Okay, this is some bullshit

Posted: December 6, 2010 by Sean M. in FAIL, Lame

When you’re trying to come up with a list of the fattiest foods from each state, you might want to try a little harder than the chocolate chip cookie, which is apparently the most fattening thing ever to come out of Massachusetts, or the corn dog, which is supposedly the most artery-clogging dish that Texas has to offer.  Oh, and Wyoming’s offering?  “Lamb.”  Seriously, that’s all they could come up with. The fattiest food item that Nevada kills people with is, um, “buffets.” A buffet isn’t actually a food in and of itself, dumbasses.

Uh, is this just me, or does it seem like these people are incredibly stupid?

  1. doubleplusundead says:

    Cheesesteaks? Couldn’t they have been a bit more creative in PA? If there’s one thing we’ll never have a shortage of, it’s delicious fatty foods. The PA Dutch made damn sure of that, there’s a reason there’s so many of us fat bastards in this state.

  2. Mitchell says:

    I hit the seafood buffet at the Rio casino this weekend. I stuffed myself until I was phyiscially uncomfortable. I pulled the classic rookie mistake and didn’t fully scope out the entire thing first and missed the lobster tails until I was already full. So of course I had to load up a final plate with lobster. I really didn’t need that serving of raspberry cheesecake ice-cream either.

  3. Corndogs in Texas?? Are they fucking kidding me??

  4. davis,br says:

    My favorite hors d’oeuvre: bacon and salami w/cheese (a dry extra-sharp) on a butter-matrix covered saltine. And a glass of whole milk to wash it down.

    …my mouth goes all watery like just thinking about it.

    Try it. Really.

    …maybe its a guy thing?

  5. Scoop11 says:

    Last time I checked, New England Clam Chowder, I believe, originated in Massachusetts, not New Hampshire.

  6. I reject the premise. Eating fat and cholesterol doesn’t clog your arteries or even necessarily make you obese. It’s utter bullshit to suggest it, and there’s no actual science to support it. Plenty to refute it, though.

  7. Sockless Joe says:

    PA – Of the zillion things they could have could have gone with, some of the ones I’d have put ahead of the Cheesesteak –> TastyKakes, the Sweet Street desert lineup, scrapple. And don’t forget that Hershey foods is HQ’d in PA. How ’bout some of those Pittsburgher style sammiches with the slaw and fries jammed in?

    A cheesesteak is barely even considered junk food by my standards. (Maybe with a side of fries and a Yuengling to wash it down.)

    Do people eat gravy fries outside of PA?

  8. Sockless Joe says:

    … and don’t forget — anything you buy from an Amish or Mennonite bakery is probably made with lard. Whoopie pies… half-moon pies…

  9. tangonine says:

    The douchebag hipster commie fuckknuckles apparently don’t have DirecTV and have never seen Man Vs. Food.

  10. Dr Spank says:

    Why does the picture above Texas have a penis-shaped donut in it?

  11. MCPO Airdale says:

    Plate full of fried scrapple drowning in maple syrup.

  12. Uh, is this just me, or does it seem like these people are incredibly stupid?

    Yes. They are galactically stupid, and both our own IQs have probably dropped several points just from discussing their utter lack of intelligence. Personally, I’m stunned they can manage their own nervous system and walk and eat and pee – let alone generate original thought.

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