Jim Shankman is his name.

Oh, and Jim:

Fuck you. Fuck your patchouli soaked sense of entitlement that led you to believe that you could threaten people without consequence. Fuck your chicken shit bugfuckery that led to you running away as soon as you were caught threatening people. Fuck your false victimology which claims that being held to account for your words and deeds, sans the violence you advocated, is an attempt to “silence” you. And fuck you just because I fucking hate hippies.

Yeah. And seeing your picture, I figured you would look just like this, and I was not wrong.

Stupid Fucking Hippies

So fuck you, Mr. Shankman. Get a job, and fuck off.

  1. Ogre says:

    Do not click on the link. It leads to a slightly larger photo that appears to show a gigantic sore on the lower lip of Bowser the Chick. Ew ew ew. As if hippies weren’t disgusting enough.

    Lord, please do not let this couple breed, at least not with each other, or even with members of their own species. Yuck.

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