This may be where the line is drawn

Posted: February 28, 2011 by aliceaitch in Geektasticity, Random Crap

between non-nerd and nerd. (Not the pic, it’s at the link.)  I’m going to guess Ember, Alex, and Chad already have matched sets in their closets.  The only reason we don’t have a set is because they’re not here yet.

(h/t geekologie)

  1. Veeshir says:

    What’s the sign they’re making? It looks like some sort of reverse middle finger.

    Does it mean “fuck me”?

  2. Kowboy says:

    I was taught it meant “2 in the pink and one in the stink”. lol

  3. mrfixit says:

    what, you guys(and gals) don’t have these yet? maybe because they don’t offer them in Engineering/Security red (because they always need to be replaced after every away team mission…)

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