Once again affirming my decision to get rid of my TV

Posted: February 8, 2011 by doubleplusundead in Liberal Fascism
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This fucking douchemallet,

All I have to say is,

  1. little joey stinkypants says:

    Just wanted to point out, Vincent, you miserable scumbag, that your wittwe video of horrors is a bad joke. The picture of all the shell casings on the ground? Ain’t from no “large capacity magazine” unless they now incorporate disintegrating links of belted ammo like you get from a full-sized machine gun. Yes, those are the links scattered amongst the empty necked casings (another good indication it’s a rifle cartridge, not a pistol cartridge) on the floor.

    For pity’s sake, at least hire someone who’s seen a real gun (or 50) before you turn the production of idiotic advertisements over to the pillow-biting doucenozzles in the floral arrangement division of “we ain’t got no balls, inc.”

  2. Veeshir says:

    pillow-biting doucenozzles in the floral arrangement division of “we ain’t got no balls, inc

    Now that has a nice poetic flow.

  3. aliceaitch says:

    Why do actors keep trying to make it so I can never ever ever watch them without conjuring up their real-life idiocy?

    And why do actors think that I should trust the statements of someone, even for a second, whose lifelong goal is to lie so believably that people will pay to see it?

  4. Kowboy says:

    Haven’t watched any of the Law and Order series since Belzer went on his “I know more about what’s going on in Iraq than the troops do because I read 20 newspapers a day” rant on the Bill Maher show, and I only saw the clip of that. No surprise that D’Onofuckhead is of the same mindset.

  5. ThomasF says:

    You should hear the bleating going on over at Common Gunsense (that retarded fuck nozzel JaPete) God that whore moans on about how he works with guns so we should listen to him…… she is a usless sack of shikt wrapped in a skin suit…..

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