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Posted: December 29, 2010 by veeshir in Uncategorized

I realized I’ve been slacking on my moron blogging, sure I post pics of Christina Hendrix, but I haven’t posted anything old (except for Ding Fries are Done! but I know that’s old) and it’s been forever since I double posted.

So how to fix this? I mean, a purposeful double-posting is lame and searching for “Old” is stupid.

So I’ll just mine Hot Air for a post to get my recommended daily allowance of Ace-isms.

First up,

Go home.

Joe, can I call you Joe?, give it up. Murkooski won.

I understand why you’re doing this, but it’s no longer trying to get a fair election, it’s getting positively Gore-like and makes you look whiny and will ensure you have no chance for higher office as you embarrass your supporters.


Reality meets leftist fantasy. As usual the result would be much funnier if this particular leftist fantasy wasn’t one of the deciding factors in a presidential election.

Chavez has done nothing but try to make Obama look like the fool he is even though we now have the magnificence and brilliance as opposed to the stupidity and cowboyism of his predecessor.

I would be much happier about that if A. It wasn’t being ignored by Minitru and B. Chavez wasn’t a budding dictator who wants the domino theory to go the other way (see: Columbia, Honduras).

H/T Ace

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