Ask A Moron: Dead Chicks

Posted: January 3, 2011 by Moron Pundit in Ask a Moron

Hermit Dave writes:

You’re watching a movie with some forensic stuff and there’s a female corpse stripped down to the waist on the slab.  Sure, she’s a corpse in the movie, but you know that in real life she’s a live actress and she’s got really nice boobies.  Is it acceptable to get turned on?

Short answer:  Not just yes, but HELL YES.

Long answer:  Look, as a guy that is generally into the “goth” look from a sexual perspective* I’m already down with that gaunt, pale, “daddy doesn’t hit me but I wish he did so I had some excuse for all this angst”  look so I’m not too far stretched in the first place.  Add to that some relatively awesome morgue photosets** and you’ve got an opening for a full-blown fetish.

But umm…, I mean.  Sure.  Unless she’s like a grisly wrinkled/rotten hunk of purple flesh.  Then you’ve got problems***.

Awesome problems.

As always, feel free to submit your Ask a Moron questions in the comments and I’ll be sure to get to them within one calendar year or your money back.

* – And not just because of the look (although, let me tell you, vinyl, fishnets, too much eye shadow work for me) but also the inherent psychological/behavioral quirks that tend to come with it.  That was some good times…. for a while.   Why did it stop being fun?  See the first statement.

** – Most notably in my mind, Sash’s set on Suicide Girls.


  1. Moron Pundit says:

    I wanted to post a picture of a hot dead corpse but decided it was probably best to not search for “hot corpse” on Google Images at work.

  2. Hermit Dave says:

    Thanks MP. I was afraid I might have to go see a shrink, so I appreciate you clearing this one up for me.

  3. vermindust says:

    This post is tagged as Uncategorized.
    Let’s not make a regular issue of this.

    There’s enough competition at the morgue for the hot ones.

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