Posted: January 2, 2011 by veeshir in Uncategorized

Dammit, the New York Football Giants had the playoffs in their grasp all the way until the last game.
Which they won.
It was a cold, drunken affair. I picked up a plastic foul weather gear set at Target a few years ago It worked great. It had a jacket with zipper, a hood that snapped on and had a drawstring and pants. I split the crotch of the pants, they were over my jeans and my fat ass, but it wasn’t bad and they kept me dry. My feet were in a puddle so by the 4th they were frozen and booze was $12 shot. I refuse to spend a penny in Jack Kent Cooke stadium.
On the way in, a guy pulled up alongside and asked if we had a parking pass. I said we were about to buy one at the McDs up ahead, he gave us a platinum pass and didn’t want any cash. It was about 150 feet from the stadium. That was cool. Our pass was for a lot over a half mile away.

No playoffs. That’s still sinking in. Motherfuckers.
Eh, I’ll leave it on high note.

Edited for (urp) drunk blogging.

  1. the botnet says:

    Go.. Pack.. Go! Go.. Pack.. Go! Go.. Pack.. Go!

    Sorry about your Gaints veeshir, but they had all fucking year to do something with themselves. They did not.

    My beloved Packers got in by the skin of their collective balls, and quite frankly I believe they are one-and-done.

    I brought my best buddy to Brent Favre’s last evar game at Lambeau (John Kerry: “Lambert”) Field this year. Scored tickets about a month before my buddy was killed in an accident. This for me is a special season, and if the Pack doesn’t do shit in the playoffs it was still the best season ever.

    Sorry about the Gaints.

    …There’s always next year?

  2. Mortis says:

    Let’s go, Patriots!!!!

  3. Veeshir says:

    Yeah, there’s always next year.
    I hate waiting for next year before the playoffs even begin.

    Not sure who I’m rooting for.
    I would love to see Seattle win the Super Bowl just to have a sub-.500 team win it.
    Now that would be historic.

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