Dark and Dangerous Thoughts

Posted: December 29, 2010 by chad98036 in Uncategorized

Disclaimer:  Do not interpret this posting as advocating violence against any person or group of people; this is just an ill-formed idea that popped into my head while listening to the news on the way home from work.

I was originally going to call this A Modest Proposal for Preventing the CEOs of Banks and Other Large Corporations From Preventing the Economic Recovery, Thru Their Contributing to the Ongoing Crises of  Home Foreclosures and Unemployment; and for Making Them Beneficial to the Public.  I changed my mind for a couple reasons:  1) with my level of writing skill it would be an insult to Jonathon Swift’s original essay (which we were forced to read in 11th grade English), and 2) I am not absolutely sure that there is anything that can be done to make CEOs beneficial to the public.

OK, so to the point; what has inspired my ire?  Well it’s a combination of things:  Skyrocketing home foreclosures, resulting in the wholesale destruction of peoples lives, 9.whatever% unemployment in the United States, while US companies created 1.4 million new jobs in India last year (and less than a million domestically), the fact that companies are sitting on $2,000,000,000,000 in reserves while the economy continues to shoot down the shitter, bonuses being paid to executives who oversee the companies that have come as close as anyone to destroying the American capitalist system, the fact that they (and this is giving them a very large benefit of the doubt because the alternative is even worse) were too stupid to realize just how destructive their policies were, and the fact that despite all this as far as I know not one of them has suffered any serious ill effect – They certainly haven’t gone to jail. 

Anyway, I was sitting in my car listening to the radio when the bit about the job creation came on and I just started fuming.  Mad doesn’t begin to cover it.  At that point three thoughts hit almost simultaneously 1) The traditional Bundy way of handling problems:  Swift and blinding violence, 2) pour encourager les autres, and 3) "A young healthy child well nursed, is, at a year old, (banker is) a most delicious nourishing and wholesome food, whether stewed, roasted, baked, or boiled; and I make no doubt that it will equally serve in a fricassee, or a ragoust."

With those thoughts in my head I went on to wonder, “What if we declared open season on bankers?”  It’s not like they would be missed; certainly not by the economy, they wouldn’t be able to screw it up any more,  probably not by their families and definitely not by the rest of us.  In addition there are some benefits to be derived:  Depletion of the ammunition stockpiles held by survivalists and terrorists (and most of the population of Montana) will help lead to an increase in manufacturing jobs.  There will be less burden on government entitlement programs such as Social Security and Medicare, the CO2 load in the atmosphere will be decreased helping combat climate change, jobs will open up for business school graduates, and with this example those graduates will certainly be more careful in the business decisions that they make.  In short I don’t really see a downside to a mass uprising on say the 17th of March.  Maybe we don’t have to kill them all, but if we lined the road from Wall Street to Washington DC with CEOs hanging from light posts light the Romans did with the slaves following the Spartacus uprising they would get the message. 

  1. norman plum says:

    Another way to not insult Swift would be to spell his name right.

  2. Veeshir says:

    There’s so much wrong with that. Pretty much all of it.

    Starting with this
    I am not absolutely sure that there is anything that can be done to make CEOs beneficial to the public.

    That’s not their job, their job is to be beneficial to their companies.

    It’s not like they would be missed; certainly not by the economy

    Seriously? Seriously?

    I had read this passage like 4 times to be sure you weren’t talking about politicians:

    the fact that they (and this is giving them a very large benefit of the doubt because the alternative is even worse) were too stupid to realize just how destructive their policies were, and the fact that despite all this as far as I know not one of them has suffered any serious ill effect – They certainly haven’t gone to jail.

    But you weren’t.

  3. the botnet says:

    I’m with you, Veeshir.

    chad, you should consider listening to something besides Maddow on the ride home.

    Do you think the “evil bankers” (probably jooooos) are creating jobs overseas and hoarding cash because they’re looking to stick it to the “little guy”? Maybe if the business/tax/regulatory environment here in the US was a bit friendlier they’d be doing business here. And any claim that foreclosures are strictly the fault of (joooo) bankers and CEOs is faulty since it neglects to mention the role of Statist commie lib gummint policies.

    The evil bankers were forced by the CRA to expose themselves to NINJa mortgages, which would then be sucked up by Fanny and Freddie. Partial repeal of Glass-Steagall ensured that the expansion of megabanks was tied to CRA mortgage exposure. At the very root of the mortgage collapse is the CRA and imprudent underwriting
    standards that Democrats were pushing for decades.

    Particularly annoying, however, is the bit of marxist class envy for the “bonuses being paid to executives who oversee the companies…”. What somebody gets paid is a matter strictly between the business and the employee. It doesn’t affect me in the least. Fucking Shit.

    If anybody deserves to be strung up from a lamp post it is the Statist pukes and their social engineering (CRA) that started the shit-ball rolling.

  4. Goober says:

    Chad – everything you just wrote about is a result of GOVERNMENT, not of evil jooo bankers.

    Jobs overseas? Do I really have to explain why this is happening?

    Sitting on wealth? Well, it’s their wealth, first of all, not yours, and they are scared of what the government is going to do next.

    They don’t have a duty to you. Or me. or anyone other than the stockholders of their companies. I think you’ll find that if the government gets out of the way, and lets them do their thing, that what is beneficial for the banks is also beneficial for America.
    And stop blaming the housing crisis on banks. That was 100% government. Banks went to gvernment a bunch of times telling them that it wasn’t a good idea, and government’s response was to guarantee payback if it all went wrong.

  5. Veeshir says:

    I will say that while I disagree with the whole post, the “jooooo bankers” bits were uncalled for and detract from the rest of what you two wrote.

    • the botnet says:

      Isn’t it the next logical step? Here’s a guy jumping with both feet on evil bankers, CEO’s, capitalism, whatever… figured I’d augment the marxism with the typical leftist conclusion about who’s doing what to whom.

      Of course it wasn’t in explicitly in chad’s post, but is that not where leftist fingers typically end up pointing?

      • Veeshir says:

        Yeah, well I would wait until I see the fingers pointed before responding.
        Besides, there is so much more to ridicule in that post there’s no need to imply anything not there.

        Lots of people dislike bankers without thinking of big noses and blood pastry.

  6. Gundo says:

    Good Lord on a skateboard, that is pathetic. Like DailyKos diary pathetic.

  7. I had to scroll up and confirm that I actually was reading DPUD.

    I have to ask. Chad, who’s money do you have your sights set on after the evil bankers? The escrow agents? The attorneys who reviewed the documents? The county workers who recorded the deeds of trust and deeds?

  8. davis,br says:

    Ouch. Badly done Emma! (I’m reading Emma right now; the phrase seems apropo.)

    …I’m not unsympathetic to the idea that the banks had their over-fair-share of the blame for this fiasco as the politicians did, but your post just didn’t bring out those things that would have made the argument I’m pretty sure you were trying to make, Chad.

    I think it’s obvious that – despite the usual conservative defence of capitalism …and which I of course ordinarily agree with …but which I believe has been gamed in this particular case, and so shouldn’t be being made at all, as irrelevant to the point – the banks were acting in collusion with the political class (most Democrats and some Republicans).

    And I would be QUITE willing to make, and argue (ahem, forcefully argue) – and document – that particular case in a rational fashion.

    …well, actually: only be able to attempt that later today, because it is sunny outside, and not raining, and I have outside work that has been waiting for just this sunny-day-opportunity to attempt to do. And only if anyone cares enough to wonder how I’d make that case (even if only out of curiousity).

    But I have to agree that the particular screed presented here is more worthy of emoting Daily Kos than the rational Moron Nation (IOW, even though I’m kind of in agreement with the conclusion, the argument was not rationally made to lead to the conclusion).

    Full disclosure: I’m more in the camp calling to torch and pitchfork all these thieving elitest bastards who were ALL in cahoots for this Great Train Robbery, and literally and consciously set out to steal – yes, plain sight “legal” thievery – the trillions in savings of the Boomers.

    And did it.

    …be happy to document and rationally argue the point that chad didn’t make.

    • Veeshir says:

      Well, if you left it at bankers that would be one thing, he included CEOs of companies that owe him a job because…uhhh… they have money and stuff.

      Home foreclosures? We watched that particular crisis unfold in slow-motion.

      I used to read The Hole Card on blogspot (he was threatened with a suing for a post so he just deleted the whole thing, he was getting burned out anyway I think, Hey BJ!) and he was writing about it at least a year before things started going bad.

      As for collusion with bankers, well, I’ll stick up for them. How many were called “racist” by members of Congress for not wanting to give loans to poor people who didn’t rate one?
      Congress strong-armed at least some of them into going along with the scheme. And it’s Congress’ job to not fuck us, it’s a bank’s job to make money. If the supreme legal body in the nation tells you to break the law, what are you supposed to do?
      Look at the bailouts, Bush and co. forced at least some banks to take the money.

      Yes, other people are culpable, but to totally ignore politicians and to not place the lion’s share of the blame on their shoulders are silly at best, willfully ignorant in the middle and stupid or dishonest at worst.

  9. Or the real estate agents? How could I forget them? Paid grossly out of proportion for what they actually do, and they make so much work for attorneys getting paid proportionately less for cleaning up the agent’s messes.

  10. Eddie The Bear says:




    *scratches head*

  11. EC says:

    The FAIL! is strong with this one.

  12. vermindust says:

    Let’s suppose you kill and crucify five thousand bankers and business leaders. I would expect another 50,000 businessmen to decide to resign their positions and not work anymore. If fact, knowing that the Armies of Chad might slay with impunity anyone who is declared to the at fault for all our troubles, why would anyone dare assume an executive post again? You don’t want them to make jobs in India; if they do as you ask and only “create jobs” in the shadow of a looming socialist leviathan here, the company will go bankrupt and you will kill them for making the jobs go away anyhow. I suppose, when the offices are empty and no one is answering the telephone for fear of getting hanged from a lamp post, that the government will have to run all companies. Nice work, mister egalitarian riot master.

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