Paul Krugman Just Went to Plaid With His Stupidity

Posted: January 14, 2011 by Edward von Bear in FAIL, Fucking Markets, Liberal FAIL, Liberal Fascism, Moron of the Day, Moronosphere

No link, but his latest op-ed had this little nugget of wisdom:

Right now, each side in that debate passionately believes that the other side is wrong. And it’s all right for them to say that. What’s not acceptable is the kind of violence and eliminationist rhetoric encouraging violence that has become all too common these past two years.

It’s not enough to appeal to the better angels of our nature. We need to have leaders of both parties — or Mr. Obama alone if necessary — declare that both violence and any language hinting at the acceptability of violence are out of bounds. We all want reconciliation, but the road to that goal begins with an agreement that our differences will be settled by the rule of law.

Fuck you, Paul. Fuck you. Fuck you. Fuck you. Fuck you fistywide for ignoring the beatings and attacks from the left. Fuck you for ignoring the “Kill Bush” fantasies on the left from 2001-2008. Fuck you for ignoring MSNBC, Kos, Al Sharpton, Hollywood, and every other leftist fucktard who has used violent and incendiary rhetoric against us whenever we oppose them. Fuck you for ignoring violent fantasies from your side. Fuck you for your own writings, which have been dripping with ghoulish glee until today, only to attempt to appear “above it” after your attacks failed to lead the voters to see the shooting through your own fucked up kaleidoscope of hate. And fuck you because you are so arrogant, you probably figured we wouldn’t catch on to how stupid you really are.

Holy buggerfuckity bugfuck! This fucksack of stupid crammed into the goatse of idiocy is so asinine, I can’t even begin to mock it. So let me just tell Krugman and anybody who sides with him to get fucked with the moldy fucksauce from the fuckbuffet of fucking idiocy if they think we will listen to them.

  1. jp says:

    “A message to progressives: By all means, hang Senator Joe Lieberman in effigy.” – Paul Krugman

  2. Well said, Eddie. Krugman is so stupid and arrogant that it is shocking to think he actually believes the shit he says.

  3. vermindust says:

    Until this month, “eliminationist” was a term used only in reference to the Nazi party’s rhetoric against Jews in the 1930s. How clever of mister Krugman to call his opponents facists, facists who need to be silenced.

  4. […] are y’all’s favorite cut-downs? Admittedly, Eddie the Bear is the undisputed King of the Cut-down, but I’m sure we can come up with some doozies in that […]

  5. MCPO Airdale says:

    Krugman can kiss my lily-white, Irish ass. Him, and that rag he works for, are lying pieces of filth. Those of us right of center citizens are used to having to fight bias in the media, but now we’ll have to fight for truth. The media has decided that truth no longer matters, only their agenda. Oh, and I include Fox in this too.

    I’ve had it with these assholes.

  6. Veeshir says:

    Oh, and I include Fox in this too.

    As I always tell people, Fox has to hire from the same pool of ignorant, lazy, biased and stupid tools as the rest.

    Brit Hume was the last person in this country who deserved to be called a journalist. The rest are “journalists”.

    Even Neil Cavuto, who I used to include with Brit. Although he might have become angry watching them screw up our economy.

  7. Veeshir says:

    I’ve been trying to find the joke but I can’t, it seems there should be some way to make with teh funny using the title of this post, Dead Men Don’t Wear Plaid and the recent foo-foraw over inciting violence.

    Eh, some days I just don’t have it.

  8. Eddie The Bear says:

    HayZ: I was referencing Spaceballs.

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