Paul Ryan: American Hero

Posted: April 5, 2011 by Moron Pundit in GOP Win!, Uncategorized, Win!

Finally, a politician talking to the American people like an adult, willing to speak honestly about things that aren’t popular but necessary.

Fuck yeah!  His being from my home town only makes it sweeter!

  1. Veeshir says:

    I saw this and had the same reaction (except he’s not from my hometown).

    After hugely expanding the gov’t to the point of “We’re all Boned”, they’re arguing over whether they should cut more or less than 1%.

    And I bet a dollar those “cuts” are all from the projected increase. So they’re not “cuts” the way most people understand them, they’re smaller increases.

    We have to have the worst political class since 18th Century France.

  2. davisbr says:

    Y’know, I wasn’t paying attention much yesterday evening driving, but some guy came on …Hannity? maybe …on the radio, and mentioned that even the pansy-ass $61 billion that they’re trying to pass right now would result in ~$900B in cuts over a 10 year period …something to do with base-line budgeting (crap, for not paying attention, I guess I was paying e’nuff attention) …

  3. Ogre says:

    Such a breath of fresh air after being Newted and Trent Lotted all these years. Finally a conservative worthy of the name. Paul Ryan is far too good a person to be in politics but please, no one tell him until he’s gotten his job done there in DC.

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