Qui Autem Me Audierit Absque Terrore Requiescet et Abundantia Perfruetur Malorum Timore Sublato

Posted: January 4, 2011 by Edward von Bear in Fucking Markets, GOP FAIL, I'm Afraid I Can't Blog That, Liberal FAIL, Liberal Fascism, News, Notes on the Revolution, Obama's Fault, The first thing we do, True Heroes
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As the first day of the 112th Congress begins with its usual assfistedness from the left (warning: Politico link), I walked the battlefield prior to the upcoming commencement of hostilities between those of us who wish for a better future for that which we hold dear and wish for the destruction of that which gets in the way and those who wish to stifle the greatness and beauty that is American Freedom and exceptionalism. I surveyed the landscape and saw a diminished, though still dangerous foe. I perused the horizon and saw those who wish to harm us hobbled by the boot in the ass We the Fucking People delivered to those in our way last November. But I also saw that some opponents still remain and need to be voted out in two years. I saw opponents who need to be relegated to the fuckheap of failure as we return to our business of being free people. And I deduced that those enemies can still be defeated, so long as our side has loyal folks with us who will not stab us in the back. But, regrettably, those enemies and collaborators are still in our midst.

That’s right. We still have too many fucking RINOs in our midst who seem content to fuck us over at the drop of a hat. We still have too many fucking RINOs who are willing to abandon core principles in order to get an invite to a party or a glowing WAPO Style Section article. We still have too many RINOs who are willing to spit in our collective eye and tell us that we are in the wrong for demanding they vote the way we want. We still have too many RINOs who are more willing to work as statist collaborators than as defenders of freedom. We still have too many RINOs who feel entitled to their seats as though they were a sinecure appointment without consequence. We still have too many RINOs who ignored November’s call to action and think that holding your nose and voting for “the lesser evil” will hold sway with us. And we still have too many RINOs who need to be culled, for they are disloyal Quislings who put us in the problem we are in right now for their past actions. And to them, and their supporters, I say:

Fuck you. Fuck you. Fuck you. Fuck you. Fuck you. Fuck you. Fuck you. Fuck you. Stormfuck you into retirement with the flamingly furious fuckcock of freedom. Fuck you for stabbing us in the back and demanding we take it in the ass yet again. Fuck you for your arrogance. Fuck you for holding your vote hostage for pork payments instead of principles. Fuck you for claiming you are better than us because you wish to work with those who aim to relegate us into slaves of the state. Fuck you for demanding we support flawed candidates as you stab our good ones in the back (see Crist, Bennet, Dede, etc) and then brag about being better people for it. And fuck you just because I fucking feel like it.

When my daughter was born, a strange feeling came over me as I held her for the first time. A feeling I had never felt before and could not describe at the time. But as the days wore on, I felt myself becoming more protective and less willing to compromise. I felt myself hardening up, as I knew I had to protect something with a value that cannot be measured. I felt myself emboldened to speak out more vocally and not settle for calm and moderation. And I felt a hand on my back and shoulder telling me I FUCKING HAD TO speak up, speak out, and do what I could to protect this little thing that slept the beautifully and peacefully innocent sleep of security, instinctively knowing that she had nothing to fear from harm, for I was there for her. And to this day, she sleeps the sleep of innocence, knowing I will always be there to do whatever I fucking can to keep her free and safe from tyranny. And one key element includes holding my elected critters responsible for their attempts to get in her way, irrespective of party leanings.

That’s right, RINOs, your days are fucking numbered. You want to sell us out, even after the 2010 elections? Then mambafuck you with a leaky limbopole until your fuckheadedness shoots out from your eyefucked orbital sockets. You want to slime us for demanding freedom and honesty? Then swanfuck you forever with avian fucksauce. You think we will let you slide because “the other side is worse”? Then rulerfuck your stupidity with a new brain. And you think your days of collaborating and selling us short are not coming to a close? Then fuck you until you get a fucking clue with the fuckbook of knowledge.

No, RINOs, we will hold you accountable. We will hold you to your votes. And we will fucking run you the fuck out of town if you cross us and try to stop us. We are now in fucking charge, you effete fuckdouches, and you better get in and shut up or learn to fucking swim as we throw you out into the water. I owe nothing less to my daughter’s futire, and fuck anyone with a one way ticket on the Buttfuck Express who feels otherwise.

You have been warned, RINOs. Shape up, or get goatsed, Warcock style, by the floating fuckbeagle of freedom.

  1. C Monster says:

    Where can I get some of that avian fucksauce, eddie? That assclown Upton–who seems all ready to let the EPA Mongolfuck us back to the 3rd century–needs a “liberal” dose of it firehosed up his bunghole.

  2. allbluster says:

    @ C.Monster: You heard about the birds in Arkansas? That’d be my guess.

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