Remember Crystal Mangum?

Posted: April 4, 2011 by Edward von Bear in FAIL, It's Science!, Liberal FAIL, Parent of the Day

If you don’t, just recall that she was the stripper who falsely accused several members of the Duke Lacrosse Team of raping her a few years ago, setting off a shitstorm.

Well, she is back in the news.

Durham police say 32-year-old Crystal Mangum was arrested Sunday morning several hours after the stabbing that seriously injured her 46-year-old boyfriend.

Yup. First class citizen. First class.

  1. Ogre says:

    Man-gum. hehehehehe.

    Whatever happened to the Mike Nifong and the Duke academics who assumed the Duke players’ guilt? May they be locked in a steel cage match with Mz. Crystal. Let the man-gumming begin.

    • MikeD says:

      Nifong did get disbarred, lost his job, served a minor stint for contempt of court (1 day and $500 fine), was sued (hasn’t gone to court yet), and filed for Chapter 7 bankruptcy. The academics? Not a thing.

  2. hpjunior says:

    She’s a walking, talking, unfunny joke.

    She was the main perpetrator in the Duke lacrosse players’ horror show. But no matter her cupidity or stupidity, her vileness and cunning, she will always play second fiddle to Mike Nifong, who played along and committed prosecutorial misconduct SO HE COULD GET THE BLACK VOTE in the upcoming election. That guy should now be under the jail.

    And if Ms. Mangum had gotten justice, she’d be inside that self-same jail.

  3. alexthechick says:

    Class. She has it.

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