Naked Ladies Reading Literature!

Ringleader of the troupe Sophia St Villier, 26, said: ‘There is the initial shock and novelty factor of women being naked. We use burlesque performers because they are just more comfortable with nudity. But it is not a burlesque show because there is no striptease element.

‘The women come on, disrobe so that they are totally naked apart from their shoes and jewellery, and then pick up a book.

‘After a few minutes a lot of the audience ends up forgetting that the women are naked and they just enjoy the readings.

‘If anyone is not interested in a particular story, they have still got beautiful women to look at, so there is something for everyone.’

This is why I love books!

  1. Not that Greg says:

    Why keep their shoes on?

  2. Spad13 says:

    High heels make ladies asses look even better.

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