Sucker Punch – my review

Posted: March 26, 2011 by alexthechick in Hotassery, Win!, Zombies!

Fuck yeah.

More complete (and somewhat spoilery) review below.

This is one of the best visual representations of a complete break from reality I’ve seen. Snyder sets up the story in the first four or five minutes with basically no dialogue. It’s not necessary, it’s very clear what’s been going on. From there, it is fairly obvious that once Baby Doll hears that she is going to be lobotomized in five days her hold on reality breaks. That makes it interesting to consider what is actually happening in the asylum while Baby Doll is interpreting what is happening as occurring in a brothel. Here’s the thing though, it works better that it’s not answered. The point of the movie isn’t the plot, per se, so much as an exploration of the worlds Baby Doll creates. Those worlds are fantastic.

Yes, yes, it’s all about women doing impossible things but that’s the point. There’s a running theme about controlling your own life and creating your own power and in that context the events make sense. Besides, Snyder gave me steampunk Nazi zombies. I’m inclined to be forgiving.

Anyone who thinks this is a rape fantasy instead of a rape revenge fantasy is insane. Seriously, it says far far more about those interpreting it that way than it does about the movie. I was somewhat concerned about going PG-13 v. R but it actually works far better that way. It’s the Hitchcock thing that what you imagine happening being so much worse than what you really see. It’s also a very pointed commentary about how vulnerable women actually are. Yeah, I’m a tough chick but I’m also fully aware that bad men can do horrible things to me and, outside of the fantasy realm, I won’t win that fight. The bad guy in this isn’t stupid. That’s very refreshing, actually. He figures out almost right away what is going on and he reacts accordingly.

It’s visually fascinating and I’ll forgive the shaky cam use since it’s used for effect in certain instances. As we know, I’m a steampunk fan so that bit made me clap with glee. The structure of it is really a series of set pieces and I found them all effective. I also loved that Snyder plays with the whole time setting of it.

Carla Gugino is a goddess. Holy fuck. Just. Complete and utter goddess.

The ending is what it has to be and even little happy ending whore me is glad Snyder went through with it. As far as why the critics hate this and love Inception (which is so fucking overrated don’t get me started) I can’t tell you.

Two thumbs up, it’s definitely a Moron movie.

  1. tangonine says:

    Alex, I was honestly thinking of you every time I saw the previews.

    We’re going to see it tomorrow.

  2. Veeshir says:

    Looking at who hates it made me know it was going to be at least very good.

  3. WPDunn says:

    Alex, i love ya even more

  4. Ogre says:

    Best 2 word movie review ever.

  5. Mitchell says:

    Yeah I saw it yesterday & I paid full-boat for the IMAX theater. Well worth the money. I wasn’t exactly sure what to expect given the previews, but this wasn’t it. And that made me happy because I love having no preconceptions going in and getting surprised by what unfolds. Later as I thought more about the movie and the message it had the more I liked it. I earned a free ticket on my theater club reward program and I may very well go see it again next weekend.

  6. fozzy says:

    Cannot agree more about Carla Gugino. The only thing that made ‘Snake Eyes’ watchable was her hot-librarian type character.

  7. MikeD says:

    What Alex? No hotassery for this post? Shameful.

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