Huck: Y’Know, I’m Lookin’ Pretty Damned Good For 2012

Posted: December 6, 2010 by doubleplusundead in Random Crap
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Dear. God. No.

No words can truly express how happy it makes me that he scored so low on the Hotair poll.  In 2008 you always had that core of Hucktard zealots that floated around the dextrosphere.  That seems to have collapsed for now.  Doesn’t mean he’s not still a threat, but that he did so poorly gives some comfort.  And you better fucking believe I’d stay home if Huck won.  But really, I’m not worried, I think Palin’s pretty much broken Huck, I think Huck’s done as far as national politics are concerned.

  1. Hermit Dave says:

    I’ll take Even Worse Nominees than McCain for $800, Alex.

  2. Elliott says:

    All the worst things about liberals and conservatives in one easy package! Likes to spend other people’s money to tell these same people what they can and can not do to or for themselves and others.

    Part of me hope he has a falling out with his god and is smote. I fear that won’t happen, however.

  3. alexthechick says:

    I will fucking campaign for Cthulhu before I fucking vote for that fucktard. He actually scares me, no lie.

    • Jonahex says:

      You say that like voting for Cthulhu would be a bad thing. Think of the female sex slaves.

    • Elliott says:

      Hail Cthulhu, I say!

      Truthfully, I like Palin where she’s at right now. Now might be the best chance we’ll have of getting someone more fiscally conservative than might generally be electable.

  4. vermindust says:

    What a nice radio show he has. Sounds like a less bitter Garrison Keeler. Mike Huckabee shows what a nice guy a Libeal Democrat can be when he’s not comparing illegal immigrants to Mary & Joseph’s flight to EAgypt. Why the hell he calls himself a Republican is mysterious and strange; he should either switch parties or hang himself from a highway overpass.

  5. Moron Pundit says:

    I said I would vote for Obama if Huckabee won the nomination in 2008 and I’m pretty sure I stand by that. If the President is going to eviscerate our freedoms and spend us into eternal debt, I’d prefer he be in the other party.

    Fuck Huck. He’s a shitty stereotypical preacher character and he sucks with the force of a thousand crack whores.

    I can’t believe we still have to even talk about this. How is this fucking charlatane even in the conversation?

    PS. Why is it the Republican Party can’t just fucking GIVE UP on people that tried last cycle. How about some new blood in the executive to go with the new blood in the house?

  6. Hermit Dave says:

    I have a feeling the actual nominee is going to be either Palin or someone who isn’t even on the radar yet. As the economic feces continues to splatter against the cooling apparatus, it should become nearly impossible for any of the old guard to be nominated, hopefully. It would help if the GOP would unfuck their primary process.

    Of course, I thought Obama was a completely unelectable joke early last cycle, so I suppose Huck is a shoo-in.

    • Sockless Joe says:

      in 2007 (?) I very nearly wrote a post announcing I was done talking about that irrelevant loser Obama.

      Of course, after a couple of bimbo-eruptions and other supposed deal-breakers I didn’t think Bill Clinton had a chance in ’92 primary, and that gave me pause this time ’round.

  7. Jones says:

    I like the Bible as much as the next guy- hell, I own a copy. But I don’t want any Bible-thumping prick like Fuckabee as the nominee. I want to be governed by the Constitution. And I don’t want a bunch of moralist social conservatives deciding the nomination. Abortion and gay rights are no threat to the Republic. Runaway spending, debt, and a federal gov’t that has morphed into a monster ARE the threats.

  8. Jay in Ames says:

    The problem with Huck is that he tries to get along with everyone, and won’t take a stand. See his commuting sentences policy, immigration policy, etc.

    But it works with people. His schtick really gets to people, just like Obama’s. I just can’t WAIT until he wins the straw poll here in Iowa, again. Unless Ron Paul makes another impressive run at it.

  9. Veeshir says:

    We need new parties.

    Let the GOP leadership types and the mainstream Dems start a “gov’t is good” party (and take Mitt, Huck, the National Review and the rest of the Compassionate Conservative crew with you).

    The lefists need to either start their own or just admit they’re in the Commie or Green parties.

    The right could make the Libertarian less crazy or just start a “Constitution Party”.

    I’m still rooting for the asteroid, but we need a Plan B.

  10. Jones in CO says:

    Plan B is a cosmic ray burst

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