To Those Who Desire to Control My Speech and My Tone

Posted: January 13, 2011 by Edward von Bear in Jitardis, Liberal Fascism

Fuck you. Fuck your attempts to silence me. Fuck your attempts to legislate what can and cannot be said and how it is to be said. Fuck you for lying about us as you go about slandering people and wishing death upon them. And kamikazeefuck you with a circus midget’s stuntcock for ghoulishly trying to exploit a tragedy to further your goals.

I am still fucking here, will never stay silent, and will only surrender my speech in the molon fucking labe fashion, and no amount of bungefuckery on your end can and will change that. And that must fucking gall you to no end, hence your lashing out today. And that fucking makes me the happiest motherfucker on the fucking planet, watching you act like a three year old because you didn’t initially get the political pop you thought you would.

So fuck you and the horse that fucked you along the way.

  1. b5blue says:

    I made a similar observation on my blog. Verdict:

    “If it weren’t for double standards, modern liberalism would have no standards at all”

  2. Well said! Fuck those fucking commie fuckers who want their insane rules about political correctness and ‘tone’ to apply to everyone but themselves. They can just go to hell.

  3. C Monster says:

    “kamikazeefuck you with a circus midget’s stuntcock”

    eddie, I smell Pulitzer.

    Then again it might be the dog…

  4. Veeshir says:

    The only way eddiebear wins the Pulitzer he so awesomely deserves would be if he were to write something like this as an attack on Sarah Palin and her hate speech.

  5. Dr Spank says:

    I’m guessing Eddie is a con on this issue.

  6. […] Channeling eddiebear would seem to be the only correct response. […]

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