The Most Transparent Administration Ever

Posted: February 25, 2011 by veeshir in Uncategorized

The fan’s getting hit by all this shit so what does Obama do?

Stir things up, that’s what.

The birthers are going a little too mainstream as even Tingles has noted that maybe Obama should just release his birth certificate, so what to do, what to do?

Stir the country up over gay marriage! Brilliant!

That way, we get editorial after op-ed after “Special Comment” about the Xtianists and their sky fairy and things get all riled up and people start yelling at each other and stop talking about how he’s wrecking our economy and staying silent as the world burns.

  1. davisbr says:

    Face it: he’s the anti-christ LOL.

    He’s such a dweeb, and so effing obvious at this point, that it’s just Canned Hi-larity! BEOC evah! stuff.

    …y’know, he’s soo just mailing it in at this point. I bet he sits there, while folding paper airplanes and sailing them across the Oval Office, and he’s one thought is “I can’t believe they gave me this gig”.

    I don’t believe even he thinks he can do it anymore.


    Only pressure from Michelle is keeping him in the game, at all.

  2. Only pressure from Michelle is keeping him in the game, at all.

    Can you blame her? I wouldn’t want to give up the lavish travel, extravagant parties, designer boodle, and the royal retinue either. Reality sucks. Being Queen doesn’t.

  3. joh says:

    Everyone knew he was lying during the campaign. But does this mean that if the President can pick and choose which laws he will enforce/defend, the citizens get to pick which laws they have to obey?

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