My New Civility in the Wake of the Arizona Shootings

Posted: January 10, 2011 by Edward von Bear in FAIL, Fucking Markets, Fun With Media, Liberal Fascism

Fuck you. Fuck you. Fuck you. Fuck you. Fuck you. Vortexfuck you forever into the fundamental degrees of freedom of M-theory with the radiometry beamline of warpfuck and timebending for exploiting the actions of a sick fuck in the hopes of achieving a political victory. Fuck you for trying to scrub the hate from your own sites. Fuck you for playing the disavowal game with us and demanding we step away from a fuckrimmer who shared nothing with our views. Fuck you for projecting your deathpr0n fantasies upon us. Fuck you for claiming we have blood on our hands for something we fucking did not do. And fuck you until gaseous jizzjuice shoots out of your eyes in solid form for being the predictably fuckheaded fuckfritters we figured you would be over the weekend.

Did you really think we would sit the fuck back and take your shit? Did you really think we would let you steal the narrative and change the actions of a deranged fuckloser into some sort of anti-Obamacare activity without a fight? Did you think we would stay silent and ask for more abuse, just so we would get another invite onto a TV roundtable so that we could stab our former friends and allies in the back? And did you think we would do and say nothing as you went around and smeared us in every medium? Well, zoftigfuck you with the fuckzither of fuckfury for thinking that, for this guy will not stand down and take it from ghouls who wish to exploit death for their aims. And I sure the fuckity fuck foreswear that any attempts to smear my family and me will be swiftly and soundly dealt with, for I will not tolerate your lies and slander.

No, I will not fucking back down in my speech regarding the left. I will not back down in my views. And I will not yield the rhetorical floor to those who would rather see my views and my family destroyed in favor of their dreams. So fuck you, lefties. Fuck your civility. Fuck your lame-ass faux outrage. Fuck your sick glee over the deaths of innocent people. And fuck you because you proved once and for all that you are subhuman fuckwastoids from the fuckshuttle of low orbit freefucking with your actions this weekend.

So fuck you, lefties. I am thorugh dealing with you after this weekend. Go to hell, and get kamikazefucked with a stunt midget’s fuckhelmet for exposing who you really are and booting your fucking asses out in 2013.

  1. MM says:

    thank you-my feelings exactly

  2. Mortis says:

    If I knew how to post a gif of people clapping, I would.

  3. Zakn says:

    Fuckin perfect

  4. calendrier says:

    keep it like that 🙂

  5. AoSHQ's DarkLord© says:

    No, seriously, tell us what you really think…

  6. Jay in Ames says:

    One of your best, Eddie. I couldn’t agree more!

  7. Best response EVAH!
    I could not have possibly said it better. You can be assured that I 100% agree with you and am going to share your post everyfuckingwhere! Well done.

  8. clintbird says:

    What Eddie said … times eleventy!!!!!!11111!

  9. C Monster says:

    Yes. You’ve managed to capture my thoughts with that je ne sait quoi that only the true wordsmith can master…with the flying fuckbeagle of freedom.

  10. Veeshir says:
    And that’s a prime example of why I won’t read Politico
    Rep. Gabrielle Giffords drew the wrath of conservatives last June after questioning a top U.S. official over how green the country’s military operations are in Afghanistan, with clips of the exchange prompting some of the heated rhetoric that local police officials say is to blame for the lone gunman who shot her and 19 others in Tucson on Saturday.

    Fuck you too Politico.
    And this is why I won’t be polite to these people, I just point and laugh but then, I’m not as eloquent as eddiebear.

  11. SpeshelKay says:

    This is one time where I won’t call someone out with their gratuitious use of the fuck word. You go on with yourself, Eddie. I’m fucking right behind you.

  12. Rodent says:

    That’s a fucking bullseye Eddie.
    Wait, can I fucking say “bullseye” anymore?

  13. […] From Doubleplusundead-A screed that would do Emperor Misha proud (language warning!):My New Civility in the Wake of the Arizona Shootings […]

  14. Dr Spank says:

    “Eddie is a righteous motherfucker.” — Benjamin Franklin

  15. JDubya says:

    That Kos-kid’s attempt to hide his prior verbage is just so silly. What, does he actually believe that he can pull a tampon right outta his nose and pretend he had no screed previously on his site?

    Kos: a little bitter man with an internet connection and a basement somehow paid for. If it were not for this “suck-cess” of his site, he would be a Bag Boy in a Chinese Brothel.

    (I said this somewhere else, so I am only plagarizing from me).

  16. DGA says:

    Well fucking said.

  17. Mink Monica says:


  18. Damn! That is writing par excellence, it’s as good as Misha’s.

    Rottie Approved.

  19. Eddie The Bear says:


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