    Tell us what you really think.

  15. Eddie The Bear says:

    Chad: I’m not a Paulbot, but what would you suggest then? Letting clowns like Cornyn, Steele, and that ilk run the show into the ground?

  16. Nicki says:

    Eddie the Bear may be the only person in the ‘verse who uses the word “fuck” more than I do! I found a soulmate!

  17. vermindust says:

    I think they got the message that we think another THIRTEEN MONTHS of unemployment checks is a good trade.

  18. davis,br says:

    Anyone, anyone …who just loves the bloody damn country and the Constitution and American exceptionalism and the Light on the Hill and our history – warts and all – and the Melting Pot and will defend her to their last dying breath AND knows how to balance a fucking checkbook.


    Is that too fricking much to ask – to hope – for?

  19. Jones says:

    Here’s another issue we can get behind:


  20. Laura Castellano says:

    Oh goody. BOTH of my Texas senators aren’t doing their jobs. Time for them to go.

  21. Vuyokazi says:

    As my late grandma-in-law from the Bronx used to sing to me over the phone every November:”Happy Boithday to you, happy bhtoiday to you, happy bhtoiday dear [copyranter], happy bhtoiday to you.”

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