Issa to abandon Obama-Sleestak job offer investigation

Posted: January 3, 2011 by doubleplusundead in GOP FAIL
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Are you kidding me? They were hammering this thing for months leading up to the election, now they’re just abandoning it?  Fucking GOP is useless, completely fucking useless.  And why the fuck is Issa abandoning this shit?  And, “Bush did it too” doesn’t fucking cut it, if anything, that warrants a massive expansion of the investigation itself, not a sweeping under the rug.  This is such utter fucking bullshit.  No, I’m not surprised, but I’m fucking pissed.

  1. The GOP says:

    hey now, whacha gonna do, primary us? Cut off $$? Sit out?


    oh. But still, we know better than you

  2. I’m with you, this is total bullshit. Fucking cowards.

  3. Veeshir says:

    I think he misunderstands us a lot.

    He thinks that we liked Bush a lot more than we did.

    We liked that he killed the people trying to kill us, other than that?
    There’s a reason the GOP lost Congress under his watch.

  4. ECM says:

    Also see the bit today about Upton ‘suddenly’ deciding that, yes, we need to regulate carbon, but we need to do it “reasonably” (so, yes, these assholes did *not* get the message in the last primary season/election).

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