Closed Captioning isn’t a teleprompter

Posted: January 16, 2011 by veeshir in Uncategorized

Wherein Veeshir sides with the Radley Balko (leftist libertarian) and LGF (leftist shallow thinker) over Gateway Pundit and the other righties who are running with this.

That’s closed captioning, not audience instructions.

Don’t let your partisanship cloud your thinking, the way Balko and LGF so often do.

  1. Dave says:

    I can see your point there, Veeshir, but then the question close captioning for who? arises. Because if its close captioning for the deaf who are at the pep rally er memorial, then they must be blind too to not see the people applauding.

  2. Laura Castellano says:

    It’s not like the audience needed to be told to applaud anyway. They were drooling like good little Obamabots.

  3. Juice says:

    Yeah, Balko is so crazy partisan it’s not funny. If there’s one partisan blogger out there, it’s definitely Balko. I’m getting about sick of his blatant and routine partisanship that I’m about to write a letter to the party he is constantly supporting by his ridiculous, over-the-top partisanship. Damn, what party was that again?

    • Veeshir says:

      Did you have a point?

      • Rick H. says:

        I think his point is pretty clear. Your bizarre assertion, that Balko is “partisan,” requires clarification – unless you simply have no idea what the word means and are simply trying to distance yourself from a “leftist libertarian,” something else you invented.

  4. Veeshir says:

    Ummmmm, where did I call him “partisan”? I called him a leftist libertarian, look up the word “partisan”, and then go screw.

  5. Veeshir says:

    I forgot about the last part, I did call him “partisan”.

    I’ll give you a prime example from just last week about the “most ridiclulous reactions” to the AZ shooting. .

    He links to Redstate saying, “Eric Erickson says conservatives are the real victims.”

    Where Redstate was just noting that Minitru was blaming it on tea party types.
    It’s exactly what happened.

    Another part of the same poll he called “Hillbuzz” a righty blog.

    Both are bullshit, but Balko had to find something to bash the right for to be able to say, “They both do it.
    Balko hates the right and dislikes tea partiers so he has to attack whether they deserve it or not.

    He actually responds to Balloon Juice instead of making fun of those poo-flinging monkeys. The only people who take that cesspit of hate-filled idiots seriously are leftists.

    So yes, a leftist libertarian who lets his partisanship cloud his thinking.
    If I really cared what he or his sycophants think I’d find some more examples. But I just don’t care enough.

    • Hermit Dave says:

      Uh oh, you did it now Veesh. You aggravated the Balko-bots. Next thing ya know, you’ll have the Paul-bots on your ass — then you’re doooooomed.

      Balko is as intellectually dishonest as they come. Reason might have been a decent rag under Postrel, but it’s just a complete waste of pixels now.

      • Anthony says:

        How is defending the position of Radley Balko or Ron Pau being a “bot”? But the automatic bashing of anything Obama isn’t being a bot?

        How exactly is Balko “intellectually dishonest”? What one argument that he makes or position he stands for is “intellectually dishonest”? Being “intellectually dishonest” is the same rhetoric the folks over at Balloon Juice use.

        Claiming to be for limited government, personal responsibility and lower taxes but doing nothing about and supporting the war on dugs, the wars Iraq and Afghanistan, and US interventionism around the world is dishonest, and what the right does.

    • Alex says:

      Dude you called Balko partisan, which is stupid and completely wrong. If you paid attention to his blog, you would realize that any dislike he has of tea partiers and Palin is based on stuff tea partiers and Palin say and do, which is the opposite of partisanism anyway. So what is your problem with him? That he doesn’t agree with you? Or that you said something dumb and now have to cover for it?

      • doubleplusundead says:

        Uh, dude, he agreed with Balko on the point over Hoft, the only mistake Veesh made was failing to note that Johnson is a partisan hack, Balko is just an ass in the general sense.

    • Brian says:

      “If I really cared what he or his sycophants think I’d find some more examples. But I just don’t care enough.”

      Of course you care otherwise you wouldn’t have mentioned Balko. To call Balko a leftest is a clear indication that you have no idea what that means. Like any other “partisan” you throw what you consider a derogatory label on him because he doesn’t share your point of view.

      And seriously linking him to LGF? You really have no idea what you’re talking about.

      • Veeshir says:

        Dude, click the link to the Agitator, he linked to LGF, that’s why I said I agree with them.
        You really have no idea what you’re talking about.

        I gave an example of why I called said he allows his partisanship to cloud his thinking, you should explain why I’m wrong before just going after me.

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  7. James says:

    I’m confused. Did Balko claim that this was audience instructions? Do you? Are you agreeing or disagreeing with Balko? I read Balko to be critical of the “audience instructions” interpretation and sympathetic to the “closed captioning” interpretation.

    I think you are saying the same thing. But then (after agreeing with Balko?) you tell us not to “let partisanship cloud your thinking, the way Balko” so often does. This suggests that you think you have found another example of Balko being blind to the obvious. I’m afraid that I’m more confused than ever. Are you picking an example of agreeing to criticize? If so, wouldn’t it have made more sense to say that this was an exception where Balko’s usual bias was suppressed?

    I’m trying to understand where you are coming from, but the ‘About’ link ( doesn’t do much to clear things up (“you could edit this to put information about yourself or your site so readers know where you are coming from”).

    • Russ from Winterset says:

      It is a little twisted, but I got his meaning right away, James. Veeshir agrees with LGF and Balko that this was NOT an instance of Obama’s operatives using the jumbotron as an “applause” prompt for the audience. He then states that Balko and LGF are usually on the other side of these sorts of jumps to conclusions.

      If you know that Veeshir self-identifies as conservative, you would realize that his modifiers describing LGF and Balko in the first sentence of this post are meant to indicate to us “HEY, looky here. I agree with these guys for once!”

      Of course, I come here regularly, not just as part of a delegated lynch mob – so I might be a step or two ahead of you in understanding Veesh.

  8. Veeshir says:

    I do regret the parting shot at Balko, I had no reason to do that and hadn’t even realized I’d left it in until I re-read the post when two people accused me of calling him partisan, I just meant to call him leftist-libertarian.

    It’s not inaccurate, I did provide an example because I was challenged on its accuracy.

    Russ is mostly correct, I was agreeing with Balko and LGF as I rarely do, but I’d say I’m more libertarian-conservative.
    I’m almost as afraid of the religious right as Balko I just don’t dislike them. Or rather, I like them more than I like most people.

    I read the Agitator regularly and usually disagree with his slant on stories even if I agree with his general position. I definitely like the stories he covers.

    • kishnevi says:

      If you read the Agitator regularly, then you ought to realize that Balko is more conservative than you are–if conservative means anything approximating “supports small government”.

      I have yet, having followed him for several years now, to see him comment favorably on anything that resembles expanded government, at any level–federal, state, municipal. I have seen him, pretty much every day, ridicule or make a serious argument against anythign that resembles expanded government.

      He is libertarian, but compared to him, YOU are the leftist.

      • Veeshir says:

        You are probably correct, Libertarians (big L) scare me with their “privatize the military and police” stuff, I’m more into the Constitution than Libertarianism.

        But he’s a leftist culturally.

        I’m actually surprised his post seemed to deny that.

  9. PaineintheThomas says:

    Must eat our own! GNASH , RIP, TEAR! Good eats. Almost all coherence consumed.

    The new GOP platform.

  10. doubleplusundead says:

    There are plenty of times I agree with Balko, but he’s still an ass.

  11. Moron Pundit says:

    Ugh… sycophants are the worst.

    Wait, where’s my “Ace is #1” foam hand?

    • Veeshir says:

      The difference is that Ace’s sycophants generally give him as much crap as they do Allah.
      He’s not really good at the “unthinking myrmidon” thing.

  12. Eddie The Bear says:

    James: just hang around long enough, you’ll figure us out.

  13. Sean M. says:


    Oh, wait…wrong blog/commenters.

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