Here, have your $500 back

Posted: April 14, 2011 by aliceaitch in FAIL, Random Crap, The first thing we do

I know false rape accusations happen, and I’m sure that a number of cases that never go to trial do so because the prosecutor just doesn’t believe the victim is telling the truth.  But in this case, I’m thinking the victim’s family should be allowed to line up and take turns kicking the officers and prosecutors involved in the case in their naughty bits.

The victim in a Washington state sex assault now linked to a 32-year-old Lakewood man was charged with false reporting and paid a $500 fine in 2008 because police didn’t believe her story.

The rapist has been in jail here in Colorado since February. I can’t help but wonder if the victim has been scouring the Internet for the past two years for cases like hers, hoping that she’d find some answers.

The courts in Washington state have reimbursed the victim her $500 but she apparently has to retain a lawyer to get her record expunged.

And in other rapey news, way to piss God off, dude.

He described her as “just a really nice girl” and said she was on her way to a weeks-long trial run at an Illinois convent to see whether she wanted to eventually become a nun.

  1. Goober says:

    This is the inevitable result of all of these attention-seeking whores who have been puking out false accusations recently like they were held to some minimum quota. Anytime a cohort cries wolf too much, when a wolf actually appears, no one listens. Possibly, instead of pushing for the totally debunked “there is no such thing as a false rape accusation” crap that feminazis have been pushing, they should start pushing “there is nothing worse than a false rape accusation and bitches that do it is gonna get their ass handed to them because WE WILL HELP prosecute and sue your ass until you are in penury”. That would fix it, I’ll bet.

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