They Think They’re Wits

Posted: February 24, 2011 by veeshir in Uncategorized

But they’re only half right.

Drew has a long post at Ace’s about Rumsfeld batting Jon Stewart around like a bored cat with a mouse.

He wasn’t even really taking it seriously, he was just tying Stewart into knots and giving him that grin. Drew hit the nail on the head when he wrote

Rumsfeld has been doing this longer than Stewart has been alive and Stewart isn’t in the top 1,000 of toughest people Rumsfeld’s dealt with.

Sorta like when John Yoo (He of the “torture memos”) did an even better job on Stewart. Stewart couldn’t land one punch and his audience was thoroughly disappointed.

Which leads to my point (Finally! yay!)

If Sarah Palin (or any (R)  the next election) wants to be serious about running for president, I would suggest she only do live interviews, or semi-live like Stewart and Leno and whatnot.

Places where they can’t get creatively editious. Minitru will be going all out for their God-President, they know they’re going to have to outdo even their 2008 performance to keep him in office.

Supposedly Katie Couric did the creative editing deal to make Palin look bad, but we’ll never know because we’ll never see the uncut interview.

If you only do live interviews, like Rumsfeld did with Andrea Mitchell the other day or O’Reilly or even the lunatics on MSNBC, they can’t edit.

Don’t get into any interview where they can edit it at all.

You can just mess with them because their world-view is skewed.

They know all kinds of things that aren’t true but that are articles of faith in the community based reality.

Like that intelligence department in the Pentagon that Andrea Mitchell was all excited about, apparently they had the world convinced that Saddam’s baby milk factories were actually chemical warfare factories or something.

Rumsfeld is, of course, one of the best at that but Cheney is pretty good too.

Palin needs to learn from them and stay away from forums where they can edit her into incoherence.

  1. chad98036 says:

    Or she needs to keep her own taped record of the entire interview. I read one time that that scares CBS so much that if a subject starts to record CBS will call off the interview immediately.

  2. Douglas says:

    When it comes to editing, I actually think that the Charlie Gibson interview was worse.

    The Couric interview was much more insulting and patronizing and hostile, but Charlie’s interview was much more heavily edited.

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