President of Botswana: No Fat Chicks

Posted: December 7, 2010 by doubleplusundead in Teh Funneh
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No, seriously, no fat chicks, says the President of Botswana,

To drive the point home he pointed to the Assistant Minister of Local Government Botlhogile Tshreletso and said, “I don’t want one like this one. She may fail to pass through the door, breaking furniture with her heavy weight and even break the vehicle’s shock absorbers.”

He’s a former general who has been too wrapped up in his career to marry, but his singleness is becoming a political issue, so he has his presidential aides out looking for a wife for him…yes, really.

And you could make a issue of his douchebagginess, but really, dude’s marrying purely for political reasons, and pretty much makes that known, so I’m not gonna fault him for being douchey and shallow about it.

  1. Haiku Guy says:

    Why does ABC
    Post three “related” clips on
    Michelle Obama?

  2. Veeshir says:

    That’s funny Haiku.

    Now I wish I had clicked the link.

  3. tangonine says:

    I think he should replace Obama. Of course, half the female congressmembers would be thrown out, but…. you do what you have to.

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